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I greet all Lightworkers and souled ones upon Shan, Planet of Tears.   I have called Anne to pen a message to all of you at this most crucial time.   Why said thus?  It is because of the raging hordes of evil spirits being housed in ones of Earth that have to leave their glorious home provided for their very comfort for millennia.   I am not trying to be facetious or angry at penning this message, but what I have to say is very important to all Lightworkers and even to you slumbering ones.

I spoke to Anne with straight forward words, as I told her that even though she longs for lift-off, as do many of you of Sananda’s Flock, that all of you are to stay focused and to the task for which you assigned for yourselves. Remember you are either going UP the ladder of enlightenment or DOWN!  There is no in-be-tween.  Where are each of you enlightened ones at this time?  The lessons get harder just like school! 

My words to Anne was that the messages that we of the Lighted Realms are having her pen are most important at this time. They have opened the door to the Journals, whom many think are trash and too old to be of any value.   That is why we have, with her permission, given current message to all to bolster your courage to read the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms, which can help you in a time of need, and to keep you all on the Red Road of Truth.

Lift-off at this time is one thing that would be like a feast to the Dark Ones, for they are in rage and losing their home.  They are attacking all the starships that are waiting for evacuation.  On front of these starships are all the Arch Angels of Heaven to battle these hordes.  Never before has it been so difficult to evacuate a planet, and I tell you the Earth is the hardest one we have EVER evacuated in all the millions of planets that have graduated into a higher dimension.

We do not want any harm done to those who would step into our beam to safety.  For that, we shall fight and win this battle and any evacuation shall be in complete safety.  Guarantied!

Where to YOU stand at this time?  I am speaking to the enlightened ones at this time.  Have you been kind and loving to those living with you?   Have you included them in activities that you do rather than by yourself?  Have you treated each other with respect and dignity and made them feel like they are not worthy of your company? Has your behavior with those you live with appropriate?  Have you spent individual time reading and meditating?  Have you prayed for Mother Earth and the travail under which she is going at this present time? Am I sounding harsh?  Maybe so, but this message I am given you is important!

Just remember, that every thought, every action that you do while in your earthly flesh is recorded in the Akashic Records, and you shall judge your self against what you have done in accordance to the Laws of God and Creation before you graduate.

If my words mean anything, each one of you look at yourself in the mirror and ask those stinging questions.  Of course, there are ones to whom you have spoken the Truth that have rejected it.  If that is the case, you must let them go on their own pathway. That does NOT mean that you shun them, but that you love them even more, for the answer to all is LOVE and Forgiveness.

What did Sananda do?  He told the Truth and treated others with respect.  At certain times he spoke to the Pharisee and Scribes to refute their lies about him and let them go on their own path.   

Is it any different today?  Let me tell you this.  Whom do you think reincarnated into your evil government?  What?  You do not know?  Well I tell you that it is those same Scribes and Pharisees that make up the evil government you have at this present time.  They attack Christianity and “Jesus” and have done acts treason. However,  their real goal behind the scene is you enlightened ones!  That is the prize for which they long for in attacking you to snare you to their doom.  They have almost won! 

What?  Yes, they have almost won!  Most of the souled ones upon your planet are still asleep.  Only a very few have awakened, and can be compared as a tiny drop of the ocean of souled ones.  That is why these messages are so important to awaken you still sleeping ones.

Right now, there are tiny sparks of life I see in ones that have opened their eyes a wee bit. Each of you enlightened ones must add these ones to your prayers, even if you do not know them, and to petition they do not return slumber but fan that spark to Truth.

The struggle, the lessons, get harder as the end of this civilization approaches, for the hours and days are but few left before Earth moves to a higher dimension where no evil can exist.

Take the hand offered to you to walk these last steps to glory.  Pray for Mother Earth, for those living with you, and also that this great battle of evil against good that is raging in the ethers, as well on Earth, to be won quickly by the Light.

Stay focused! Stay in LOVE and Forgiveness for those around you.    You can do anything with that Great God Spirit within, and take our hand of help on your path’

My message to day may sound harsh, but it is because I love you with a great love.  Know that in your heart!









 I greet all of you souled and especially those, who have found the Truth, Sananda’s Flock.  I am pleased to find that more ones have awakened to the Truth, as these recent messages from the Lighted Realms have made a difference in that they have made the Journals come more alive and meaningful to many.  Too often people of the Earth think that time has something to do with a given message.   It is not so! 

What the Journals tell you is how to live the kind of life that which you came back to do.  The only thing that many have looked at is the date that the incidents of that day happened.  That is because it is a Journal of events of those days which are no different than today. 

If you look at this website, it tells you through the articles posted what is and has happened to wake you up!  It can compared to the Journals in the manner that it is a daily record of events, just like the Journals.  The events at this time are horrendous, in comparison to those when the Journals were given to you.

The main thrust of the Journals is to awaken you to the Truth.  For instance, Journal 2 tells the TRUTH about Sananda, who was wrongly named “Jesus. The Son of God”.  Nor did he die on the cross.  All these Journals set the Truth straight to confute the lies of Satan’s Warbook, the Bible!

They contain the most valuable messages from those of the Lighted Realms to help you along your pathway.  They, also, give you the real Truth about reincarnation, starships, life of “Jesus”, and to tell you about the lies you have been told all your 3D life.  They, also, give you information about the turning of Mother Earth on her axis at the end of a civilization. 

I mention the greatest Journal ever written!  It is Journal 27 which gives the Laws of God and Creation.  You shall be responsible at your physical passing to judge yourself against how well you have kept these Laws. 

Take Journal 7 for instance.  This great Journal comprises the lessons from the great Cohans to help you live your life according to the Lighted Realms and to guide you along your pathway.  When reincarnating upon a 3D planet you came with no memory of who you are and that you came from the Lighted Realms.  All of you are returned Masters and ever much greater.  You all agreed to return to this 3D evil world to help Mother Earth and to, also, gain great soul growth.

The greatest factor and most important one to remember is that you have your freewill. You are not puppets on a string of God but you have your freewill to do as you wish.  You see, Creator wishes you to choose to be as one with Creation, and not controlled puppet on “strings”.

What has happened upon your orb is that the evil Satanic forces have grabbed the main control and have taken over with trying to take every souled one to where he is going, and that is to the endless VOID.  They have manipulated you souled ones of your mind, body and spirit, and have almost won.

You must remember, even you sleeping ones, that you have the greater power WITHIN to defeat the evil on all fronts.  You have your  Great God Spirit to create that which can conquer all evil.   Again, I say, you have your power within to create!  Satan and his minions CANNOT create.  They can only pull you away from your power and have YOU willingly give them all they wish.

Do not throw the Journals away as trash, for you all will have to stand before God and judge yourself.

I commend the Lightworkers who have awakened to the Truth.  The path to the Light is not easy, but all of the Lighted Realms have helped you along the pathway as you have asked us to do so. 

There is still a short time before you still unawakened ones can open you eyes, but not long.  Awaken!  Call upon all of us to help.








SANANA KUMARA:  Greetings to all you Earth people.  I AM SANAT KUMARA OF THE SILVER REAY THE FIRST-BORN SON OF CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN.  I am a Teacher along side of the Great Teacher, Sananda of the Magnificent Seven Cohans you read about in Phoenix Journal 7.

 As you know, Creator God Hatonn/Aton had 66,000 lifestreams up your orb. I too, have had many lifestreams upon Earth, as have many of you.   In the Lighted Realms there is no distinction of grandeur or anyone any better than another.  It is only based upon the soul growth that each of you have attained by many life-streams and hard work. 

For the first time in many long years, I have requested a message be sent to the Earth people.  I include all of those, who have found the Truth, but also, to all souled ones, still in slumber and have not awakened to their great mission.

I wrote a message which is in the Phoenix Journal 7, Rainbow Masters.  It would be helpful for you to read or re-read again what I said. 

 I am much like Hatonn in that I shall speak clearly, candidly and straight to the point of this message.  I will not “butter-up” this message for the time of tis civilization is at its end.  This is the time of which many Star Nations have awaited.  They have been in position for this great event since the mid-20th century of your time.

Earth is ready to graduate to a higher dimension and shall shine like a sun.  I want to reiterate somewhat of the message I gave in the Journals.

I told you of the trying times ahead for Mother Earth.  I told of the great calamities already starting in the early 1990’s and how much further she has moved to her birthing at this time.

I speak now to all souled ones.  Do you realize how precious all of you are in the sight of Creation?  You were given a spark of God within each of you to fan and grow into a great god taking care of his most precious of all creations…Earth.  You were given the most beautiful planet in all of the Cosmos.  You were assigned to take care of the life upon Earth, as a father and mother would take care of their children. 

Alas, this has not been done!  I told in that message of great earthquakes to happen, tornados, storms with great wind velocity, oceans would be polluted, the life in the ocean would die, and your land to produce the food for you to eat would be cast down to the depths of soil unable to even support the life that lived therein.

I am rightfully angry that such carelessness has been done to Mother Earth.  Even though it is the jail planet for Lucifer/Satan and his minions, there is no excuse.  You ones, each of you souled ones, have the power of Creation within to have stopped the evil.  Alas, alas, many of you have succumbed to the wiles of evil and have left your post unattended.

Did I say all?  Thankfully NO!  There have been a very few ones who have realized their mission and have held the Light high.  These are the ones in the fold of Sananda’s Flock. For that, all of the Lighted Realms rejoice that even those few Lightworkers have done their duty.  Mother Earth is ready to birth to a higher dimension.

For those of you who still are asleep here is the message I shall quote from Journal 7.


Therefore, you must share with your fellow-man that the catas­trophes will most surely come (they will not be hummed or chanted away). But, tell them that they are your very salvation and rejoice, for it is the old passing away.

When man can release the old, then he shall glimpse a more glo­rious new. Those who cannot release the old will have to begin again at the beginning. They shall place their soul progression back several million years, for this is the golden opportunity of souls who have walked this path of Earth from onset of soul birthing--this is your graduation or failure day! Those who fail their final examinations will need come once again, through various forms of cave man through thousands of years, even millions, until they develop to this very stage once again and try for "passing of the bar" again. I CARE NOT WHETHER YOUR "LEARNED" PROFESSORS OF GREAT WISDOM BELIEVE IN PROGRESSION OR DO NOT--THIS IS THE WAY IT IS AND IF YOU CHOOSE NOT THIS PATH-- YOU WILL FIND OUT AGAIN. THE HARD WAY!. …….pp. 38-39.

Know now, that which will turn ones from you who cannot believe in such, but some day that one --each one--will come into his own inheritance and will command a planet, and then a system and then a galaxy. We are all either on that path or have achieved it and have returned to assist our younger brothers through their pathway.  -----p. 41


Already, Earth has a new moon and a new orbit in the Pleiades Star system.  Each day that she still is in 3D what I said was to happen is happening and was happening at the time my message was penned.

Look around you at the evil.  I am very thankful that the great plan to curtail the Dark Side is in process, but there are so many ones in that camp it may take a longer time to complete before Mother Earth says she has had enough.

Nonetheless, each of you souled ones still slumbering have this day given to awaken.  Earth is in transition even this very moment.  She is holding steady as she wishes for all to awaken.  Her voice is weak and she is barely holding on before she tips over and wipes all 3D from her polluted surface.  It is time for her renewal. 

Oh, awaken, my dear ones!  For all you I am but a breath away from help.  I stand ready to teach, to assist, and to bring you home to the Stars!