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Mainstream media won’t, but you can

John Henry Western

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Will you step up and do what others won't?

Can you believe it? 2021 is almost over, and what a year it has been! I want to share with you this year’s top stories, but first…  

Our year-end Christmas fundraising campaign launched this past week, and your support is what makes our work possible. This is by far the most important fundraiser of the year for our organization, and we must raise a record goal of $750,000 by December 24th this year to fulfill our critically needed life, family and freedom defending plans for 2022.  

All indications are that there has never been a year in our lifetimes like the one we will be facing starting in January, and therefore there has never been a year when LifeSite will be so greatly needed. 

Please click here to donate, every little bit counts: 

2021 saw a global effort to force the experimental and now known to be historically most  dangerous and generally unnecessary “vaccines” ever on everyone, even as young as 5 years old. The future of some countries appears bleak, while for others, only time and the resistance of its citizens, will tell. 

We remain deeply concerned year after year by the advancement of ideologies opposed to the sanctity of life and the family – and 2021 set the bar to a new height of concern!  

But in the midst of a future that may seem worrisome and dreary, we aim to provide news that you can trust and rely on to present the truth. We work day in and day out to ensure that our reports are reliable, clear and honest, and that you receive the news you simply cannot find anywhere else. 

Another important reason I am asking for your support today is because of the incredible difference in the quality of content we can now provide because of the latest expansion of our video department and studio! 

We’ve been able to host exceptionally informative conferences, live-stream critical breaking stories, and provide in-depth human-interest stories like never before! We have plans for an even greater expansion of our studio, adding a newsroom set for more regular video reporting, as well as office space for our growing staff!  

Our dedicated team of video journalists and staff have truly helped take our news reporting to a new level, as you have noticed in the past few months of reading our news.  

Consider some of these important developments that have happened this past year: