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Wayne Miller

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January 29, 2021




William Shakespeare once said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; and one man in his time plays many parts, .... Patriots, we have heard many times, that we are watching a movie play out. This is true, but for those of us that are not in the position of having a need to know, we have only got to know bits and pieces, of the movie known as THE PLAN, that has played up to this day. For you see, only those in the inner circle (The White Hat Alliance, and those others that have been recruited to play a part), have seen the end of the movie. And, they have done this via an amazing technology that the masses haven't yet been privy too. The rest of us are simply living our lives as actors in the film. Many patriots are playing their (our) parts as Digital Warriors.


As Digital Warriors, our part is, to continually use our most powerful weapon, PRAYER, and to enlist as many others as possible to fight along side of us, but above all to keep the faith.


In the last couple of weeks I have seen many of what I thought to be soldiers in the fight, begin to retreat. We know from them that have seen the whole movie, WE WIN. When you charge up the hill, you don't stop fighting when you get to the top, you take out the enemy that has made your life so difficult. For those of you that seem to have lost faith (which was really hope on your part), you need to get back in the battle, use your weapon, PRAYER, and enlist others to fight with us.


We all know patience is a virtue. It's time to become virtuous. Having patience becomes easier the more you get your head into the battle. You know the objective of the battle is to annihilate the evil in the world. You must know that if you're in a battle of good versus evil, that it's within the keeping of God's will, that those battling for truth will always win, And, why is that, it's because God, is on our side, and WITH GOD, ON OUR SIDE, WE CANNOT LOSE.


Those of us that have followed more closely than others, know that many of the actors in this movie are playing the part of the many that have been arrested, and either have been executed, serving life, or in custody awaiting their time to appear before a military tribunal. The actors we  now see, are either body doubles, clones, or if seen online, often Computer Generated Images. We know all about the scamdemic, that has shown how easy it is for the dark forces to get you to give up  your rights even thru illegal orders, in direct violation of our Constitution. We know about the  underground tunnels spanning the world, and the Deep Underground Military Bases, many of which  have been used as places to birth ba*bies by oftentimes chi*ldren that have just reached puberty. We know about adrenochrome, a substance developed through the tor*ture and mur*der usually of ba*bies and todd*lers. The torture causes their bodies to produce adrenalin which gets into the blo*od stream. After the chi*ld is terrorized through tor*ture, and ra*pe, the chi*ld is mur*dered and the adrenalized blo*od is taken and I guess somewhat further processed and drank by some evil Sat*anic, being. The substance apparently is a euphoric, highly addictive drug, that also aids in anti-aging.


Every person that takes this drug knows that a child went through torture and death to produce this drug, which must automatically call for their execution. Many well known celebrities have committed this atrocity. We know that millions of chi*ldren and adults been traffic*ked, ra*ped, and mur*dered by those we thought to be upstanding people in all walks of life, from government leaders

at the local level, all the way up to Presidents of the U.S. Beyond government perverts, and degenerates, we also have captains of industry, clergy, and a huge portion of actors in Hollywood,  singers, and other entertainers that are also evil beyond measure. And last, but certainly not least, many people that appear to be normal, everyday citizens living in our communities, working in our businesses, and schools, that are caught up in the evil that is so vast it's beyond comprehension. We also know about P*izzagate, O*bamagate, and all the other gates. We know about the C*linton, and B*iden crime families, and there is so much more we know, like all the false flags that have been occurring, and have been used to get us into all of our wars, and used in attempts to take away our guns. We know about the conspiracy that took the life of our beloved President JFK, and we know about the massive fraud that stole the election from our current beloved President Trump, in 2020. For Patriots, and any others that don't know about these things and many others I challenge you to begin researching things on your own. We have been lied to all of our lives, we've been indoctrinated and brain washed through our system of so-called education, through our mainstream media, and through our TV's.


All the things I spoke of regarded our nation, but most of these same things have been occurring throughout the world. NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS, the things I have listed is being eradicated. As I write these words. we are now in the mop up stage in the battle of Good vs. Evil. We have so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for our Almighty God who has assembled the White Hat Alliance under the direction our President Trump who is in alliance with world leaders from Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, along with hundreds of high ranking military officers, the "Q team, the militaries boots on the ground, and many branches of law enforcement. We need to remain in prayer for the wisdom and safety of all the group, and all of their families.


Most of the evil perpetrated by this evil, Sat*anic D*eep State Cabal, has been targeting our children, and the chi*ldren of the world. However, it doesn't stop with chi*ldren, as huge numbers of adults are traffic*ked, ra*ped, and mur*dered, as well. As a grandfather, with many grandkids, and even their friends that I have unofficially adopted as grandkids, there is nothing more special to me than children. In public I'm always aware of the treatment of kids around me. The sooner the world is free from people that harm, tor*ture, ra*pe, be*at, mur*der children, drink their blo*od ,and even eat their fle*sh, the greater our world will become.


Please let me offer my opinion as to when the plan will be finalized. Where are we, at this moment? Allow me to use an analogy. Many guys have made fun of me for watching Hallmark movies, calling them chic flicks. Try as they did it never bothered me. There is so much evil in the world, that once-in-awhile it's good to watch something with a happy ending, even if the movies do nearly always end with a very unnatural, awkward kiss. It's true you can have a double digit IQ and still realize that 99% of Hallmark Movies are written using a template, as the writer has only to plug in new characters, and a new story line from time to time, but not as often as you might think. Within the first 5 minutes of each movie, you know which guy gets the girl, and will take part in the awkward kiss at the end. Early in the movie, the boyfriend of the leading girl breaks up with her and she usually heads home for a couple of days, and meets the next guy in her life. The days turn into a couple of weeks and she becomes increasingly attracted to the new guy. At this time the former boyfriend that she had usually been engaged too, turns up unannounced saying he had made a mistake. The girl now has eyes for the new guy and always tries to leave her ex down easily. Now we're near the end of the show (between the last two commercial breaks) and we hit a rough patch between the girl and her new love interest, usually after overhearing a part of a conversation that lets her believe that she had been deceived. Sometime the role between the girl and boy are reversed. Some people use the term, left turn to describe this point in the film. NOW TO OUR MOVIE. The left turn in our movie was the fraudulent stolen election. We are now at the final commercial break. As the movie resumes there is not much time left to brig the movie to its climax and happy ending. Our happy ending will be as President Trump resumes his leadership of our newly revamped Republic under our original Constitution. There will still be much to do, but at that time we will be getting into a sequel. Note: one additional comment regarding Hallmark. It appears Hallmark is another wolf in sheep's clothing, and appears to be aligned with the dark side. For years, in nearly all, if not all their movies they would throw in a Masonic handshake. Whenever there was a handshake in the movie, the camera would scan to show a closeup of the hands. Then there was a change to providing nefarious symbols in their movies, starting with the devils horns, then moving to the 666 sign. It almost seems that flashing the signs, or giving the handshake was a condition of employment. There was one actress that is known to be a devout Christian, that must have been giving the request, perhaps order, to flash the devil's horn sign, which she tried to do, and was very awkward in doing so. So far at least I haven't found any of the Hallmark actors being found to be associated with adrenochrome in any way. I'm thankful for that.


We now appear to be in an interregnum of sorts, where many feel the Trump Presidency ended, an with the illegal B*iden Presidency being a PINO, to coin a new acronym, President In Name Only, we have a situation where the government seems to be suspended. But, since President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1871, he technically remains President until all those committing insurrection are arrested. Trump, has turned the control of the government over to his DoD, and the head of HS/FEMA. It has also been reported that he had been inaugurated on January 11th as the 19th President of the original Republic. I'm not quite sure how that falls under the Constitution. That's a project for another day.


Trump quote, "The best is yet to come"! Beside taking down the Sat*anic D*eep State Cabal, which one could rightly say is the greatest victory in the history of Planet Earth, this also couples with an extraordinary event, the moving into The Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius dawned on December 12th, 2020.One of my favorite signing groups was, and still is, the Fifth Dimension, and one my favorite songs of theirs is, the Age of Aquarius.


Age of Aquarius (the first half of the song)


When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars


This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius! Aquarius!


Now listen to the last part telling us what the age

will bring.


Harmony and Understanding

Sympathy and trust abounding

No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions

Mystic crystal revelation

And the minds true liberation


It makes me want to break out and sing another popular song, What a Wonderful World That Will Be!


So we're coming quickly to a time when will once again be led by a great leader under the new NESARA government, while transitioning into the new Age of Aquarius. What a wonderful time to be alive. I thank my Heavenly Father, for giving me the privilege of being alive in this moment in history.


Patriots be calm, and be patient. "The best is yet to come"!


May God bless you all!






Wayne Miller