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March 8, 2013

10/10/92   SOLTEC

Soltec present in the light of Holy God.  I come in service unto and with the Host of Heaven.

There is much concern on the part of many regarding the upcoming weekend and especially Monday, October 12, 1992, also observed as your Columbus Day.  What will occur?  Your guess is as good as ours; however, I would guess that it shall come and go and you shall not note anything. This will not mean that nothing has taken place.  Remember, just because you see it not or hear it not does not mean that it has not occurred, as your communications networks are totally controlled.  This does not mean that on the 13th or 15th nothing will take place.  One of the tricks of the Adversary is to allow something to "leak" out, such as a date, to divert the attention and when that time comes and passes everyone breathes a sigh of relief and becomes complacent again and says, "well, I guess Hatonn or Soltec didn't know what they were talking about."  Then a few days later, boom; there you go, just when you had become comfortable again and you are caught with your pants down!  Do not forget that they will discredit the Truth at every opportunity, even if it means they must change their plans!

You can also bet on the fact that if a fully televised "alien invasion" takes place and dominates the news that something even more dastardly is taking place behind the scenes and the staged "invasion" is to divert your attention.  Do not be fooled by what the eyes are given to see.

Last week Kilauea in Hawaii erupted again, signaling renewed activity of that volatile Pacific Plate.  Yes, Kilauea erupts somewhat regularly and this is nothing new.  However, just after its eruption of last week, a mild earth tremor was felt in Arizona!  Most people would not have even noticed this little shuddering, but it did occur.  This should be an indication to you of just how much energy is released from within your Earth.  Is this a normal thing?  That all depends upon your perception of normal.  For the stage your Earth is in, it is quite normal, taking into consideration all that is presently happening and all that has happened in the past.  Just how much abuse and assaulting and messing with "Mother Nature" can the planet endure?  Planets are pretty tough entities, but even the tough have their limits and Earth is just about to reach hers.  Are your bungies in place, Chelas?

Did you know, for instance, that in Sedona, Arizona, in the Boynton Canyon area that some very interesting things have just recently occurred?  All the areas to the south of Boynton have now been closed to public access.  About the only accessible area is the resort at Boynton, which is of course a cover for the underground activities which take place.  This closure is not for the purpose that you have been told; that being "to preserve the pristine wilderness".  It is to keep you-the-citizens out so that all the dark forces can come and go at will without detection.  It is really a sadness to see what has happened to that absolute beautiful place of red rocks.  The Native Americans mourn over the desecration of one of their most sacred places.

Earth changes are going to take place due to activities both manmade and natural.  Man will get the ball rolling, so to speak, and then allow Nature to take its course.  He has messed with everything from your atmospheric conditions to the electromagnetic grid, not to mention the constant pulsing on your fault lines.  As we have stated over and over again, the closer to your year 2000 you get, the more accelerated the activities will become.  I suggest you hold on tightly, because you are in for a rough ride.  However, if you intend to get beyond these things it is necessary to go through them.  Will it be unpleasant?  Yes, indeed.  But, will you grow from the experiences?  Absolutely!  That is the reason most of you are here right now.  Growth on your level seldom comes without pain in one form or another.  It is usually through unpleasant experiences that the greatest lessons are learned. This is not meant to be harsh--it is given only as a reminder.

In Iowa, for example, there has now been so much rain that the crops are rotting in the fields because it is too wet to go in and harvest the corn.  You may sit back now and think that this is in Iowa and you live in New Jersey, so it doesn't affect you.  Oh, is that so?  Your silos are empty now, precious ones.  That is going to create shortages and even higher prices in the supermarkets come 1993.  So do not be so ill informed to think that because it takes place 2,000 miles away from you that it shall not touch you.  Your world is a very small place and what takes place in South Africa on the other side of the globe will have an effect upon you in Montana.  Remember, Mr. Bush has "globalized" you and your surpluses have been shipped to Russia, leaving you without. 

You are also about to lose commercial sources for natural herbs and homeopathic remedies.  The purpose in this is two-fold.  One, people have, in recent years, been rediscovering the value of such treatments and the pharmaceutical companies are whining about getting their "fair share".  So, once again, they lobbied and convinced your government that uncontrolled use of these wonders of nature are harming the people and should be controlled and dispensed only by practicing physicians.  The real reason is there is big money to be made by these pharmaceutical companies from the natural remedies.  The second reason, and even more heinous, is to get them out of the hands of the people because these remedies actually work!  Remember, they are trying to keep you ill and by utilizing these natural methods people are becoming and remaining in good health.

Fortunately, many of these plants can be found growing in the wild and can be utilized, providing you know what you are doing.  I would suggest that you do as this scribe has been guided to do and purchase as much printed material on the subjects as you can put your hands on while it is still available and begin educating yourselves.  (Yes, this means even more reading and learning!)  It also means taking responsibility for selves.  You need this information desperately.  If it becomes controlled by the bureaucrats, there will be nothing "natural" about the concoctions.  They will be replaced with chemical, man-made compounds designed to kill you off.  So, while you believe that you are taking something that is good for you, you will actually be swallowing poison.  This planet was equipped with everything needed by its inhabitants, but most of the useful knowledge has been withheld from you.  Dear God, you live in a nasty world!

Know that you can survive all that is in store, providing that is what you choose.  If you did not have the ability, you would not be here in this experience.  The choice you make is strictly between you and God.  We cannot and will not make the choice for you, and no one else is able to either.  Our hope is that you do survive, for our goal is to bring the family back together again.  We want to see the fulfillment and completion of the mission and your participation in it.


At the risk of sounding redundant, I can only urge you to be informed and become as knowledgeable as is possible, and educate your children, for they are the hope of your future.  These precious ones that are entering the world now need you more than ever before.  It is your responsibility to teach them the truth and help them to know the true God.  If you do not teach them Truth, your world will see to it that they are taught lies.  They are enlightened little souls, but they do need guidance in order to discover their own light.  Teach them well and the reward shall be great!

We shall close this writing.  Take the time to go within and find your own strength and peace in these troubled times.  You need your wits about you and you need all the strength you can get, physically, mentally and spiritually as you move on into yet another planned assault.  I leave you with the blessings of God and of the Host.  You are held ever dear.

Soltec to clear.  Salu.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, October 13, 1992, Volume 20,Number 13, Pages 42-43.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.