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SOTN: HUGE Window of Opportunity Opens for Humanity on Nov. 18/19 thru Dec. 4th!


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Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Truly, the heavens are conspiring in a very benevolent way to assist with the liberation of all of humanity from the age-old tyranny that has ruled planet Earth for millennia.

In astrology, the eclipse of a major luminary such as the sun or the moon is known as a period of revelation and uncovering of the truth.

First, the eclipsed luminary is obscured by another heavenly body from the viewpoint of Earth; then, the same celestial body is soon uncovered.

The symbolic meaning of this soul-stirring event is this: secrets will soon be revealed, mysteries solved, crimes exposed and/or highly privileged information disclosed.

This period from November 18th through and immediately following December 4th will be a time when the remaining pieces of the Covid puzzle will be put into their proper place.  And, on both a larger scale, the heretofore enigmas and conundrums of life will finally be resolved.

Therefore, the divine timing of this time particular period is quite pregnant with positive potential for favorable change.  Nothing short of a metamorphosis of the entire planetary civilization is in the offing.

However, the degree of positive transformation that will be effectuated in the wake of these eclipses is a function of one variable more than any other.  The more human beings that faithfully and prayerfully participate during the spiritual observance of these eclipses the greater the outcome for humankind.

There are many ways to do this and each individual is called upon to propitiate their God/Goddess however they are most inclined.  For the auspiciousness of this cosmic light show in the vault of heaven will reflect the collective heartfelt intentions and hidden motives of every person on the planet.

Hence, the more residents of planet Earth who cooperate with the sublime energies and sacred frequencies that are soon to be beamed throughout the firmament, the more auspicious the outcomes will be.

For example, perhaps the manmade Covid Plandemic will collapse under the sheer weight of maintaining such a convoluted global hoax and complex cover-up.  Will the cover-up simply become untenable in the face of so much truth being exposed day and night?!

The Eclipses

First, there is an “almost total” lunar eclipse on November 18/19 which will then be followed by a solar eclipse on December 4, 2021.

The first celestial light and shadow show takes place today with great fanfare because of the following quite distinguishing data point.

The Beaver Moon partial lunar eclipse on Nov. 19


will be the longest of the century.

Here are its stages explained.

LUNAR ECLIPSE on November 18 & 19, 2021:

Eclipses almost always occur in pairs and the second one is a solar eclipse that will transpire on December 4th.

SOLAR ECLIPSE on December 4, 2021:

Path and Visibility — December 4, 2021 Total Solar Eclipse

Now, EVERYONE, get ready for the most captivating and transformative series of catalytic events ever, where every one of us gets to play our own unique part in the upcoming “Greatest Show on Earth”.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

November 18, 32021