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AA Gabriel: Planetary Cosmic Consciousness

By canalizado por Ramathis-Mam

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a sequence of interdimensional messages, the spiritual world has given me the task of developing a topic for the well-being, benefit and guidence of all those that come into this cybernetic light space that we have reserved within this website.

Obviously, we, the angelic world, play an important role in the plot of evolution, taking into account that we are like depositors, connectors and retransmitters so that the frequency of light of the causal and bioenergetic body of the Earth can fit into the new situation. Another part of our job and responsibility is the matrices of light that sustain your cells, molecules, atoms particles of waves and holograms. Even though there are different ranks in the world of the angels, we have basically worked as protectors, guides and advisors, but our job is wider and diverse. This cosmic moment that you are going through, is our great responsibility, in conjunction with other Cosmic Beings to anchor the new Aquarian Flames so that your process of evolution and Christic Beings can evolve towards a platform of superior existence.

Our special mission is to redimensionize all the geophysical, magnetic and vibratory structures of your planet in the next years. To do this we must modify the matrices and hologram of the Earth. We, the angels, as cosmic consciousnesses are careful that this process happens as accurately, methodolically, fast and successfully as possible and that is why you are receiving in your minds and hearts more energy impactation that generates an apparent uncomfortableness, anguish, anxiety and emptiness. Why are you experiencing these effects on the increase? Because the new Aquarian patterns of cosmic evolution are being injected and awakened in your inferior bodies, they are dusting off your primordial angelic body of light. It is as if a new being were manifestiing in you with so much power, force, wisdom and intensity that sometimes it feels like a you were coming out of your body, like you cannot contain your energy. This is the Christic Body of the fourth dimension that is in the process of gestation. It is developing in your spiritual genes and connecting with the physical body producing all kinds of physical dysfunctions in your organism.

We as lovers of divine geometry, among other things, and responsible for the creation of the geometric, rhythmic and dynamic structures of planetary and biological holograms are activating through the spheres of light the tri-flame and the Maxim Light, the process of evolution of the Earth and human beings. There are some specific points that are being activated and anchoring the spheres of angelic light with our energy and vibratory codes. They are being coded through millions of spheres that are sustaining the virtual replica of the Earth in the fourth dimension. We are the depositaries of the matrices of light on Earth and we are interconnected through its causal field and nucleus of living light or planetary hologram that through the Planetary Logos of Planetary Christ is supervising and is responsible for its process of evolution.

>From now on, as a human collective more and more with time you will be under the strong cosmic radiation and it is important that you seek to align yourselves with the spheres that we are anchoring so you can receive and activate your new genetic code of the fourth dimension. We as suspervisors, guides and designers of the inferior worlds are in charge of integrating the vibratory frequencies of the Christic, angelic and consciousness of evolution to the networks of food, eco-system and living organisms. From the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional realms and through the planetary consciousness of the Logos, we are injecting new patterns of light that will allow you to get closer to, redimension and widen your light bodies and holograms. We also work from the archetypical forms and then latter on we project and densify it until it takes form in the most dense dimensions of your organism and dimensional realm.

Each and everyone of you from this moment on can request to be connected with one of these spheres of angelic light that we are anchoring by just vibrating the mental code OMAKOR-63321. This will connect you with our spaceships that will connect you with the spheres of pure silver light that are being activated over the causal space and electromagnetism of the Earth. You can visualize yourself connecting with the Central Directing Process of Anchoring through the vibration mentioned above and then invoke the Hierarch in charge of all this process, Metatron Elohim. Then you will request for one of these spheres of the color that you determine to descend and penetrate through you through your crown chakra flooding you with its color. Then you will throw this energy to the Earth and from there to the universe. This is the most direct form of receiving the new vibratory frequency of the Earth and making our job of activation a mutual process if you participate actively.

As you can see, we are encouraging you to involve yourself actively in the process of mutation and leap of planetary evolution. That way you will feel closer to, akin to and sensitive to the Earth. She in turn will send the restructurings of all the alterations that could be in your inferior bodies. Because the key and secret to all disease is: if you do not encode in the vibratory frequency of the Earth, you will enter in conflict and this will affect your physical biology, psyche and emotions, when you align with the Earth you will receive the discharge and redimensioning of the impurities that you could have in your body.

The goal of all of these guidelines and suggestions is to increase your introspection, awareness, perception, sensitivity and mental and energetic purging. Because you are too accostumed to paying attention to your exterior world and not your interior one and that is where you will find the truth, key and mission in your life as a being of light in a state of recovery in evolution. The laws of evolution of life have always existed, but due to your rebellious nature, pride, rancor, violence and other slaves of the ego they have made you violate the laws. This mistake has left a deep mark in your energetic and causal bodies that for thousands of years have maintained you trapped in a spiral of suffering, pain and constant rectification. It has all been a product of mismanagement, poor information and poor use of the power, knowledge and intelligence that you have developed and now you have to rectify all the damage that you have caused. And I, as the messenger and spokesperson for the spiritual world say that now is the time to do it through selfless service, unconditional, fraternal and solidary love and the wisdom that you have accumulated during this whole sequence of evolution. Even if you try to ignore what we are saying, it will not do you any good since your load of conscious light is demanding a superior more refined and harmonious projection than the one you presently have. This is not the time to continue anchored in old patterns of primitive conduct because this will mean a great set back that you will latter on lament and that your Higher Self will demand of each one of you.

You are at a critical point of quantitive and qualitive leap and you should not waste this great opportunity that you are being given and we, the angelic legions with all our power, knowledge, wisdom, light and love are here to help you. The cosmic-planetary consciousness is something that is unevitable because it forms part of your physical and spiritual genetics and as cosmic engineers, protectors and designers of life in the worlds of evolution, we have the great responsibility of executing and implanting this as a universal reality. We have been with you during thousands of years observing, guiding and inspiring you so that you could understand the purpose of your existence in this tridimensional realm and how to be victorious with your acheivement of evolution as beings of conscious light vibrating constantly in the frequency of fraternal, unconditional and divine love. Each and everyone of you is dearly loved by us because you have been our responsibility, we have monitored and mentored you, what the Great Lords of the Universe considered an experiment in evolution of the worlds of karmic rectification. Now we are personally here communicating with all of you through diverse forms of communication and channels because we want you to be conscious of this important and gran moment that you are going through. Elevate your consciousness towards your inner Self and understand that the universe and the Great Cosmic Mind or Infinite God is showering all His Love, Compassion and Comprehension over you.

Every time you create a little light in you through virtuous, constructive, and sensitive acts towards your peers, eco-system and planet, you are awakening the Face of the Divine Angel that is hidden under the mask of ego, hate, resentment, jealousy, dissention and violence that have stuck to you. Each time more the spheres of angelic light are invading the whole electromagnetic and causal field of the Earth and each one of you are linked to one of these fields. Your Higher Self knows perfectly well that when you tune in, request, and invoke the spheres you will be transported, nourished and influence by it. This is the message:

- "Request the anchoring of your personal corresponding sphere and fuse it with the Great Planetary Sphere that the Great Planetary Logos is containing and supervising."

Beloved divine shinning lights, Gabriel only wants your life to be full of love, peace, serenity, properity and happiness. That is why I am here inspiring you with the transmission of this message of unconditional and fraternal love. Claim your place in this planetary concert of transformation and you will know what it means to be a cocreating and executing angel of the divine plan in a link of light, creativity and universal light. Until the next time, Gabriel, your friend.

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