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Good evening, my friend.  It is I, Lanto, the Sage.  Be at peace, for there was a brief time where we had to decide amongst ourselves who would write at this sitting.  There were many considerations of equal importance, and therefore the "moment" of conclusion on your part.  Let us continue please.

Yes, I, Lanto, come in the Light of the One Light Source--Aton!  I come as Master Teacher representing the yellow refraction of His infinite spectral expression.  The colors and names are for you in the physical so that you may have a means of association with us.  From our point of view, we are much more than what a name or a frequency (color) of light can identify.

Precious ones, we of the Lighted realms of creation are ever grateful for the opportunity to assist Lighted ones in their times of need.  In doing so, we are challenged to find creative solutions and suggestions to whatever the unique situation may be for which we have been called upon to respond.  As we have often reminded you ones, ALL grow whenever any one grows.

We are beginning to reap the rewards of the seeds planted in prior writings of this nature.  More and more of you are awakening your inner perception and awareness, and are consciously connecting with we of the Higher (frequency and energy) realms.

We are grateful to those of you who have accepted this responsibility and who diligently persist in the face of doubt and distraction.  This can be a most challenging experience.

When you are on a deliberate path of liberating yourself from self-imposed limitations, there will almost always be deliberate adversarial attack upon yourself or upon those with whom you come into contact on a regular basis--such as family members, friends, and co-workers.  The challenge is to grow to the point of being able to recognize these adversarial distractions for what they are.  Once you can recognize them, you can overcome them--and not simply react to them.  It is the reacting which "feeds the fire" and only causes further distraction.

Never underestimate YOUR importance or the importance of the work that you either are doing or will do!  You each have a unique, God-given gift to share with the world, and the only thing that truly prevents you from realizing and actualizing this gift is your own inner denial of self.

Many of you have, usually through so-called "religious" indoctrination, accepted the belief that you are not worthy of God's direct attention or time.  If this were true, then He would not have created YOU in the first place!  You ARE worthy!  As far as "time" is concerned, God exists outside the limitations of "time".  He can easily "make" time for anyone or everyone as He so chooses.

You are each on a path of remembrance and return to Source.  The journey is an adventure in learning--and thus growth toward understanding the true nature of the God-force within EACH of you.  None is greater or lesser than another. KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE!

Some have simply put greater effort into facing their self-limiting beliefs and realized that those beliefs have no foundation in truth.  They have managed to set those limiting beliefs aside until such time as they have grown sufficiently in understanding that they can realize how it is that they could have held such limitations as truth in the first place.  This is to say that, if one so chooses, one can set aside a belief system, and thus explore from a different point of view or set of assumptions.

Sometimes it has been found that, by setting aside fears and limiting beliefs, one can "test" a new "reality" with greater freedom than if the person were to try to conquer all of the current beliefs and thoughts associated with each view of reality.

Let me use my scribe as an example.  He at one time had great difficulties in accepting reincarnation as a truth due to a fundamentalist "Christian" upbringing and subsequent negative beliefs on the subject.  He was being guided (though he did not realize it at the time) to read a book written about Edgar Cayce.  This book began to describe past lives and how they were influencing the present incarnation of people.  My scribe had then a strong, negative emotional reaction and put the book down, for he thought that he was somehow reading "evil" or "satanic" material.

We then worked with him, because he was truly seeking to understand his place in the world, and thus we were able to establish an inner connection.  Thoughts began to challenge his thinking like: "How do I know that this information is wrong?" and "Is it my belief or that of my mother?" and "Have I ever encountered any such information for myself?"

This went on for some time as a great inner battle raged between his Higher Knowing self and his ego reactionary self.  Finally this one decided that he would put aside his past beliefs "just" until he finished reading the book, so that he could make a more informed decision regarding the subject of reincarnation.  This represented a "safe" solution which kept his ego self constrained long enough for the information to be brought forth.

This one book, read WITHOUT prejudice, completely answered the major questions which my scribe was puzzling over at the time.  The adversary tried desperately so stop him, but he, with our help, was able to come to a "reasonable" solution and thus find the answers that he was looking for. He never went back to the "old" beliefs because the truth made SO MUCH more sense to him.

Many times, when we help you ones to find the answers you are looking for, we find you are so close to them that it nearly pains us to see you "miss" them--and this thus becomes our challenge.  We will always persist as long as the one seeking does not give-up the search.

Learn to recognize this sort of inner battle when it happens.  Learn to step outside of the reactionary feelings long enough to evaluate any "real" danger.  Ask yourself: "Is there any real danger in educating myself in an area that I have not yet investigated?"

For example, is there any real danger in postulating the following: "Let's assume, for just one week, that I am a worthy creation of God's desire, and it is MY right to communicate directly with Him, and He will respond to my heartfelt questions.  All I need to do is to be willing to receive and recognize His communication without prejudice or doubt."  You may be amazed at what takes place in the upcoming week, if you honestly set aside your prejudices and doubts!

Many of you have traversed this challenge with mixed results.  You have been trained to believe that only the most "holy" can achieve this communication.


Many of our best scribes have had quite diverse experiences that they would perhaps be ashamed to admit in public.  Neither we of the Hosts of God are interested in who you were, but rather are quite interested in who you ARE now and where you are heading tomorrow.

Allow for the adversarial intrusions.  Again: he will try to thwart your efforts any way that he can when you are on the path to self-liberation and self-actualization of your unique, God-given potential.  Though most of you see it not, the adversary KNOWS what difference one person can make, especially when he or she is connecting within to the infinite potential of the God Source.

Your experiences may get quite "bumpy" before all settles down into a state of "normalcy".  Your personal life may be turned upside-down and inside-out.  This testing is allowed; you will need these experiences to challenge you to remain centered and thus trust the validity and strength of your inner connection.  Remember that this is schoolroom Earth and you are all there exactly for these challenges, for the growth-through-strengthening that they offer.

Miracles DO happen when you have the determination to persist through any challenge with which you are faced.  The journey may take many a lifetime, but you start by taking the first step.

After the first day comes the next day; after the first week comes the next week.  Soon you will have years to look back upon, filled with may miraculous "coincidences" and "chance" happenings to remember and draw upon.  It is then that you will truly realize that we of the Hosts, and your personal Guides, are watching out for you and helping you whenever we are allowed--and that we always have been doing so.

YOU hold the key to your own salvation. "Christ" (Esu "Jesus" Immanuel) did not die for your sins; he lived so that you would have an example of the true nature of your being!  What he taught you, in terms of the Inner Potential of your being, should stand as a testimonial to all of you about where you each are heading.  As he did, so too shall you each do!  The length of "time" it takes depends upon you and the path you choose to take.  I can say that, if you remain in denial and fear, you will be longer in your "wanderings" from lifetime to lifetime.

For those of you who are already experiencing for yourselves the value of this sort of Direct Connection, I ask that you be persistent in strengthening your connection.  There are no absolutes in terms of your ability to connect or the strength of the connection.  Even the most experienced receivers would be wise to constantly effort towards strengthening their own inner connection.  This will, if nothing else, get you out of a condition of boredom or a sense of stagnation!

I am Lanto, come in service to OUR Creator, so that you each may have the confirmations and guidance for which you are asking.  Know that you are indeed on the path toward personal growth and inner reward.  Let not outer distractions dissuade you from your path.

In Light, blessings to you all!  Salu.







Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, May 19, 1998, Volume 20, Number 13, Pages 32-33.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.