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Lanto, the Sage

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6/13/98   LANTO, THE SAGE


Greetings, my scribe.  It is I, Lanto, the Sage (one who has gained wisdom through experience).  I come in and of the One Light of Creator God.  I am most closely associated with the physical harmonic frequency of the color yellow, though I am hardly limited to any one vibrational frequency in any one realm.  We are all created in the image of Creator's broad spectral expression and thus are limitless beings.  Be at peace, for you know me well.

I have come as directed by Our Father, The One Light, so that His promise to your world will be fulfilled, and so that you ones may have insight into that which is fast approaching into your reality of experience.

Know that there is balance in all of Creator's thought projections.  Even the most seemingly horrible of events have reason for occurring, whether or not you can see the Greater Wisdom unfolding before you.

Your planet as a whole is in a state of great unbalance.  There are many reasons for this condition, and perhaps the greatest one reason is because you, the inhabitants of Earth-Shan, have not stood up and exercised your God-given right to demand accountability from the so-called rulers of your planet.

How, you may be asking, has this come to be?

This has come about mostly through self-ignorance of the masses, but also through deliberate and calculated manipulation throughout the past several thousand years.  What you are now experiencing is the sum total of your planetary populations' refusal to awaken to a greater awareness of the God-self within each.  This awareness includes the realization that you are each responsible, both as individuals and as a planetary species, for the kind of energy you allow to propagate from within you, and subsequently contribute to the total consciousness of your world.

The lack of conscious attunement to balance creates a "polar" charge in terms of energy flow.  This is because every mis-guided step in the "wrong" direction necessarily generates a counter-pressure toward a condition of balance.

There are several ways in which to rebalance this "polar" charge.  The preferred method would be to come back into balance by systematically relieving the "pressure" by allowing TRUE knowledge to flow into the world.

Many of your so-called elite controllers have hidden truths and subsequent technologies from you-the-people.  These gifts were originally meant to liberate your planet from the need to RAPE her of her natural resources, which would eventually lead your planet towards a greater freedom.

Ones such as Nikola Tesla were sent to bring you the fundamentals of "free energy" that would put a halt to the world's pollution, starvation, and eventually your preoccupation with materialism.  This technology was severely suppressed by the greedy power-brokers who would not look past their personal agenda, to allow a greater recognition of the true evolutionary importance of such gifts.  It was (and still is) equally suppressed by the ignorance and lack of forthright demands by the general public to insist that this type of evolutionary technology be exploited and utilized.

The masses were kept in the dark for the most part, and believed the half-truths and lies which their news-media sources told them to believe.  Not much has changed and the masses are still influenced and controlled as they have been for quite some time.

But what about YOU?  Here I am referring to anyone and everyone reading this.  What have YOU done to demand that a greater Light shine upon, and thus expose, such atrocities?

For the most part, the average reader of these messages has done little more than get themselves upset.  Some of you have researched a little to see if there is anything to this free-energy "stuff".  But beyond that, what have you done?

Have you written your Congressmen with an intelligent letter containing documentation and proof?  Have you gone to your news-media sources with the same documentation and proof?  My point here is simply that, though there are a few who do all of these things, most of you have done nothing-to-very-little to change the prevailing shackles of control.

Why?  FEAR!

This is the major reason why your world is in need of such great awakening experiences.  The average person does little-to-nothing to demand that true KNOWLEDGE, which has been gifted to this planet, be shared.  When the preoccupations of living change from where to get one's nails done or what the latest basketball scores are, to where the next meal is coming from--then there will be a desire to overcome your fears and take meaningful action!

There are MANY military men out there who are sworn to "secrecy" as to the existence of various technologies that could be utilized in such manners as to provide the necessary resources to, for instance, water in deserts and thus feed your starving world.  These ones are usually chosen after extensive psychological testing exactly because of their ability to be manipulated and controlled.  These ones are nearly incapable of formulating an independent thought for themselves, and thus you have the source of the phrase "good men who do NOTHING".

When your world is faced with the great needs of survival of you species, these ones and YOU ones will be forced (from your own inner desire to survive) to take action.  The ones with the knowledge will realize that there is a greater need and use for the "secret" technologies.

Many will proclaim, in ignorance, that God is somehow punishing them.  This, again, is so that they will not have to face responsibility for their own actions and in-actions.  All who are reading this, even if you are Ground Crew, have contributed in some way to the current conditions of your planet and thus you have a "need" to experience the balancing effects of Universal Law.

These forthcoming events, about which I speak, will be in ALL areas of physical importance in the stock markets or other financial arenas, your "nightmare" will be the collapse and subsequent shift in the value system of your world.  When a loaf of bread fetches more than a hundred pounds of gold, you will be caused to go within and question your personal values.

For those of you who place great value upon physical things, such as houses, cars, and the latest clothing styles, you will be caused to search within when the massive Earth-changes destroy the stick houses and factories which manufacture your material goods.  You will experience, perhaps for the first time, the inner beauty of ones who offer to assist you in your time of need, no matter how dirty or disheveled they may be.

There will not be any place on your globe that will not be affected by this great rebalancing cycle.  All who survive will have been caused to look within and ask for Guidance.  There shall be the Guidance and there shall be a great resurgence of inner connectedness to that Guidance.

Ones will put aside their differences and recognize the value of community sharing.  No one will be able to survive for very long in the physical without the assistance of a community effort.

Great intellectual "wizards" who are used to their luxurious lifestyles will become the students of the pauper who have lived homeless for years and knows how to survive.  The net effect upon your world will be a great resurgence back into that which has TRUE value--the inner world wherein all is connected to ALL.  Each person will realize that there is great value in sharing with everyone the gifts they possess, for in doing so all will prosper in many ways--physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Will the economy collapse before the great earthquakes commence?


Will the nuclear wars start before the planet enters into the full effects of the Photon Belt?

These questions can only be answered in terms of probabilities.  There are many possible scenarios and you would be wise to prepare for each as if they were going to happen tomorrow.

I am not here to be a fortune-teller; I am here as a Teacher and Guide.  Can your parents possibly prepare you for all of the possible scenarios that you could encounter during your lifetime?  No!  But they can give you enough information (tools) so that you can prepare in general ways so as to be able to come to your own answers when a challenge arises.

God has sent we of the Hosts to help those of you who so desire the help, so that you may have the Guidance necessary in order to prepare.  The net effect of the coming major experiences will be of great positive value--in terms of the TRUE inner values that really matter!  Let it be known that very few at this time give much thought to these inner values.  But they WILL!

Prepare yourselves with those things that will aid in your physical survival.  If you have prepared for yourself and your family, and you have the means to do so, help another to prepare who may not be as able, such as an elderly neighbor.

There are many things that may be of individual value.  You each should go within and listen to what your Guides are telling you. Perhaps an axe or a chain saw or even an oxyacetylene torch will be on YOUR list.  There are many devices which may help you rescue someone who may eventually return the favor and save YOUR life with the skills or knowledge that they possess.

I am Lanto, the Sage.  I come as Guide and Teacher to any who wish to hear.  I come within the One Light of Creator Source.

The final clarion is ringing and will continue to do so from here on out!  How will you respond to the call?





Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, June 16, 1998, Volume 21, Number 4, Pages 42-43.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.