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St. Germain: A Plea To Light Workers

Channeled Through Jeannie Weyrick

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pt as truth. Your beliefs are all important. They are the guiding tools through which you experience and create life on the Earth.

For thousands of years man has suffered under illusions and delusions of fearful beliefs and misunderstandings. Some were created intentionally to control other people, (the concepts of hell, a devil, demons, evil forces...) and some were born out of misunderstood experiences, but all are false and they are the bases of what continues to hold the Earth under such oppression and separation from God and your Families of Light in the higher dimensions... Home.

In many cases what the Light Workers are teaching is no better than, and in some cases worse than the fear based beliefs of traditional religions. Fear based misunderstandings and superstitions from times past are still being repeated and taught as truth today. They are being reinforced instead of overcome!

It is time to go beyond fear based belief in evil forces and negative entities, being vulnerable to outside beings, whether you perceive them as disincarnate entities or aliens; and the Higher Self being anything but whole and untouchable in the Light.

It is time to go beyond the fascination with the trauma and drama of beliefs in devastating Earth Changes, governmental conspiracies, and alien abductions. These things are illusions and misunderstood experiences, reinforced by people believing them, repeating them, and trying to convince other people that they are real. As good intentioned as people are who teach these things, they are holding the Earth back from moving fully out of fear and illusion and into the Light of greater understanding.

It is time to teach unconditional Love and Power. Love and Power of God, of your Family of Light: Angels, Spirit Guides (by whatever name or perception you have), and unconditional Love and Power of your Higher Selves. It is time to understand that the Higher Self has God Realization and complete energetic and conscious connection with its incarnations on the Earth and beyond, and is in complete control of who you interact with, both consciously and energetically, on every plane of existence. You are Safe! Even if you cannot go beyond the misconception that there are "negative beings" out there yet, know that you are safe through your Higher Self, your Guides of Light and God!

If a teaching is fear based, if it does not teach unconditional Love and self empowerment then it is shrouded in man's illusions and accepted false beliefs. Please be discerning and committed to going beyond such beliefs and to teaching and living only the highest God Truths. The Light Workers are needed to show the way now. Please don't hinder the path of Light by blindly accepting previously held fear based beliefs. It is time to put them away and be a shining example of the Light! Dare to accept the unconditional Love of God, the safe and beautiful multidimensional environment that you exist in, and the Power and Love of your Higher Self. You are all beautiful Beings of Light and it is time to fully realize and live that upon the Earth! St. Germain

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real