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SERAPIS BEY:  Greetings to all souled beings upon Planet Earth. I am Serapis Bey the 4th of the 7 Cohans called the architect. I am of the Amethystine Order, as are all other six Cohans.  I am the Lion of Lions.  That means I tell you like it is, straight forward without any frills.  I roar with Truth and follow the Great Master Sananda, as my teacher.

This message is for all of you returned Masters, but especially I speak, also, to those, who have found the Truth.  We of the Lighted Realms use the term of “Sananda’s Flock”. 

Indeed, you think that term is out of order?  Nay, for it means only those of you great Masters, who have returned to help Mother Earth have awakened to find their mission and to gain great soul growth.  This group of Truthbringers are few compared to the populous of Earth at this moment.

I want to make something straight.  We of the Lighted Realms have all been reincarnated upon your orb many times.  We have graduated lng ago, but that does not mean that we are not any better than you  souled ones, who volunteered to come back to help Mother Earth and gain great soul growth. 

We of the Lighted Realms have families such as you.  My own daughter volunteered to  come back to help Mother Earth.   How thankful I am that she has awakened to the Truth!    There are, also, ones aboard ship that have their child or sister volunteer to help Mother Earth.  Soltec’s son is one of them. One of Arch Angel Michael’s family volunteered.  There have been others ones coming from a galaxy far away to help, as well.  These ones have awakened and are among thoseof Sananda's Flock!

Now. do you understand that we look just like you?  The only difference is 3D Dimension is very dense and your height on 3D Earth is much shorter than you were in the Lighted Realms.  I tower at 9 ft tall, as does Hatonn.  Others are in the 7 and 8 ft range, and at times some are even taller.  We are not hampered by 3D, as the frequencies are much, much higher than those of a 3D planet.  In essence you are “squeezed down” to a shorter height because of the density of 3D.

Another handicap of which all of you agreed was to accept being without memory of where and who you were in the Lighted Realms.  You had to live with two DNA rather than twelve.  You agreed to wake up to you mission.  You agreed to the great handicap if you did not awaken but if you DID awaken to Truth you would gain great soul growth.

Oh, yes, we of the Lighted Realms are STILL learning our lessons for they never stop, but it does take much more time to gain soul growth.  That is why being on such a dense, evil planet to awaken is much different, for the temptation of losing that soul growth to start over again is great.  Earth is a very tough school room, but if one awakens and finds Truth, the results are fantastic for that soul.

That is why I roar like a lion.  I am adamant about soul growth for all of you souled ones.  I offer my help, too, if but you ask, for I am willing and ready to help in any way I can. 

Why do I say such?  We operate on the Cosmic Law of Nonintervention.  We follow the Laws of God and Creation and will not and do not force our will upon any of you, for you have your own freewill to follow that path you should choose.

If you do not awaken the Truth and have followed many of the gurus or cults prevalent, that is YOUR choice.  We do not intervene in your pathway.  There are ones among us, who took a long time to awaken.  They, too, started over in the cave several times.

The most precious of all is that your soul is housed in a fantastic electric physical body.  You must take care of that body in every way possible.  I am distressed at how some of you Masters treat your body.  Right now there are some of you ones at a young age housing a body of a 90 year old. 

Take care of YOU.  Do I need to emphasize the proper way?  Your body needs proper food and rest.  Do not forget your spirit, either!  Your God Spirit, you soul within, also, needs care, love and help with reading and meditating and coming in touch with we of the Lighted Realms for help and guidance.  You soul needs “food” as well as your physical body.

With that preaching at you, I tell you that I have great love for all of you.  I am delighted when even one of you sleeping Masters open your eyes.

I hold Sananda’s Flock in my hands and heart and am willing to help any if I am asked.

Time is short now, for this civilization is ending.  Take this beautiful day to live the best you can the Laws of God and Creation.