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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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April 18, 2012

12/27/96   SOLTEC

Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant Light of Creator God.  Thank you for sitting this day and allowing for this interaction.

Much has been happening around your area where secret underground-base complexes abound, as well as around the world.  The would-be controllers are aware of that which is about to befall them and they do not plan on taking it lying down.  This is why there is so much in the way of distractions underway, such as the weather being "worse" in various areas than anyone can remember.  Before this play is over, you ones shall have endured many "mind blowing" phenomena that will defy explanation unless you have kept up with your lessons.



Much of what you are told (or not told) on your "news" programs are outright lies when it comes to the facts about the geologic stability of your planet. These skilled manipulators of data realize that even the casual observer can, at this point, figure out that both frequency and intensity of earthquake activity have tremendously increased around the planet recently.  This is why there is little or no reporting of the world condition over your prostituted news media avenues, while successful steps have been taken to stop (or otherwise distract into side-projects) those who were, through independent routes, bringing you truth about Mother Earth-Shan's rising blood pressure.

"Ignorant, blind sheep" is what the masses are referred to in the Elite circles of the dark adversarial forces that are manipulating your reality of world perception.  The readers of CONTACT are not ignorant and THE WORD is spreading and shall not be contained.  The harder the adversary tries to shut us down, the more Light they will end up shining upon themselves.  Truth shall win out in the end!

Please take this opportunity to, once again, check to see that your emergency supplies are ready and in good condition.  You shall be thankful for doing this--and your neighbors and your neighbor's children may be quite thankful as well.



There has been much concern over the coming "comet".  This "comet" is the REAL messenger that your Native Americans have been waiting for as a sign which signals the new beginning called the "Age of Peace".  These ones know that their ancestral origin was from the stars.  They also know that there shall be the great cleansing of the planet prior to this "Age of Peace".

This cleansing has been prophesied as being the cleansing with fire.  Fire has many levels to its intensity.  A candle flame can be gentle and soothing. A mountainside on fire can be quite alarming and cause great panic and destruction.  A nuclear explosion can distort the very Light fabric of one's soul, and thus may cause an actual dispersal of soul energy.  A "scalar" pulse can, if strong enough, completely disperse Soul essence.

Through "scalar" devices, you have the ability to completely extinguish an entity--to a point that that entity may never know consciousness in any form ever again.  You have, in effect, created the means for truly "killing" someone.  This is NOT REFERRING TO THE DEATH OF THE PHYSICAL BODY, BUT RATHER, TO THE DEATH OF THE SOUL!

Your "scientists" who play with these "scalar" devices have very little understanding of how these devices affect non-physical space.  They have their mathematical models and theories of how they THINK these things work, but their models are limited and leave out the consideration of Soul essence (LIGHT!).


The ancients who were given the prophecies of this Endtime were given the images or visions, and then had to translate, to the best of their ability, that which they had seen.  For some of what they saw, there were no words, and they had to use examples and concepts that have a generally accepted meaning.  You will have to look past the words: for example, consider words such as "fire" with a measure of discernment and insight, and realize that there may be MANY possible meanings of that word.

As an example, take your current world scene and try to overlay various ancient prophecies with that which you now know to be true.  For instance, when your biblical Scriptures were written, there was no awareness of devices called "nuclear bombs".  Look to your Book of Revelation wherein it is described that "the sky opened up like a scroll".  Now, overlay in your mind a picture of a nuclear bomb detonation.  See the "mushroom" cloud billowing upward and unrolling LIKE (similar to but not the same as) a scroll.  Use discernment and learn to make your own judgments, for even the honest interpretations are at best the "accepted" interpretations of "holy" men from 300 to 800 years ago, when there was no awareness of even the possibility of such nuclear devices.


You shall be held accountable for your actions, and if you choose, willingly, to remain in ignorance to the changing world around you, then you will have to deal with the consequences of these actions.  Help is being provided to those who will hear and LISTEN!

Many are running around trying to find their "guru" who will somehow tell them what to do and when to do it.  This is running away from your personal responsibility and you are, in effect, trying to cheat your way through the challenges of your current level of growth.  The only thing you really end up doing is guaranteeing that you will have to come back, and do it all over, again and again, until you can get it right!

Stop waiting for another to do a thing for you.  BE MORE ASSERTIVE AND DO THE THING YOURSELF.  If another has agreed to help you, and they will not keep their agreement, then I, Soltec, would suggest that you find someone who can keep their word and who knows the INNER value of helping another.

For instance, if you are a business owner and you have ones you pay for their services, then you should have a CLEAR understanding (written if need be) of what you expect from them and what they expect from you.  If an employee cannot or will not perform to your agreed-upon level of expectation, then caution the person that you are not satisfied and that you will have to move them to a lesser position of responsibility if they cannot perform up to expectation and agreement.

Do not allow an unbalanced condition to persist just because you do not want to be the "bad guy" and have to demote someone.  When you allow a condition of unbalance to persist in your life, you have, in effect, taken on the responsibility for all that comes from that which you have "bought into".



Back to the subject of the "comet".  You have ones waking up all around your planet who realize that this "comet" has certain peculiarities about it and they are feeling the winds of change.  The "comet" represents your past, present, and future.  This is the awakening that cannot be avoided-- nor would you who read that cannot be avoided--nor would you who read these messages want to avoid this inevitability.

This experience can be viewed as a large experiment in awakening ones to their true heritage as Lighted Souled Beings who belong to a much larger community or family--whether they know it or not!  The experiment comes in when you have a theory that has not been tested-in-fact previously.  You have calculated that it should work, but you must, at some point, play out the actual experiment to see that your discernment is correct.

This is not done in a haphazard manner on the "whims" of any one being.  There is much research and collaboration among many to find as many different viewpoints and observations as is practical.  Then, when enough have agreed to the experiment, it is taken before a Council to decide whether or not it would be spiritually ethical to even attempt such a thing.  Only after a proposed scenario has been approved at every level, will it then be allowed to be attempted.

You all are part of the larger experiment, an experiment which entails Ground Crew to help bring forth a stabilizing influence for the ones who we are attempting to wake up at this time.  The emotional support that your energy fields will project, when the less-aware ones become overwhelmed with fear, will be that which will enable these ones to overcome these challenges of growth.

Be prepared for the impact of the upcoming changes.  You, as Ground Crew, will have to be STRONG in your conviction--else you risk the possibility of being overcome with the lower-frequency emotions of those you have come to assist.  You will find this whole experience quite a challenge.  This is as it should be.  Toniose to standby.


12/28/96   SOLTEC

Shall we continue, please.  This is Toniose Soltec, come in service to the One Light Source.

Many down there are just awakening to the awareness of the situation that is unfolding at this time.  Among these ones are Ground Crew.  ALL awakening ones are hungry for the Truth and will be attracted to that which they can FEEL in their heart to be true.  These are the teaching opportunities that you aware Ground Crew ones have been awaiting most of your life.

As the time of chaos (the death struggle of this current political and social state) heats up, there shall be tremendous opportunity for growth for all involved.  This goes for you of Ground Crew as well as for those younger beings whom we have come to assist.  All shall be faced with great challenges of faith and discernment, as well as great emotional pressures as you face the challenges of giving birth to the new Era of Peace.

Preparing oneself mentally is perhaps the single most important one thing you can do.  This will allow US (whether you think of us as Spirit Guides, Angels, Elder Brothers or your deceased Aunt Annie) to get a message or thought through to you in a critical moment.

If you become overwhelmed with the lower emotions of shock, grief, or despair, this will make it quite difficult for a communication such as this to get through.  You will need to keep a clear head and you will, as well, need to have trust and faith that you need these experiences and that you volunteered to go down there and experience these challenges.

Always keep the Larger Picture in mind!  This is a picture we have been helping you to see through many weeks of important lessons brought through this scribe--a Ground Crew member just like you, who must constantly work (despite personal demons of distraction) at holding mental balance, to be able to receive and share these lessons.

Again, remember the Big Picture:  This is but a holographic play and you are one of the actors in the play (or players in the game).  There is a HIGHER REALITY outside that which you perceive as consciousness.  And remember, in this play, to ALWAYS call in the Light for both guidance and protection!

The reason for these words of caution at this time is so that you can have time to PREPARE MENTALLY for any upsetting possibility that you can imagine for yourself.  What would your reaction be if you just now heard that New York City was destroyed by a nuclear bomb?  What would you do? Would you stop and take a moment to clear your space, call in the Light, and ask for guidance?  Or, would you just REACT to your inner fears, shut down with disbelief, and become dysfunctional--and thus closed to our communication?

If you stop to prepare yourself mentally NOW, you will have, in effect, written a script (or program) for yourself that you can use in order to help you keep your head clear--and thus make reasonable judgements based upon intelligent thought, instead of reacting out of fear.  You have these messages as warnings and "heads-up" notices so that you will be able to function in the next upcoming ten years or so in your counting.

The ones who either refused to hear, or simply were not able to understand, will be looking to you for basic guidance.  These ones shall be in shock and, in most cases, they will shut down out of fear or they shall become quite erratic, if not outright insane.  Many a "learned" man shall be found weeping in fear, for they won't have a clue as to what has happened once their artificially constructed world of intellect is gone and these ones realize they haven't cultivated even the most basic of skills for survival.

The farmers--those who tend to the foodstuffs of the land--shall become the most important teachers.  These farmer-teachers will enable the ones who can overcome their fears and grief to become functioning parts of the community efforts to rebuild self sustaining, rural communities from the ashes of destruction.

These experiences are the "HARD" lessons for you have long passed the time of course correction to avoid these experiences.  In the upcoming Age of Peace, you shall find that there will be NO tolerance for corrupt thinking and that these lessons and experiences will be "burned" into the consciousness of each being.

No, this is not a pleasant message.  Please be assured that it is given with great compassion and warmth--with the intent to help, NOT to frighten anyone!  As always, please discern for yourself and act with wisdom.  Ask for guidance within the Light and await your answer.

Remember: change is inevitable!  Even the most stubborn of people shall be caused to grow from these experiences.  This opportunity for growth is quite unique, and for those who persist through these challenges, you shall know great personal reward and satisfaction for having gone through this experience.

I am Ceres Antonius Soltec (as a Solar-tech/technician, Light Worker, Soul-tech--one who works with the soul).  I am blessed, as are YOU, by our Father with insights and gifts that allow for helping other Light Workers to progress in their infinite journeys of the SOUL, for the giving and re-giving ALWAYS comes full circle and we all grow from the sharing.  I come in the Radiance and Oneness of Creator Source.  Salu.



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 31, 1996, Volume 15, Number 8.