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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Aug. 7, 2014

[Editor's note:  This article is a provocative supplement to Commander Hatonn's magnificent scientific writing of 7/24/94, which appeared in our 7/26/94 CONTACT on p. 51.  We are only beginning to appreciate the enormous powers of mind energy--look out, crooks!]


8/6/94   SOLTEC

Toniose Soltec present.  I come in the radiant Light of Holy God.

I am expected to write on the subject of Earth Changes and, of course, that is my main topic.  However, there are many other related areas that I might address, some in the field of what you would refer to as Physical Sciences, and some not--yet all have an interconnectedness, a relationship to one another.  So there is nothing which can be discounted as not a part of any other thing.

If this is confusing, it is only because of limited thinking; and this limited thinking is only because of your Earth-based education, which to say the very least, is extremely limited and limiting.  But that has been done purposefully, for by keeping you ignorant (I did not say stupid, for there is a great difference) of who and what you are, and what your world is about, your are much more easily controlled and kept in a state of servitude to those who would set themselves up as the masters of your world.

Knowledge is power and therein lies a very important key.  For those who are knowledgeable about their true identity and make-up, there is power beyond any imaginable.  Once a HUman [Higher Universal man] comes to a place of true "knowing" of who and what he is all about, there comes a freedom from bondage, for no one can take this knowledge away from him, and that, my dear ones, is a knowledge that produces the power to set you apart from the masses who are stumbling about in the darkness so prevalent upon your world today.

The power which comes from knowledge eliminates the fear and when there is no fear in one, there is inability to control that one. Your responsibility comes in seeking out the knowledge and the truth has been hoarded and manipulated by those who hold the control over your world and consequently over its inhabitants.

Keep in mind that nothing has any power over you, save the power that you give to it.  Yes, I am speaking of the power of thought, for thought produces energy, and thought energy contains the necessary properties for creation and manifestation.

There is a saying that you will draw unto you that which you fear.  Fear is an extremely powerful emotion, which means ENERGY IN MOTION--it is a form of kinetic energy, though most of you ones do not realize that it even exists.

But, whether you realize a thing, or believe a thing to be true or not, does not change the fact of what is.  All thoughts, including fear, produces a field of energy which will produce after its own kind--like producing like.

For example:  if you are afraid of being without money, most likely that fear will be realized and you will have created it for self.  If you are in continual fear of illness, illness will most likely manifest in your body.

It is not so difficult to understand, for you first come to the understanding and knowing that nothing in the Universe is difficult to understand or comprehend.  It is your programming which has taught you to believe that universal laws are difficult.  That has been done purposefully, as well, for it is not in the best interest of your scientists to share what they know, so they speak to you ones as though they are far above you in education and in such a way that you could never understand the laws of science as they teach it.  This, they believe, insures their own position of superiority.

What they do not know is that most of you not only know what they know, but most of you have understanding of volumes upon volumes more than they shall ever hope to know.  Many of you were or taught the scientific masters of your planet.  That is why you do not believe a word your scientists of today say.

For instance, there is very little about geology which you do not already know and have understanding of.  You simply have yet to remember that you know these things.  My writings and dissertations serve only as a wake-up call to those memories, though many of you do not realize it as yet.  Some of you are beginning to have conscious realization and many more will as time progresses forward and you come farther and farther toward the Time of Light.

To understand and become a conscious participant in creation, you will first have to come to a very basic understanding and knowing that you are an integral part of creation, and as an integral part of that creation, you possess the ability within self to create exactly what it is you desire, or what you fear.  That is where consciousness comes in.

It is up to each and every one to take back possession of his/her own existence and create your own realities and stop relying upon another to do it for you.  That is why it is so important that you have all the information that is possible, for only when you have the information can you make QUALITY choices and decisions.  You must have the truth, which equates to knowledge, in order that you may create and bring into manifestation that which is worthy of your Divine heritage.

Why is Soltec addressing this subject?  There is no mystery.  Knowledge comes in many different packages, but the sender will always be same.  Truth and knowledge come from God.  There are even times when the adversary will send out truth, for it is not hidden from anyone, even the enemy.  There are no secrets with God and truth is available always to everyone who wishes it.  The problem is that mostly the adversary will twist it and color it to his own liking and pass on only that which he feels cannot be used against him, or he will pass it on in a twisted state in order to create confusion.

Anything which causes confusion is not of God.  It is that simple, and that is one of the first laws.  Truth is truth is truth, no matter the source.  Your job, therefore, is to seek out that truth.

You are moving into the Time of Light when there shall be nothing which shall not be revealed unto you.  It will be a time in which there shall be nothing done in secret and everything will be exposed by The Light.  It is that Light which shall be the undoing of the "dark forces" that are about you ones in this day and time.  This is, therefore, the reason that the adversary is working so hard to maintain his footing, for the time of darkness is beginning to draw to a close and his goal is to pull as many away from The Light as is possible.

Why do you think that so much emphasis is being placed on such things as our newspaper, CONTACT?  It is a source of truth and knowledge and is bringing the truth to the entire world.  There are many detractors because of its contents and those who participate have been classified as very dangerous people.  Well, of course you are dangerous to the adversary, for he is in direct opposition to God and will stop at nothing to attempt to silence a source of truth.  Notice I said "attempt to silence".  I did not say he would silence it, FOR GOD'S TRUTH CANNOT BE SILENCED!

The energy of thought has been working all along for everyone, yet, very few upon your world understand it and even less have learned how to utilize it for their betterment.  The adversary has long understood the science of thought energy and has been using it against you, mostly without your realization.

Should God's people sit back and take all the licks?  Is that what you want?  The choice is up to YOU.  No one can make the decision FOR YOU and, above all, no one can DO IT FOR YOU.  It is all a part of taking responsibility for your own lives and your own destinies and, after all, taking responsibility is one of your greatest lessons this time around.

You are standing on the threshold of a great time of awakening--it is one of the most exciting periods of time you shall ever know!  There are great possibilities which lie just before you, and it is up to you what you shall do with it.  Everyone is a participant--there is no sitting on the sidelines and watching.  You can either be a participant in awareness and knowing or you will continue to be controlled and manipulated.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS, CHELAS--THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

I think I have said enough on that subject for one day.  So, how does this tie in with Earth Changes?  Well, chelas, the adversary has been utilizing many methods in order to keep you ones under control for literally thousands of years, and part of that control has come in the form of fear of "natural disasters".  There are no "natural disasters", for all that is "natural" is in a constant state of creation.  That is all that Creation does--it creates.  It does not destroy.  The destruction is only in your perception and the perceptions which you have learned.  Nothing is ever destroyed, it only changes form.

When you boil water long enough, the water goes away.  Where does it go?  Well, it never went away, it merely changed its form from a liquid to a gas, but the basic elements still remain.  It is the same with all things.

When a planet drops a seed to the ground, the seed changes form and becomes a plant.  The basic elements are the same--only the form has been altered.

When a forest burns to the ground, the trees and grasses may disappear to you, but the elements are still present, and life is still present and a new, more lush and full forest will grow in its place.

When a river floods its banks, the fields may be washed away, but what is left is rich fertile, sandy soil from the river which will produce bumper crops in a few years.

The entire Universe is in a constant state of creation, and in creation there is change.  Without change, there is only stagnation, and in stagnation, there is cessation of life.  So you see, the Earth Changes are not something to be feared, but something which is but another part of Creation creating.  And, nothing is lost--nothing is destroyed--it only will change form, but it will go on existing.

You are changing your form, whether you are aware of it or not.  On a purely physical basis, you are continually re-creating your physical body and every seven of your years, every cell in your body is renewed.  That means that the old cells died off and new ones were formed.  You see, in order to make room for the new, the old must pass away--or change form.  In order that you might make your transition, you will, by necessity, change form.  By no means does it mean you will cease to exist.

Your planet must renew itself as well.  It is a living, breathing organism--just as you are.  It consists of cells, just as does your body, and in order that it renew those cells, the old ones must change their form, and that is what the Earth is experiencing.

There is not destruction in the natural earthquakes, volcanos, floods, etc.; there is only re-creation so that life continues, perhaps in a different form.  The face of the planet may change as the plates move around, or as the poles shift and the arid deserts become tropical forests, or as the existing ice caps melt and new ones are formed at different locations.

Your planet is in the process of re-birthing itself, not just for the sake of re-birthing, but so that it can sustain lifeforms--for it was for that purpose that your planet was created in the first place.  And homo-sapien is not the only lifeform, though he most often acts as though he is.  There are lifeforms of every shape and size, and each is necessary in order that balance is maintained.

It all has to do with the interconnectedness and relationships of all life in the Universe.  You and your planet are a part of that Universe, and you and your planet are interconnected and related to one another and to the Universe.  In turn, the Universe is in a constant state of creation and all things are seeking out their balance, whether they are doing so in conscious awareness or not.

So, you see, it does all hang together, does it not?  And as I began by saying, the true laws of science are not so difficult to grasp--all you must do is change your perception.  It is the grade or quality of that perception which will either move you forward or keep you in a state of stagnation.  It is the degree of that perception which can move you into knowledge and freedom, or keep you uninformed and enslaved to fear.  The choice is yours.  How shall you choose?

I realize that the lesson today may seem to be different, but I assure you that it is not.  You only have to alter those perceptions and you will see that it is all very logical, and the laws of God are, above all, logical.  There are no limitations--only limited perceptions.

I thank each and every one of you for your attentiveness, your diligence and your interest.  You are doing good work and your labors do not go unnoticed.  We shall get there, chelas--we shall get there.

I leave you with the blessings of Holy God of Light.

Toniose to clear.  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 9, 1994, Volume 6, Number 7, Pages 32-33.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.