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Making Your "Soul-utions" Happen




Greetings, my scribe.  It is I, Paul, the Venetian, come to commune with you on this wondrous day.  I come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God.

What a truly beautiful day it is!  You ones truly reside on one of the most beautiful planets in your sector of the universe!  For you readers out there, please know that the Sacred Mountains in Tehachapi were blanketed with the surprise of several inches of glistening snow last evening--the first of the season and at least several weeks early.  The view is truly magnificent in reflection of God's splendor.

I have come this day to remind you ones of the beauty that surrounds you, even during the most adverse conditions.  You are even nearing a time on your globe when there shall be need of great effort just to survive.  Please know that God (Creator God) never abandons you and will ALWAYS give you an indication of His Presence.

As you move onward into the unfolding segments of the mission, ALL of you will be challenged to various extremes.  Many of you may think that you are prepared for anything that can come your way.  Let me tell you that there will be many a great soul horrified to the point of overwhelm at what they shall have to witness and endure.  These are the experiences that will draw you closer to Creator, for you will need to truly search the depths of your soul in order to tap the currently unseen, infinite potential of your being.

Please know that you do NOT have to wait until you are to the point of overwhelm to connect with this Infinite Source.  You could connect at any time.  Please note, however, that you will not be allowed to use this power UNLESS you have earned the necessary level of responsibility required, else you would truly have a mess on your hands.

This is why there is the need to have ones who cannot seem to learn any other way, go through these experiences that will cause them to look within and see where they have made their errors.  The ones who are of God intent shall find the Inner Strength to pull THEMSELVES through and out of their own mess.  Each will tap the necessary strength in proportion to their own ability to confront their own personal responsibility for having allowed these conditions in the first place to come about and persist.

All souled beings have the same Infinite Potential within for expressing, but very few down there have yet to recognize the path that will allow them to unlock this potential.  Meanwhile, the evil bastards who are attempting to destroy your planet are trying to find these "secrets" through all of the external sources that they can find.  All the while they do not realize that what they truly seek is Creator God within.  These ones are incapable of realizing this basic fact because they have long ignored their lessons and have thus allowed the inner flame of their soul to dwindle to a point of near non-existence.

This is why you CANNOT force anyone to see YOUR truth.  You have to earn the ability to perceive Truth.  That is to say, you must have a desire to put your ego aside long enough to realize that you do not know ALL the answers.  And, perhaps, if you can also put aside your prejudices toward not allowing any belief outside what you have been brainwashed into believing (even though such may be full of contradictions), then you will have placed self in a condition where you can be humble long enough so that new information, such as Truth, can be considered.

For you ones seeking to "make" another hear or see, all you can do is OFFER God's gifts of Truth--and that is enough!  You canNOT be responsible for the free-will choices of another.

Stop trying to force your reality upon another!  God is not of force, so why should you try to make (force) another see or hear.  Realize that these ones will suck the life force right out of you if you allow them to do so.  This goes for family members as well as other acquaintances.  Keep in mind that those things which cause you worry are, in some way, connected with the challenges you are down there to face.

Throughout all your experiences, please keep the larger picture if focus: You are in a three-dimensional holographic PLAY!  This means that you are an entity who has agreed to partake and join in a GAME!  The value in doing so is so that you can LEARN the necessary lessons in order to become a responsible Co-Creator with God.  Each will learn at his own pace.  If you or they do not get it right in this one short expression, then be assured that there will always be another opportunity in future lifetimes, on other planets, with similar situations.  However, it would behoove you all to make a diligent effort to get it right this time so as to be enabled to move on to greater experiences and greater opportunities for growth.

Look upon each challenging experience as an opportunity to create a new solution.  You ones do not have to wait for someone to tell you what to do or when to do a thing that will allow you to reach deep enough within to help yourself to bring forth that which you will need in the upcoming times.

When there seems to be no way to cope, remember that you are never given more than you can handle.  This means that there IS a solution, if you but look.  The key is that you must desire the solution AND YOU MUST LOOK!  Call upon the Guiding Light of Creator God and expect to find that which will help you to create your own unique solution.

Take a large problem and break it into smaller, basic components.  This will help to alleviate any confusion surrounding any large, seemingly overwhelming problem.  Look at these smaller aspects and find something that you can take action on immediately.  This action may be as simple as writing out a list of things that will need to get done.

If this is a large problem, your list may be several pages long.  Getting these mental thoughts to paper will help you to get the problem, that you perceive mentally, out of the mental state and into the physical.  Remember that when you are working in the physical, your solution will be in the physical.  You can picture your solutions in the mental but, if you never take action to bring forth your solutions into physical reality, then you will have, perhaps, thrown away the "soul-ution" that would bring forth the insights that would allow you and others to survive nicely.

Now that you have a list of necessary steps, place them into a logical sequence.  If you need more information about an action, then it would be logical to educate yourself first.  This step would need to take place first.

Now you should be somewhat organized.  If your problem deals with something like money, then I would suggest you start saving what you can, for the mere fact that physical actions have now been taken, will help you to focus your intent and you will pull in that which you need or desire.  However, do keep in mind that if you think you need a new sports car, and your Higher Self does not agree, then you will not likely get the new sports car.

When you are aligned with Higher Intent, and you take action to solidify the intent, you will be well on your way to creating the soul-ution to your own problem.

Now, follow through with that which will help you to solve your problems.  You do not need physical things to solve the challenges of the soul.  The physical, third-dimensional expression is for amplifying these challenges be compressing Light (thought energy of God) into physical matter so that you will have opportunity to see the results of your actions, thoughts, and intent--up close, with extremely high detail, and with almost instant feedback (karma) these days, in most cases.

Getting back to the earlier part of this writing, God will always give you an indication of His Presence, but again--YOU MUST LOOK!  Perhaps you are feeling down and a small bird comes and lands on your windowsill.  Do you take note and make the connection that perhaps the little guy was sent to cheer you up and to let you know that you are not alone, or do you ignore the gifts sent and go off and wallow in your misery?  The choice is yours.  You are your own worst enemy in this regard.

Be thankful for the time (opportunities) that you now have.  If you think that all we, of the Host of God, do is spout-off about great catastrophes and impending doom and gloom, then you miss the larger picture--that we are here to help those who will listen so that they can prepare for the difficult challenges that are coming.  When the upcoming catastrophes finally do hit (and they will) you will need to remember these words and go within and draw upon your Inner Light that is, in essence, your direct connection to God.

Look always for the beauty of God around you and you will find it.  Out of the ashes of this current civilization shall spring forth in newness a more en-Light-ened world of peace.

Blessings to you who heed the warnings and prepare, for you are the ones who will Light the way for others to see.  I am Paul, the Venetian, come as the Ascended Master of the Third Ray of Creator's Spectral expression.  Adonai.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, October 29,1996, Volume 14, Number 12, Pages 16-17.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.