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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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July 17, 2014

3/3/93   SOLTEC

Good evening.  Soltec present in the Light of Holy God.  I come in service with the Host of Heaven during this time of Earth-Shan transition as helper, guide and teacher to you of Earth who will hear.

I am in receipt of an inquiry made by one B.W.  This inquiry makes reference to an anomaly, which according to Earth scientists, is to occur between March 7 and March 21 of this year.  According to the information B.W. has received, the moon will pass within 216,000 miles of your planet  [rather than its usual average 233,000]  and scientists feel this may trigger the "BIG ONE", as well as activate possible volcanic activity in the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Rainier and-or Mt. Baker.

First of all, let us have a small lesson in lunar effects upon your globe.  The lunar rotation about your planet, along with its relationship to the position of the sun, is the driving force of the tidal activity on Earth.  Depending upon the alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun, you have either high tides or low tides.  When the Sun and Moon are in alignment on the same side of the Earth, you experience the new moon and extreme differences between high and low tides.  This is due to the gravitational forces exerted by the Sun and Moon being in alignment.  There is also something known as the effects of elliptical orbits, which has to do with the fact that the rotation of the Earth and Moon around the Sun is not a round orbit, rather it is more elliptical or oval, and therefore, the orbit of the moon around the Earth is likewise elliptical, rather then round.

[RM: Perigee Update:  The most recent occurrence of the perigee or "Lunar-Maximum" was on July 12, 2014.  The next Lunar-Max is estimated to  occur on August 10, 2014. ]

The point at which the moon is farthest away from the Earth is known as the apogee and this distance, though varying somewhat from orbit to orbit, is roughly 252,000 miles; while the point at which the moon is closest to the Earth is known as the perigee and this distance is roughly 233,000 miles.  The time period for the moon to move from perigee back to perigee is a period of 27.5 days, known as the anomalistic month.  The sun also has maximum and minimum distances from the Earth, due to this elliptical orbit, and these are known as perihelion (approximately 92.2 million miles) and the aphelion (approximately 94.5 million miles). The aphelion occurs during the summer months, while the perihelion occurs during the winter months.  (This is in the Northern Hemisphere--the opposite would, of course, be true in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Realizing that this is a very basic lesson, it should at least provide a general idea of the causes of the changing tides.  Yet, what does this have to do with earthquakes and volcanoes?  Let us not forget that the sun and moon also have a definite effect upon the plate movement of the Earth, as well.  These gravitational forces that affect the tidal movements of the oceans affect all else as well.  Sir Issac Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, published in your year 1686, stated in the preface, "...I derive from the celestial phenomena the forces of gravity with which bodies tend to the sun and several planets.  Then from these forces, by other propositions which are also mathematical, I deduce the motions of the planets, the comets, the moon and the sea." His law of gravitation states that every particle of mass in the universe attracts every other particle of mass with a force that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the masses.  The greater the mass of the objects and the closer they are together, the greater will be the gravitational attraction.  Actually, tide-generating forces vary inversely as the cube of the distance from the center of the Earth to center of the tide-generating object, instead of varying inversely as the square of the distance, as does the gravitational attraction.  However, Newton's theory was the basis for your understanding of why tides behave as they do, and what effects there might be upon plate movement and stresses.

Therefore, based upon the above, it is logical to expect the moon to have an effect upon the movement of your tectonic plates, and upon your planet's molten core, if all objects have a gravitational effect upon all other objects.  And, due to the fact that you are in the stages of the moon and sun being at their perigee and perihelion, and maybe even a bit closer than on average, you have much stronger gravitational influences upon your planet from these two bodies.

In the past month, you have experienced earthquakes in the Northern California coastal areas of Cape Mendocino and Eureka.  They have not been much more than 3.0 and 3.2 on your scales.  Yet these are, nonetheless, important to take into consideration.  Let us also take into consideration the predictions from one of your own "psychics" or "prophets", who has been experimenting visions for quite some time relating to the upcoming Earth Changes.

(Editor's note: This would be the outstanding Gordon-Michael Scallion, whose THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT is read monthly by many people around the world.  For those of you readers who may be interested in his fine publication, it is published by Matrix Institute, RR1, Box 391, Westmoreland, NH 03467; telephone 603-399-4916; fax 603-399-4340; $50 for a one-year subscription.  Tell him THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR sent you!   Also, he will be on Fox Television's programs SIGHTINGS, probably this coming friday night 3/12/83, or whenever it is aired in your area.

[RM: The above phone number is no longer in service and THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT is no longer being published.  However, summaries of Scallion's predictions and composite maps are available on-line for viewing. ]

As he states in his Issue 18 of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT for March 1993, "When Fox's producer called and asked me to do the show and share my message of Earth changes, I agreed if they could air the show as early as possible, preferably in March, so I could use this opportunity to warn the citizens of California.  They were gracious and not only agreed to do it in early March, they also asked if they could present my Future Map of the United States on this show.  I could not think of a better way to reach so many California people, as well as informing the nation of these changes.  Once again the power of Spirit is at work."  Amen!  As Commanders Hatonn and Soltec often remind us, God indeed works in His own ways for those with eyes to see and ears to hear!  Since I'm told he wasn't on SIGHTINGS this friday night 3/5, it should be assumed that the next week's date of 3/12 is the next critical one to watch out for.)

[ RM:  Californians were relieved when the 'BIG ONE' did not hit in 1993.  However, on January 17, 1994 a devastating earthquake did shake Southern California and beyond.  The epicenter was in the San Fernando Valley, 20 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, in the community of Reseda.  It occurred on a previously undiscovered fault, now named the 'Northridge blind thrust fault'.  The initial event occurred at 4:31 a.m. and measured 6.7.  It brought with it two subsequent 6.0 after-shocks; the first occurred one minute afterwards and the second occurred 11 hours later.  Strong ground motion was felt as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada, 220 miles away.  The Northridge earthquake claimed 57 lives and injured 5,000 people.  Property damage topped 20 billion dollars. ]

Know, also, that the nearer you are to an event, the more likely prophecies or predictions are going to occur.  This is due to the fact that less events may alter the outcome.  Though this is not cast in stone by any means, it is worth considering, especially if the same information is coming from more than one source.  Such is with that which follows.

One of the visions he has seen is in reference to the breaking up of California.  The first fracture begins to break near Eureka, California and extends southward to Baja.  This first fracture, he believes, from his visions, will take place BEFORE MAY 9, 1993--which is just slightly over two months from this date.  After this first break, he believes that there will be several small islands left, which will be the remnants of Western California.

During the second fracture, he sees the Earth breaking near Newport, Oregon south on the slight curve to Phoenix, Arizona, which takes in the remainder of California and western Nevada.

The final fracture includes the balance of Oregon, western Washington, western Idaho, most of Utah, parts of southern Wyoming and most of northern Colorado.

He also sees in his visions volcanic activity in the Pacific Northwest--Mt. Rainier and/or Mt. Baker, to be precise--interestingly enough, the same as your scientists seem to be exhibiting some concern about.  This same person has had visions of renewed volcanic activity in the Long Valley Caldera, which is on the central portion of the border between Nevada and California.  This volcano last erupted approximately 700,000 years ago.  The ash cloud produced from this volcano extended as far east as central Kansas and Nebraska, as far south as Mexico and as far north as northern Wyoming.

This volcano is still capable of producing activity because magma is still present at variable depths beneath the caldera floor.  The floor of the caldera has slowly domed upward since the explosive eruption that formed it.  Around 1980, the rate of uplift here accelerated to 25 cm in about two years and was accompanied by swarms of earthquakes, some of which were in the range of magnitude 5 to 6.  The magma moved from a depth of approximately 8 km in 1980 to 3.2 km in 1982.  Therefore, your scientists are quite concerned with this little waking giant, as the earthquakes have continued, which carries the implication of renewed magma movement.

Map of the Long Valley Caldera   [Map added]

[ RM:  Long Valley Caldera Update:  Since the above writing, it has been reported that the growth of the resurgent dome began to slow to 1-3 cm per year and leveled off in 1998.  The magma level below the dome dropped to 6-7 km by 2003.  As the incidence of earthquakes begin to rise again in the valley, they may create the conditions to pop the cork, so to speak.  It appears not to be a matter of IF, but WHEN the 20 mile long, 11 mile wide Super-Caldera will erupt.  SR 395 and SR 206 are major California highways linking Southern and Northern California on the eastern side of the state.  These arteries, along with a Light Aircraft airport are all sitting on the Caldera Boundary and SR 395 runs right through the Resurgent Dome.  When this caldera erupts again, expect mouton lava to cover sections of SR 395, SR 206 and the airport, in addition to the entire valley floor for miles.  An eruption event would cut-off the flow of road and air traffic and goods and services to and through the area, indefinitely.  It would create health and safety issues for people living in the region and create economical hardship for many people and businesses throughout  the state.  Before it's too late, it would be wise for the state government and the California Dept. of Transportation to seriously consider taking this waking volcano seriously and make it a priority to create a new detour-route around both the Long Valley resurgent dome, the Caldera Boundary and Long Valley/Owens Valley to ensure the future safety and welfare of the people and businesses in the region. ]

Is all this likely or even possible?  Keep in mind the current situation that you ones in California and other Western States are in because of the heavy amount of rainfall that you have received in the past two months.  The ground is fully saturated, and because of the pulverized soil, you are literally floating on a sea of mud.  This has caused much instability in your ground, so earthquakes of large magnitude are quite possible, and with the moon's relative position, exerting stronger gravitational influences at this time of year, you have the potential for some heavy seismic and-or volcanic activity at this time.

Also, take into consideration all the earth shaking that has been occurring on your planet, the renewed volcanic activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the newly discovered chain of 1,100 volcanoes off Easter Island, the heavy interference of the Elite--and draw your own conclusions.

Remember also that your planet, being a living organism, reacts to the energy frequencies produced by all that are living on it. The energy of Earth's inhabitants is extremely destructive at this time, as is evidenced by the daily occurrences you see and hear on your television and newspapers and radios.  Look about you and listen.  What do you see and hear?  Violence and destruction everywhere.

Chelas, your prophecies are being fulfilled daily, if you would but listen and pay attention.  It is so evident that you should not need us to be telling you of what is coming about.  For those of you who "feel" that something is "in the air", you are absolutely correct, for there are so many things occurring at the same time that many of you are feeling frenzied--bombarded by the confluence of so many energy frequencies.

Do you wonder why you are exhausted?  Do you wonder why you have difficulty relaxing enough to fall asleep at night?  Do you wonder why you are feeling ill?  It is the combined effects of what your planet is going through right now.  IT IS THE TIME OF YOUR TRIBULATION!

Confusion and frustration abound as you wind your way through this labyrinth of change, and because you and your planet are linked, you are feeling all these energy frequencies and are reacting to them, just as is your planet, for she is no different than you.  The planet feels and reacts, but her reactions are in the form of changing tectonics, increased volcanic activity, changing weather patterns, earthquakes and the like.

We are here to help those who will hear through this time, as there must be a remnant that gets through this--a remnant that takes its steps upward to the next dimension of spiritual evolution on your path back to the Divine Source.  It is a marvelous journey, filled with multitudes of opportunity for growth and learning.

There is nothing mystical, nothing magical about this journey.  The path is most natural, for all in the entire Universe are traveling the same path, just on different levels of progression and expression.  The approach of your world's transition brings with it the tribulations being experienced today, as all things must complete their cycle prior to the transition, and this is what you are seeing taking place daily.  All must be purged during this time, and purging is the order of the day.

Though it may seem to ones that all is unraveling, it actually is weaving and recreating, just as your planet is re-creating herself in preparation for this transition.  Time appears to have speeded, as it must, for you are approaching a level of a new awareness and understanding a level of a new awareness and understanding of your relationship to time and space.  Your world will be totally changed once you have experienced this transition to the next level of development.  Those that awaken and come into acceptance of this changing will step across the threshold of a totally new, recreated planet Earth--one that is conducive to the new life form--you.

Do not mistake this acceptance of change for that which your Elite are touting, for their idea of change is not that which is the Natural Order.  Theirs is that change that is meant to trap you forever in this dimension of experience.  It is the plan of the Adversary, who is very hard at work to keep you from taking that step forward.

As you have been told before, the Adversary's fight is with God and he intends to do all in his power to keep God's creations from returning to the Divine Source of Creation.  So, once again, you must use your DISCERNMENT to know what is the change brought about by God and the change that is brought about by the Adversary, for they are in total opposition to one another. KEEP YOUR EYES ON GOD AND GOD ALONE.  The lie is extremely strong and subtle at this time and you who have elected to serve God need have the discernment to know the difference between God and Adversary.

Your survival depends upon your ability to DISCERN on many levels, not the least of which is ability to "feel" your planet and know the changes that are taking place.  By this knowing, you will be able to make determinations of where is safety and where you will be better off.  You are being guided and taught by the Hosts of God of Light.  Through this guidance you are learning to know The Truths on many levels and it is through this knowing that you are developing your ability of DISCERNMENT and will be able to survive this transitionary time.

See that you fear not, for fear is the strength of the enemy.  Know The Truth, and you shall be set free of the fear.  Thank you for your attention and for your time.  You honor us in your loyalty and in your service unto Holy God of Light.

Soltec to clear.  Salu.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, March 9, 1993, Volume 22, Number 7, Pages 20-22.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.