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Good afternoon, my friend.  It is I, Lanto, "the sage".  I come as representative of the Yellow Ray of Creator's spectral expression.  You know me well.

My task at this time is one of inner communication.  This is to say that I am here to help you focus upon inner communication with self.

Many are looking for outward comforts to cause them to feel "happy".  There is no such external condition.  Happiness comes from within, just as does fulfillment, joy, or any of the other emotional states that you ones are fond of experiencing.

You ones will find great value in taking the time to quietly and honestly look within at self and see7self as you are this day.  What are those things that you dwell upon with great regularity?  Where do you focus your mental and emotional energy?  How do your actions reflect these preoccupations?  These are merely a few questions to help you focus upon what it is that you are creating as your "reality" of experience.

ALL are seeking an inner sense of fulfillment.  Yet, most are chasing after the external world for the5r fulfillment instead of pursuing their own inner world.  This will only serve to lead you down a lot of "dead-end" paths full of inner conflict and turmoil.

Keep in mind that you ones often need to experience, for yourselves, the process of searching--to the point of exhaustion.  Then it is often after you have exhausted every external path you can think of, that you get to the point of emotional exhaustion (desperation) which causes you to turn inward for your answers.

You do not need to go to such an extreme before you decide to go within and seek your answers.  You can do this at any time you may so choose.  Almost all of you who are reading this message are, in fact, following your inner Guidance to some degree.  But, most of you do not realize (recognize) that you can tap the inner world and get these same answers for yourself.

You ALL have this ability.  It begins by taking the time to formulate a heart-felt question about which you truly desire to know the answer.

Next, you simply allow the thoughts to come.  Usually the question will be answered with other questions.  For example, let us take the question: "Why am I so unhappy?"

Perhaps the next thought that comes is: "Well, why do I spend so much time worrying about being happy?" or "Well, what are the 'things' in my life that I can be thankful for?"  This is but an example to briefly illustrate my point.

Many of you are quite able to do this and most all of you have done this type of introspective questioning at one time or another.  But, most also fail to recognize the injection of "non-physical help" that is received while doing this.

Remember: "The call compels the answer!"  The answer is rarely in a form that you ones choose to recognize, for in the recognition comes responsibility that God has supplied you with the means to find the answer--and this, in turn, implies that you really have no excuse for wallowing in a state of "unhappiness" any longer.

If you have chosen ignorance as your excuse in the past, then from this point forward you will not be able to consciously claim this ever again without feeling the "lie" that you are trying to sell yourself.

I am merely pointing out the God-given mechanism by which you can find any answer that your heart desires.  Ah!  Here we have stated "your HEART desires".  What do I mean by "heart" desire?  What is it that YOUR heart truly desires?

True heart desire comes from your Higher Guiding Self.  This desire will always be of a nature that will have lasting (beyond the physical) value.  Those of you who spend excessive amounts of time and energy worrying about money, relationships, material success, and such, will eventually find that your physical desire is out of alignment with that of the Higher desire of the soul's knowing.  The physical "things" are at best lustful, ego-based desires and will have very little (almost none) lasting value in and of themselves.

Look closely at what it is that you regularly fixate your attention upon.  Many of you state outwardly general statements such as: "If only I had ____, then I would be happy or satisfied."  (You fill in the blank.)

I say to you here and now that you have ALL you need to feel completely satisfied and happy and connected.  If you but take the time to look and see, then you would know that (as I have just stated) TRUE happiness comes from within, as does TRUE satisfaction.

Now, another important point, related to what we have just discussed, is the following: You cannot be truly happy until you can learn to TRULY love yourself--and know that YOU have enormous value as a unique creation of God to contribute to the overall canvas of His magnificent expression.  You each have a purpose to fulfill that will benefit EVERY being EVERYWHERE!  None is lesser than another!

You will all, eventually, recognize that fact.  When?  That is up to you.  It is a matter of sequence of events.  As you grow in terms of lasting inner Knowing, you will naturally fulfill your unique Higher Purpose.  Everyone's reason for experiencing at this time is in some way related to ultimately fulfilling this Higher Purpose of understanding and contributing to the overall benefit of everyone, everywhere.

Seek within for your Guidance.  Trust that it is REAL and that it is QUITE valid.  You need not justify your Guidance to another, and what is "right" for you is not always "right" for another.  Don't insist that your Guidance is the "only way", for it is NOT!

Judge not one another.  You do not know another's agreements or prearranged role.  Perhaps your "nemesis" is a very caring friend who agreed to come into the physical and play the role of the "bad" guy so that YOU could have the perfect opportunity to grow.

On other levels of awareness, you each orchestrate with one another so as to maximize the overall growth potential of the experience.  Sound too outlandish for you?  Well, that's because it is outside of the "landish" (physical) experience that this sort of thing is orchestrated.  Learn to be inwardly thankful for ALL of the challenges that cross your path and you will be well upon your way to finding true inner happiness and fulfillment.

Patience and allowing for the greater picture to unfold, will help you to see the long-term value of that which I offer.  Within this writing are the basic tools about which you ALL need reminding, from time to time.  Many of you have been at points of emotional "desperation" and have found this inner Guidance to be of "last resort".  It should be the FIRST avenue taken, not the last.

With proper application and honing of these skills, you could become an inspiration and example for others to follow.  When the heart and the higher mind are in agreement with one another, you will find an unshakable peace and a profound sense of certainty that will eventually lead you to Infinite Knowing.

First, the proper steps must be taken.  You cannot find peace when there is inner conflict raging between the ego-self and the higher knowing being.

Do you ones think that Esu "Jesus" Immanuel did not consider the physical pain of the flesh prior to undertaking the task that he knew he had to do?  He did!  Was he frightened?  Yes, at first, but he also knew with his HEART what he had to do and he gave no power to do otherwise.  Let his life stand as an insightful example of inner versus outer values.

Please consider this message as a reminder to you, as to why you are where you are this day and why you feel the way you do.  Seek always within for the answers and you will find them.  And you will invariably find outward confirmations that will allow you to see that you are, indeed, upon the right path.  Call upon the Light for protection and an added level of insurance, else you will likely be tempted by the dark energies.

I am Lanto, Wayshower and Guide.  I am come as directed by OUR Father so that you all may have reminder of who you are and of the "tools" available to you each.

In Light, Blessings to you ALL!  Salu.