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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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July 19, 2014

Rotten Egg Smell Alarms Southern California


9/9/92   SOLTEC

Soltec present in the Light of Holy God.  May these words bring enlightenment to all that will hear.

The message which I must bring forth at this time is one of seriousness; however you live in serious times.  There are so many things occurring at present upon your planet that at times you do go into a state of "overload".  That is why it is imperative that you take the time from your busy lives and schedules to get quiet, clear your space, meditate and keep the cloak of protection always about you and your loved ones.  Do not allow a day to pass in which you do not remember your oneness with the Creator, for beloved ones, the more serious the events get, the more you will need this, lest you lose your perspective.  We need all to keep their wits about them in these times, for only with clear minds and hearts can you possibly hear and receive.  Keep in the forward of your mind and heart that each and every one involved in this mission is in that same state of overload, and give unto one another support, love and compassion.  We need a team--all pulling together toward one cause--completion of this mission. Nothing you have ever done before can touch the magnitude of what you are involved in this very moment of your existence.

Though some make light of it and games over it, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is no game.  The Adversary is very serious about it, and you had better get that way.  This is not to say that you should never rest and relax, just the opposite; it is crucial that your bodies and minds are rested.  We do not want you so worn out that you are unable to function.  Fellowshipping with one another is very important--sharing conversation and joy with one another will help to relieve the tensions that do build as you work with such extreme intensity.  All are nearly sick from the mountain of work that is done by so few.  Know, however, that we of the Host do honor, bless and hold you in the highest places of endearment, for without you, this word would not be going forth, and that is, after all, the most important work to be accomplished.

The subject I find pressing at this time is one that we know has had many concerned, especially those of you who reside in the state of California.  It seems as though you have had more than your fair share of the "attention" lately, but unfortunately, it is most likely not going to let up any time soon.

You have, as you are well aware, constant shaking and shuddering there for more than four months now.  The most recent event which has everyone concerned is the reported smell of sulphur following a recent shaking in the area of Culver City.  This is related to all the other activity which has been occurring this year.  What is being experienced in that place, and Chelas, could occur just about anywhere in the state, is the escape of gases from below the surface.

I shall attempt to explain this phenomenon to you.  The molten core of your planet is constantly in motion.  (This is because your planet is alive. Think of it as the Earth's blood supply.)  There are also many fissures and fractures both at and below the surface. As the molten core moves, due to the composition of the lava, gases are produced and pressure builds.  The gases present are normally carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur along with water vapor.  The pressure must have a way to be released, and it "percolates" up through the rock and soil, and quite often flows into these fissures and fractures, and continues to do so until it is either released or is spread out over an area large enough that the pressure is equalized.  Also, these gases will always take the path of least resistance.

Now, imagine for a moment that you have a build-up of pressure and it begins to move through the rock and soil, and it moves into one of these fissures or fractures.  The pressure continues to build from below, constantly causing the pressure to build greater and greater, and it comes up against an area of solid rock or soil.  Above, toward the surface, the soil is less resistant. What will occur?  The gas will take the path of least resistance and move upward through the surface.  If the pressure is great enough, when these gases break through the crust, there may occur what would sound like an explosion.

Now, remember, the soil in California has been literally pulverized of late, compliments of your friendly neighborhood Cosmospheres, and it is now very porous, making it easier for these gases to work their way to the surface.  Where the gas makes it to the surface a vent is produced.

What makes this such a serious occurrence is that should the vent empty itself--all the gas and pressure are released and there could occur a collapse of the vent.  This could cause the entire area above the vent to drop to the bottom of the vent, which may be one inch, or ten feet, depending on the depth of the underground chamber.  If it drops more than an inch or so, the results could be devastating, knowing that the entire area is honeycombed with fissures and fractures, making it so unstable that literally chunks of land could separate.  I believe that if you extrapolate this out, you can imagine the destruction that would be caused by the subsequent earthquakes and tidal waves.

Another possibility that exists is the fact that you could see geothermal activity from this.  This occurs when there is water involved, and it becomes heated from the molten core and is pushed upward by the gases until it breaks through the surface, and may produce what you refer to as a geyser.  This would of course, depend on the amount of water present, its proximity to the surface and amount of pressure being created.  And, with all the underground facilities and tunnels that have been created around the coast of California, not to mention the water table, there is water present.

Previously, these gases have vented in volcanoes in Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.  I say this because there are what are referred to as gas belts, natural pathways which the gases have followed for thousands of years.  However, because of the recent seismic activities and pulsing prana waves that have been occurring, new fissures, and fractures and weakening of the soil have taken place, and these gases are now taking new paths.

You would find, if you were able to view your planet beneath the surface, that all through the entire Ring of Fire there are several of these gas belts.  This particular belt runs roughly in a north-south direction.  In the area in question, however, there is also what would be referred to as a transverse belt which runs adjacent to the belt in an east-west direction, cutting across the south central portion of what is Arizona and terminates at the north-south belt.  Quite interestingly, it just so happens that this adjacent belt junctures with that belt in the general area of Culver City.  On the eastern edge of this transverse belt is another gas belt which runs the length of the Rocky Mountains region, from North America south into Mexico.  This is not to say that everything occurring is of a natural origin.

You still have your Elite factions working feverishly around the clock pulsing the entire area, causing the already unstable fissures and faults to be even more unstable due to their man-made interferences.  I can tell you, from our data and projections made based on that data, that those living in these areas are literally sitting atop a time bomb.  Yet, after repeated warnings and examples of what can occur, there are those who have chosen to ignore the inevitable.

As I have addressed previously, the entire western portion of the American Continent and eastern portion of the Asian Continent, and Pacific Ocean are geologic hotbeds of activity, and as time progresses and man continues to live his life for the pursuit of material and physical pleasures, and the Elite continue their assaults, you can anticipate more and more of these events.

There may be some question as to why my teachings are about the ancient land known as Mu (Lemuria).  Chelas, what is occurring at this very time is precisely the same thing that Mu experienced prior to its submergence--AND YOU WERE THERE! Not only are you experiencing the same types of geologic activity and the spiritual coma of man, but many of you who reside in California are living on the same soil!  I suggest you ponder this thought most carefully.

Your world is in the process of changes and nothing is going to stop this from occurring.  It is the order of life--of Creation.  The world is very ill, spiritually, mentally and physically.  The planet is a living organism and is fighting for its very existence because of the abuses that she has tolerated for so long.  (These abuses include the interference of the Elite faction.)  She is attempting to heal herself, and sometimes this is expressed in what man perceives as destruction.  But remember that the Phoenix rose to new life out of the ashes of destruction.  What you are perceiving as destruction in the form of naturally caused earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, drastic weather pattern changes, etc., is Earth's way of preserving life.

The aboriginal peoples of the Americas--the red man, has much knowledge of this, because his people are direct descendents of those who experienced the cataclysmic events of both Mu and Atlantis.  This is why it is a sacred part of his life to be in harmony and balance with his planet and all that share that existence with him.  They learned that lesson.  Will you?  Learn from your past and you will not have to repeat it.  Ignore the past and you are destined to continue repeating until you do learn.  The choice is yours, dear ones, but you must do the choosing.

Chelas, you must consider the impact of your current state of affairs, not only from a geologic standpoint, but also from a spiritual standpoint, for one goes hand in hand with the other, and the two can not be separated.  All that we of the Host can do is attempt to inform you, but this does not relieve you of your responsibility for your own world.  The decisions are difficult, the work tedious and bone-tiring, and fear is rampant.  But know that God is ever present, never failing.

I shall leave you this day with blessings and much love, reminding you to stay in the Light and keeping the knowledge of God always in the forward of your hearts and minds.  This is not an easy task, but as always we are never given more than we have ability to handle.  Go in peace and in love.

Soltec to clear.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, September 15, 1992, Volume 20, Number 9, Pages 5-7.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.