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Arch Angel Gabriel: Turning The Tide

Transmission by Isaac George

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the face of the Earth, and through the hearts and souls of all humanity, and in each heart the question is asked: “Are you ready for liberation?” Are you feeling the joy that is in this question? If so, you may notice how you are no longer focused on potential futures, or the weight of the past.

In this past week a shift of significant proportions took place. As a result, some of the momentum of the collective shadow agenda has been diverted and neutralized. The shift was quantum and quite subtle at the same time. The above question was at the heart of the shift. You see, each and every one of you that have ended your cycles of ignorance and awakened has a powerful effect on yourself and the collective. If you have found yourselves of late wondering what you are supposed to do now, or whether you feel like putting forth any effort at all, it is because you allowed the manufactured doubt and anxiety into your fields so that you could see how powerful you actually are. When you allow your thoughts to follow doubt and anxiety, you create more…? There is a paradox in that statement, and it is the paradox of being and doing. So, while you were wondering what to do, there was, paradoxically, nothing to do. Nothing. And when you felt blocked or impeded, you are… blocking and impeding. You have been shedding many skins, one of which is the mind compulsion to DO SOMETHING, and so you are truly experiencing…nothing.

This nothingness was first interpreted as, “Oh no! The Dark Forces are winning!” If there is still an investment in polarity mind games, this serves to “explain” all sorts of mental and emotional reactions to the overall collective mental condition, which is to say, insane. “Certainly”, you reason, “there seems to be something that needs to happen in my life right now to let me know that I will be OK, that my loved ones will be OK, that the Planet will be OK, and that the “badness” will not be OK.” Just more of the same insanity you see, because you are taking what is happening and internalizing it as something you are personally responsible for. Only the ego part of you is capable of this.

As many of you have noticed, there are thousands of words trying to describe the current conditions, and even though We offer more words, the desire is to offer a feeling, a different interpretation. First, it is important to hear, as well as sense, the essential OK’ness of everything at the very moment you are reading this. Now, please take note of where you are tight in your body, and take this moment to turn up your Light in those places. Since each and every one of You is a powerful transmitter, whatever you are holding in consciousness is present in your fields and your body. For example, if you are worried about the possibility of a war in Iraq, then you will immediately invite that war, and the resistance to that war, into your fields and body. If, however, you were to choose to emanate your Essence, which is Love, then you would not only NOT feel war inside of you, you would also be withdrawing your energy from the Polarity of War on the Planet. This fact of collective consciousness cannot be emphasized enough. Nor can We marginalize the power of Your thoughts, for they are part of the Everything that is unfolding. Only You can choose the direction (intention) inside of the Self that you are. If you choose your own Peace, your own Stillness, your own Sourceness, then what is fear? In short, what is Your Intention?

That is why we can say to you, the tide is turning. The tide has turned. You may ask, “why?” To your eyes and ears, and to your busy mind, it seems as if the mental illness in the collective is getting worse, not better. Remember the power of thought, and the laws of Polarity! What goes up, must come down. What goes around, comes around, etc., etc. The collective asylum is responding to the question. Does it choose liberation? More accurately, will it choose liberation? Is the vast majority of humanity ready to accept that what it is being faced with now is NOT liberating, nor happy. Is it desiring and capable of choosing differently?

To admit that there is something fundamentally unworkable within the mindset would, of course, cause a severe dislocation from the cherished attachments to “the way it is.” The collective is invested in “never mind if it is causing me to suffer, this is the way it must be!” So, the waves of Love are washing and swirling, asking, and pushing, pushing, and pushing! Make the choice! Choose Your Self. Choose Love. Choose sanity, for Your sake, and for God’s sake!

At the same time, this pushing has revealed to the shadow within and without that there is a fatal flaw in their plans. Due to the inherent laws of polarity, they have sown the seeds of their own dissolution through their intent. You see, ignorance has many levels to manifest on, and the results in the world of form are unavoidable, hence the reason for the senselessness that “apparently” holds sway.

Since the acceleration continues to build (that which feels like time speeding up), the “anti-Christ” or “anti-Life” energy is going to unravel swiftly. The next wave of awakening is beginning to manifest within humanity, and as it does the natural instinct to LIVE is beginning to be felt all around the globe. As this momentum builds, the right words, the right actions, and the right results will arise and manifest out of the purity of the heart. The tide is turning and the tide has turned.

It is in your grasp, all of it. There are no requirements. From one perspective, We observe that you are all in a race versus Time. You all sense, every player on the stage, that this IS the big moment, RIGHT NOW! And, in a sense, you are correct. The Planet and the Time Lords have a date with the Divine Plan. The clocks are ticking. Please, there is still plenty of time showing, and it does not require you to panic or fret. However, the sense of impendingness is Your Self asking you, “are you ready for liberation?”

There is a practice that is recommended for assisting you to disengage from the collective dramas, and also all of the various “stories” floating around concerning this or that “end of the world as you know it” scenario. It is also recommended that You notice how much of that is also a distraction designed to agitate. Sort of an astral version of the Fox News Network. The first form is to always ask, “does it liberate?” In other words, how is a new piece of “news” received? Do you go into worry or fear? Do you wonder if there is something you are missing out on, or that you will be “left behind?” Are you annoyed or irritated? Does your mind go into judgment and heavy evaluation, or even into obsessing with conspiracies? Maybe you are not with the “right” group? If this is happening, stop and sense your breathing and your posture. The next step is to re-center and activate your Essence through the heart. Breath in the polarized mental chaff, and breath out a blessing and release it. Then, forget it and continue with whatever you were being or doing before. If you experience any residue later, use the breath and focus on your beauty. Say, “I Am Beauty”, or “I Am Being silly.” Have a good chuckle at what your mind just did.

When you move into this space of Self, where the tide is beginning to turn, you may choose to use another form that will assist You in re-memebering your Sovereign Nature. It is called Renunciation. Renunciation has a rather charged association. In strict religious orders it implies a denial of something. In actuality it is affirmation of the inherent dominion of the Self in relationship to all temporal conditions. To renounce sex is one thing. To take a vow against sex is something altogether quite different. The former is a voluntary letting go of a condition, thought or thing that is no longer desired or needed. The latter is a resistant promise to avoid a certain condition, thought, or thing. The former frees you, the latter binds you. So, when you sense anxiousness or irritation, witness the condition first, and see where it takes you. Then, gently say, “I renounce this anxiety.” Notice what occurs in the body. Then, follow with a deep breath in, and release a blessing of peace on the outward breath. Note the body energy again. Each time you choose to react to these fleeting conditions of your experience from the mind, you will only get more of it. Each time you respond from the Essence of Your Heart, you will become expanded. Try it, you’ll like it. (smile).

From this place your “doing” will be as natural as the outbreath. Some of the forms this might take could be to organize protests, or circulate petitions, or refuse to fund warlike behaviors. The structures within support or endorse the structures without! Your intention is more important than your thoughts. Your relaxing and becoming the instrument of true peace is more empowering than seeking to unveil the villains. As the Master taught, “Who of you, by giving thought to it, can add one moment to your days?” Words to ponder beloveds, be-cause when you are in Your Essence, you of yourself do nothing! Listen to Your Essence and follow it effortlessly, and you will understand that “plans” are just interference and confusion. (Notice what your mind did with that statement.)

For the tide to become a tidal wave does truly begin with you. You are the difference. You will become a tsunami of compassion. As each point of consciousness chooses its own personal liberation, then the whole of humanity is restored to health. This is the service then; to be awareness in the ignorance, to be compassion in the despair, to be abundance in the poverty, to be a witness in the suffering, to be a calm in the storm, to be Love in the fear. As each droplet of water wears down the mountain, so will You all wear out the tyranny of the old world, and proclaim the Day of Liberation…each and every moment you breathe! Be the tide and swamp the Earth in Your Love! Peace be in You, as You are in God. I Am Gabriel. We are complete.

End Transmission

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