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Good afternoon, my scribe.  It is I, Paul the Venetian, come in the Light of Creator God.

I am perhaps one of the less known of the ones you would refer to as the "Rainbow Masters" and thus will often be overlooked or judged by you ones to be lesser in some way.  For this particular aspect of project Earth-Shan, I have chosen the title: Paul the Venetian, the Artist, so that ones would not be distracted by other names that I may have chosen.  If I present myself to you ones as Confucius, would not this be a bit distracting to those of you who have already predisposed self to a limiting or erroneous belief regarding this title?


I have been chosen as the "voice" of the third aspect of Creator's spectral expression.  Many of you who have great artistic talents utilize the third aspect in order to coordinate the mind, heart, and the physical body in such a manner as to express and convey into the physical, inner concepts or ideas in unique and beautiful ways.  I work closely with the heart energy so as to produce healing tonal expressions such as music.  I am also quite skilled in the art-form of diplomacy, for it too draws highly on creativity of expression so as to paint a picture with words.

There is a great need for "newness" on your world.  Newness here refers to a new way of thinking, based more fully on Truth and Beauty, rather than on the pretense of same.

Values and perceptions of value have been distorted greatly on your planet.  There is little of what the masses hold in their heart that has any lasting value.  Ones will effort greatly to find "culture" and, for instance, feel that sitting in front of a coffee shop listening to the local musical group is somehow "culture" or some level of sophistication.  Though some may actually find value in this, the majority are there simply because they want the random passerby to see them and think that they are "cool" and "sophisticated" and somehow socially advanced.

These ideas and beliefs come about due to lack of experience of those things that actually do have value.  Experimental spiritual growth is all that you take with you when you depart the physical.  When you are helping another to see more clearly the world as it really is, you are helping others to grow.  In doing so, you will most often be pointing out to these ones the fact that they have chosen to ignore the real reason for coming into the physical experience in the first place.

Spiritual growth is most often uncomfortable at first, because ones must face the fact that it has been their choice to ignore the Higher Objective of participating in the physical environment.  Also, the choice of following a TRUE spiritual path is often looked upon as archaic, primitive, and unnecessary--and is certainly not very popular!

This attitude is generated on purpose by those who wish to keep you ones down and control you.  The adversary (that which is against Creator God) ALWAYS tries to control, while the Truth Bringers always try to free ones through self empowerment.

When ones are efforting to manipulate and control you--whether to get you to spend your money on their product or to get you to vote-in a new law through the use of fear--they have shown themselves to you.  You all have become "conditioned" to some extent to accept this sort of manipulation, and thus end up worrying about the external (physical) rather than the internal (spiritual).

Thus far I have said nothing that you ones, who read these messages regularly have not heard several times before.  Why do you think we of the Messengers continue to repeat the same messages over and over again?  Because you ones read them, feel better for a short time, and then forget about the message and go right back to your fear-based, lackful habits like good mind-controlled zombies.

This is not an insult; it is merely a statement of observable fact.  When will you realize that these messages are for YOU?

These are the basic keys to taking the first major step forward in growth.  Most of you who simply read the CONTACT newspaper or the Phoenix Journals, and declare to yourselves that this is all I need to do, are missing the BIG PICTURE!

Any of you who have been reading the CONTACT newspaper for more than one year, and really KNOW for yourselves (WITHIN) that what we offer through this information source is REAL, should be sitting regularly to receive personal guidance in a conscious and deliberate manner.  But are you?--be honest!

For those of you who have decided to sit upon the fence in indecision, I would urge that you look at the fears which stand behind the procrastination, and get off the fence and start living!  The act of decision-making will, at the very least, cause change in your lives regardless of which side you choose.

Action taken IN TRUTH will always result in growth.  This does not mean that life will necessarily always be wonderful and grand, such as is depicted in some of your mind-control fairy tales.

Look at those here who struggle to get these words to you ones every week in a timely manner.  Have their lives been easy? Definitely not!  Challenging?  Yes!

If it were easy, there would be NO growth.  So, if you expect to wake up one day and find all of your challenges gone and life some sort of easy roller-coaster ride of excitement, then you will most likely be disappointed, for you have surely not fulfilled your Higher Objectives for coming into the physical!

Once you have accomplished all that you have set forth to accomplish in terms of growth in this lifetime, then you will either choose to transition peacefully or you will accept a new direction.  At that point of considering a new direction (a point which few ever reach) you will have the opportunity to proceed forth without great obstacles or great challenges.  Many choose to simply transition, for what fun is the game without a good challenge to face and from which to grow?  Others will choose to remain as a teacher to help those who are guided across their path.

For one reason or another, you each need the pressures and stresses in your lives, else you would simply not have created them in the first place.  Behind each stressful experience or situation is a lesson to learn and growth to be gained.

Most who are reading this are in the infant stage of learning how to stand for the first time.  Crawling has proven to be too cumbersome and slow, and you now wish to be running.  The desire to run is strong, but you have not yet reached the point of being able to balance self long enough to even stand.

Few on your place at this time wish to take the time to learn to stand, let alone walk or run.  Crawling proves to be the safer alternative and doesn't seem to hurt as much when you do stumble and fall.  This is fine.

However, many of you will find it a great advantage to take the time to learn to stand and overcome the fears associated with same.  After all, what is your purpose if not to grow?

Those first few efforts of rising into the standing position are exhilarating, but also can be a bit disorienting.  Your view of reality expands from this more elevated perspective.  (You can't see very much or very far, relatively speaking, down on your knees from the crawling position, can you?!)  And one's first reaction to the new perspective afforded by standing-up is often fear--sometimes from the exhilaration itself, and often from the attendant responsibilities which come along with the new level of awareness.  This is due to what you can now see and must therefore act upon, even in that "act" be a re-action of denial and return to your knees and crawling for awhile longer!

The end goal, of course, is to be able to run and play--but it takes discipline, desire, and a strong focus on the end goal if you are ever to accomplish the strides that you are desiring.  We are here to help you at every step along the way, but as we have so often stated: we shall not do it FOR you.

Balance is the key!  Seek first balance within the Light of God and you will come to realize that there is nothing to fear, and that if you do fall, it is because you are not maintaining YOUR balance within the Laws of God.  Just as gravity will bring the stumbling child to its knees, so too will the Universal Laws bring forth BALANCING REACTIONS to that which you create.

Each stress or emotional pain you feel is an indicator that you are not acting in balance.  Always seek first Guidance and Understanding, all the while efforting towards finding the path that will help you to once again regain your balance.

Once you have learned to stand in a balanced manner, you will now be ready to take your first baby steps forward.  With each step you must maintain a high level of mental and emotional discipline, as now you have set forth in motion a quite interesting dynamic closely, else you may end up crashing to your knees again.

But don't let that stop you from persisting!  Let me tell you a "secret" about my compatriots: All of the great Masters have extremely tough knees from having gone through this challenge!  So you are in very good company.  All of them eventually learned to maintain the focus necessary to overcome the challenge--and eventually thus became "long distance" runners, quickly surpassing those who chose to grovel on their knees in fear and self pity.

Again: fear of falling, of doing the "wrong" thing, of emotional pain, not being accepted, etc., MUST BE OVERCOME if you are to build a stable foundation upon which to stand.  The adversarial forces wish to hold you back so that they will have someone to manipulate, usurp power from (in the form of negative emotion such as grief, anger, and frustration), and thus control.  So be ready to encounter the adversary's many tricks while efforting to make this most critical step forward in growth and independence.

When your world learns the newness and freedom associated with walking and running, instead of crawling, it will quickly leave behind those darkened ones--who will then simply turn upon themselves and devour one another.  It can be no other way in the BALANCED order of God's creation!


Quit groveling and get off of your KNEES!  Take these offerings within for yourself.  They hold the inner keys to recognizing the worse enemy of all--YOURSELF.  You create and hold onto the fears and limiting beliefs, and only you can let go of them.  Take a chance and put a little "life" into your life!

I am Paul the Venetian.  I am one of many Master Teachers sent to assist you ones along your path.  Take my hand and let us walk together, forever forward in growth, understanding, and newness.  Let not anything stand in your way--especially yourselves.

In Light and Love for you all, Salu!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 28,1998, Volume 21, Number 10, Pages 37-38.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.