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Sen Elbert Guillory

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Happy Birthday Americans!

My message to you today is the message of America. America’s character! America’s essence! It is the story of an old black man and a young white man in America!

Stand back, you race baiters, you dividers, you race card players, you victims of 400-year-old events!

This is AMERICA!!

The old black man had been shopping in a supermarket. He had purchased a few items, including a 54 pound bag of dog food. The old man had wrestled the big bag into his shopping cart inside the store.

Now he was at his pickup truck. He was about to wrestle the big heavy bag from the shopping cart, into the truck bed. The old man took a deep breath, preparing his body for the ordeal. He spat on his hands preparing his old, once-athletic hands for the challenge.

Just as he started to lean to the task, a car pulled up and stopped a few feet away from the old black man. A young white man aged about 20-23 stepped from the car. The young white man spoke not a word. He walked past the old man, swept up the big, heavy bag and placed it into the truck bed.

Having accomplished his task of assisting an old American, the young white man, again, speaking not a word, turned to get back into his car. The old man asked that he stop and accept the heart felt thanks for this unselfish, good hearted act of kindness.

This is one of the best examples of America VALUES that I have seen. This is my America!! No race, no gender, no sex, no NOTHING which divides. This young man’s attitude…and his act were what my America is about!

I was the old man in this story. Troy Deville is the young man in the story. Troy Deville is my American Hero of 2019!

My country, ‘tis of THEE!

Sweet Land of Liberty!

ONE NATION, under GOD with Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Happy Birthday, my fellow Americans!!


Very Respectfully,Senator Elbert Guillory

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Senator Elbert Guillory