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Through Anne Bellringer

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MOTHER EARTH:  I greet all of the soulled ones upon my surface, and particular greetings to all the Lightworkers. 


In all my history there have been few who have recognized me as a sentient being with a soul such as you, and with all the emotions and feelings of a human being.

Throughout all the civilizations that have inhabited my surface it was the Native Indian tribes that have worshiped me as a Mother caring for their well being.  That has nearly vanished until lately, as the Native Indians are returning to their roots.

These ones have been shuttled off to the worst land available where no one would care to live.  They have been introduced to the substance of alcohol that has devastated their bodies.

Almost all of the human beings upon orb have dug up my soil for mining purposes for greed and power.  Many human people, to say nothing about the clones have had no disregard for me, other than to use me as a dirt pile for building great structures.

I was created as the most beautiful planet in the Cosmos, a supply planet for many Star Nations.  These one gathered samples to take back to their planets.  If you would take some time to look, there are gorgeous places upon my orb that are breath-taking.  They are a reminder of the glory that existed everywhere on my surface for ages.

I have housed 3D civilizations for billions of years, and also agreed to have Satan and his fallen angels to live upon my surface.  These ones have been my downfall, for not only have they captured most other humans, but these are the ones that have been destroying all that I have given for life upon my orb.

By this I mean the pollution of my once beautiful waters, the spraying of deadly chemicals to ruin the air that all must breathe. My soil for growing food has been made into a chemical pie for illness and sickness to untold millions.

There is one up-lifting factor that is occurring at this very moment.  There has been no civilization that has dealt with Satan and his minions until this very time in this very last civilization I shall house upon by body.  I have cried out in agony for centuries at the utter destruction caused by Satan and his minions, along with most of the Masters from the Lighted Realms, who have been captured in their evil ways. Notice I shall MOST not ALL.

I am ready, very ready to graduate into 5D, as that has been my goal for ages upon ages.   I am rocking back and forth, wobbling on my axis, and have released some of the negative energy within my body.  I am ready to birth into 5D to wipe all that is in 3D off my surface.

When I realized in my agony, that these Dark Ones were being removed by execution and life imprisonment, I was delighted.  I can see many of these Dark Ones have been everywhere upon my surface for a long time, just like infected boils all over my body. With many of these ones being removed, I am feeling better, not totally well, but so thankful that there are great loving humans, who care about taking down the evil ones to bring goodness to me once again before I graduate.

Because of this, I am waiting to see the culmination of goodness to see the right human be put back in office to again, bringing back not only America, but other counties that are following what this  man has accomplished.  You all know to whom I refer.

This could not have been done without the prayers of the enlightened ones, who have held the Light of God high for all to see.  However, the prayers of all, even if they have not seen the Truth given to them, are heard by Creator God.

The negative energy stored in my body is being released, and the frequencies of war reverberate through the entire Cosmos.  These frequencies have disturbed the entire Cosmos.  I can say that war has been endless upon my orb, and even now there is much saber rattling.  However, there I shall not be destroyed...never!

 I wait patiently for goodness and I see hope that balance is being brought again.  This is happening now even if many ones of you do not realize it.

I give each wonderful day for all of you souled beings.  I bless the Lightworkers to keep strong and focused.  I also give my hope to all ones who have not awakened to open their eyes to the Truth.  I know that my birthing is coming soon, and I am giving more time for goodness to happen, but especially that you sleeping ones to awaken even if it is one more!

My love to all.