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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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June 8, 2012

12/28/97   SOLTEC

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Toniose Soltec come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace!

Thank you for sitting this day, for there are messages that need to be penned.  Much is happening all around your globe this day.  Many of the players in the global arena are playing their hand.  This will cause a very interesting course of events on all fronts from stock market manipulations to weather modification and, yes, earthquake and volcanic triggerings as well.  [See Commander Hatonn's writing on earthquakes on p. 32.]

These are truly interesting times in which to be experiencing.  As the evolvement of these experiences begins to more directly impact your daily lives, you will be quite happy that you have made preparations for that which IS coming.  We have "sounded the clarion" yet we witness that, for a large part of your population, it has fallen on "deaf" ears.  Such is the challenge of the third-dimensional compression in which you ones find yourselves.

Perhaps the most interesting course of events to follow will be the "chain reaction" of events as the tapestry of interconnected events unravels.  This is to say, again, that ALL IS CONNECTED TO ALL.  The Native Americans have long tried to convey this concept.

From the perspective of an energy point of view, the intent is to exploit your world in such a manner as to keep the masses confused and off-balance, while the Elite of your world depopulate the planet with "natural" disasters.  Plagues and famine are all about you.  Throw in a few earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions--and you will have created quite a desperate situation on your planet.

These are planned and orchestrated events that will fool the majority of your population.  However, there are ones among the masses who are putting forth great effort towards exposing these elite would-be-kings.  Certain confirmations of my claims shall come from ones who have researched smaller pieces of the whole picture.

We of the Hosts have done our assigned duties in sending forth The Word, as promised that it would be! It is up to each and every individual to choose that which they will do with the information offered.

We take no offense if you choose to ignore the warnings offered, for it is not our place to judge another.  However, it does sadden us when we see ones turn away from their responsibilities, for we know the agreements and the soul-intent of each who has come to participate.  Our challenge is to find a route that will communicate the Guidance for which you ones so often petition.  Frequently we see ones receiving clues to that which they seek, yet these same ones do not pay attention to (or ignore) them--again, usually because of the implied responsibility that comes from acknowledging the information we send.  So be it!  And be careful about that which you ask, for what you will receive will most certainly not give-in to anyone's druthers for avoiding the responsible path.

Let us again, please, take this opportunity to "sound the clarion", for there is always the possibility that yet one more might wake-up enough to see, and thus prepare, for what is coming.

Let us take a moment to address the earthquake situation.

There has been, for the last 4 weeks, an ever increasing build-up of pressure around the western side of the Pacific Tectonic Plate, otherwise known as the "Ring of Fire".  Remember that both the frequency and magnitude (intensity) of earthquake activity has been greatly increasing for some 24-36 months now.  What we are referring to here is a big jump in that rate of increase during the last 4 weeks.

I ask for inclusion of the world earthquake activity map for just this past week [see nearby] covering 12/21/97 through 12/27/97.  This map shows ONLY earthquake activity equal to or greater than a magnitude of 2.5 on your "discounted" measurement scale.




As an aside here, according to the numerical data which accompanies this map (accessed from the internet), there were 1117 total events (earthquakes) this past week of magnitude 2.5 of greater. However, the data-handling capacity of the computer program which draws this internationally accessed map stops at 999 events (out of the 1117 total) so you are not seeing plotted on the map quite all of the activity. This situation is not a matter of incompetence by the ones who set up this collection operation; rather, there were so many earthquakes that the total number this past week EXCEEDED the capacity that was built into the data-collection machinery! THAT SITUATION, IN ITSELF, OUGHT TO BE A BIG CLUE TO YOU WHO PAY ATTENTION TO THE LITTLE DETAILS FOR YOUR CONFIRMATIONS!

The entire western side of the Pacific Plate is in an alarming state of upheaval. From the northeastern coast of Russia, down through Japan, and on around through the South Pacific islands, there are ever increasing numbers of "moderate" quakes in the 4-5 magnitude range.

The key here is the INCREASING numbers. This means that the pressure is continuing to build and is NOT relieving, despite all of the activity.

Now look to where the seismic events are migrating and you will see that the Asian continental plate is fracturing! Look closely at Gordon-Michael Scallion's Future Map Of The World and you will have great insight into the change that is coming. Are Scallion's maps 100% accurate? They are accurate enough so that you would be wise to study them and heed the warning offered. [Editor's note: To order Scallion's Future Map Of The World or his Future Map Of North America, call 1-800-628-7493 or 1-603-256-6759 or write Matrix Institute, P.O. Box 367, West Chesterfield, NH 03466-0367.]

Shifting attention back to a discussion of the larger picture, there are other players in this "chess game" who are not so "hell-bent" of destroying the planet or enslaving its population. Never, never underestimate God's divine gamesmanship--especially when there is direct petition for Guidance and Assistance.

Ones are experiencing quite "unexplained" phenomena that triggers an Inner Knowing of what it is that they are involved in, and these ones, once touched in this manner, are not easily dissuaded from following what they know in their heart to be the "right" thing.

These are ones in very influential positions around the world and they are quite aware, for the most part, of the corruption and power struggles in play at this time. Be assured that God has the ultimate trump card and He will ultimately win--and do so with such style that all involved will grow in some way from having taken part in this experience.

It would be the better part of wisdom, for those of you who have not yet prepared, to do so NOW. Food, clean water, and shelter shall become quite scarce for many. Beans and rice can be procured in large quantities and are relatively inexpensive. If you have prepared for your own family, perhaps you can store extra for the neighbors. Only through true community effort will it be possible to physically survive that which is unfolding. [See 72-Hour Kit Checklist.]

May you ones effort to go within and commune with the Higher Guidance that is offered. Learn to trust the inner "gut" feelings. Please find comfort in knowing that you have within you the potential to overcome any and all challenges that cross your path. May you have the fortitude and wisdom to recognize the clues and answers to your prayers (petitions) when they are presented to you.

I am Toniose Soltec, come as a Messenger for our Father (He who created us) so that His promise to you would be fulfilled. It is within His Light that we all exist!



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 30, 1997, Volume 19, Number 6.

Thank you, Rocky Montana for transcribing this into html format.