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Be Aware of the Crisis -- PRAY FOR PEACE

Christopher Rudy

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April 13, 2018 / 2018 Global Upgrade




"The overriding issue of war or peace,

survival of mankind or its utter destruction,

is now being decided in Washington and NYC..."

~ from Paul Craig Roberts' April 10th article:

' We are in the Last Days before all Hell breaks loose'

(God forbid! ~ CR)


Be aware that the Deep State has

historically resorted to terror and

war when its power is at stake.


The extreme hubris of the West can be

seen in propaganda for the promotion

of endless wars for profit and power.


The stock market thrives on war profits.

Congress critters thrive on re-election

$'s from lobbies for war propagation.


The drama now was ordained for this time:

A new paradigm challenges the old mindset.

New money-power vested in interNet reality

is challenging the Deep-Old State of power

as was centralized but is now decentralizing

at an accelerated rate with global Net reality

compelling conscientious common sense. 


We could have clean free-energy now,

but the Deep State of Big Oil refuses.


We could have global holistic healing now,

but the Deep State of Big Pharma refuses.


We could upgrade 5 Core Internet Freedoms now,

but the Deep State of Big Media refuses, trying to

demonize and thus regulate independent media,

preferring their programming of what to think

rather than open-int eractive social networks.



They're afraid of losing power and control

and are ACTING OUT for all to see.


But it's deeper than that.


The 'Deep State' is the lock-step left-brain

- left hemispheric dominance (the West) -

that is 'Stuck In Negativity' - the 'SIN' of

negating holistic hemispheric balance.


The High State of right-brain intuition

knows that the spirit of cooperation

results in common sense 'win/win'.


The ordained 'Power of Love' on a

mass scale is an existential threat

to the inordinate 'Love of Power'.


I'm not selling 'hopium'. Just laying out

the opportunity and choices we have.




“Humankind is standing precariously on

 the edge of its destiny.

It will either rise to a paradigm change or

 experience decline and possible destruction.

 This is an unavoidable confrontation.

The options will be presented and

the choices will be made.”

 - from Jesus Speaks… Love Without End

by Glenda Green


Pray that the choice of our leaders will

reflect the will of the public worldwide

for general enlightenment with love.


~ Christopher


PS: Discussing this with highlights of the week

on BBS Radio's Cosmic LOVE Show

Sat. evening at 6pm MDT, 8pm EDT