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AGE OF THE UNIVERSE And Other Mysteries

Rocky Montana

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Rocky Montana -Opinion / Feb. 8. 2012

Preface:  While posting Commander Hatonn's articles on the Sumerian 'Epic of Creation, I received a letter from D.G with some very insightful and thoughtful questions as to the origins of things, some of which I could answer and some of which I could not and could only speculate on.  Since my initial response, I have updated the answers of which I am happy to share at this time.

e-letter received from D.G. re: "Genesis": Oct. 14, 2011                                                                                                                                                   e-letter answered by Rocky Montana: Oct. 22, 2011.                                                                                                                                                 Answers updated: Feb. 8, 2012.


Dear D.G.:

This will be my attempt to answer your thoughtful questions in your e-letter of Oct. 14, 2011.  These are, of course, my own opinions based on the information garnered from my reading of both the Phoenix literature, the Billy Meier/Plejaran literature, listening to the 'Hatonn audio tapes', and reading of our tainted "Holy Books" referred to as the New and Old Testaments.  I realize that this letter will not satisfy all of your questions, nor should it.  Each must search for and find their own answers in validation of the help they receive from others.  The majority of mankind still lives in the darkness and has such limited knowledge and understanding of truth on these subjects.  But through the light of truth given forth by the God's messengers, we are slowly raising our cosmic consciousness.  What I do know to be true I am happy to share with you.  With that said, let's begin.

Question 1:

Is it possible that Aton could give us his story of Creation instead of trying to explain where Genesis departs from the truth?

He certainly could. Aton is the Source of ALL history and wisdom.  But if He did it all for everyone, no one else would have a chance to serve and grow. I understand your desire to skip ahead to the greater mysteries of the universe.  It is fun to speculate on these things and I share your desire to know it all.  There are ones of higher third dimension, and fourth and fifth dimension who have done the hard work of discovering and proving scientifically the esoteric questions which you have asked.  It is reasonable to assume that Aton allows these ones the opportunity to provide the answers to their younger brothers, thus allowing them to make their own contribution to the enlightenment of mankind.

Commander Hatonn, experiencing as a fourth dimensional entity and leader of the Hosts of God, had a specific mission in the writing of this "Genesis" series.  If you can realize the trouble and confusion the Earth's people are in mostly because of the lies that have been foisted upon them from the beginning, it may become increasingly clear as to why the Phoenix Journals were written in the way they were.  A large part of Commander Hatonn's mission was to uncover the lies foisted upon the peoples of the Earth and to bring the truth in all things so that those who seek the truth would find it, and thus be able to make intelligent choices regarding their soul direction.  To its credit, is acting as one reservoir and outlet of truth, mostly via the Phoenix publications, but others as well.  I can see the purpose in most every article that Commander Hatonn has written.  One of Hatonn's mantras is "If you don't know what is wrong, how can you ever hope to fix it?"  This is so true and is where humanity remains today.

On the other hand, if people can't accept the uncovering of the lies they hold-fast to and see the truth when they read it, what point is there in revealing any greater mysteries of the universe?  Earth-man must earn his way to greater knowledge and understanding through the study and understanding of all they have been given in the name of truth, thus far.

Question 2:

There are things that still bug me. One: I don't believe that either story, Genesis or Enuma elish, describe the BEGINNING of the Universe.

No. The "Genesis" story, as written in the Sumerian 'Epic of Creation, and later revised and abbreviated in the 'Old Testament', and later still revised in the myriad forms of the 'New Testament', was NOT the beginning of the Universe.  But it was the beginning of a new planet we call Earth, during the destruction of an older, larger planet, Tiamat (also called Marduk in the Syrian language).  Therefore, this was literally "Genesis" (the beginning) of the planet we call Earth. "Genesis" is an account of the formation of a new planet the Sumerians named "Ki" or "Gi" or "Kia", which over time Gi and Kia morphed into the name "Gaia".  Today Gaia is a commonly recognized name for planet Earth.  Gaia was literally sucked out of Tiamat (Sumerian name meaning "Maiden of Life") during its second encounter with planet Nibiru (Akkadian name meaning "Crossing" or "Point of Transition") some 4 billion years ago.  Kingu (Sumerian name meaning "Great Emissary"), the largest of the satellites or moons of Tiamat, was caught in Gaia's gravitational field during that violent beginning and traveled behind her into a space and orbit where she, and her moon, now reside.  This story also explains the origin of Semiru (Sumerian word meaning "Bracelet") which refers to the Asteroid Belt (which resides between Mars and Jupiter) and the origin of comets, as well as other interesting celestial events within our solar system.  This account is, perhaps, the most important thing man of each early civilization desires to know; where did our planet come from and when did it begin.  But because of all the added untruths, rewriting, etc. that has gone on since the time of the Sumerian writings, the story of Genesis is still not very well understood in truth by "modern" man.  The Sumerians knew a great deal more about our planet, our solar system and astrology than does mankind know up to present the day.  We are now learning what the Sumerians knew so long ago.

Earth-scientists have determined the age of celestial bodies such as Earth and the Moon by dating the oldest rocks they can find, which are about 4.5 billion years old, therefore, they have assumed, incorrectly, that the Earth and Moon were both created at the same time, some 4.5 billion years ago. This is only half true.  It was Tiamat that was created some 4.5 billion years ago, not Earth.  Tiamat was created by the coalescence of material thrown-off by the Sun, like every other planet in our solar system.  This is the way most planets in the universe are formed.  Similarly, moons are most often created by the coalescence of material thrown-off by planets.  As Gaia was uniquely created some 4.0 billion years ago, she, as an individual planet, is closer to 4 billion years old although there are rocks on her and on the moon dating back 4.5 billion years.

Earth-scientists have also said that the our universe is 15-18 billion years old.  This is another half-truth.  With their most advanced telescopes and scientific knowledge, they have been able to see back into the formation of the universe 15-18 billion years.  They, therefore, state that the universe is 15-18 billion years old.  This is not logical. It is not even reasonable.  It would be more honest to state that our universe is AT LEAST 15-18 billion years old as far as we now know, but because we cannot see farther back, we must assume that the universe is probably much older.

That being said, and for inquiring minds, you may wish to read the communiqués with Mr. "Billy" Eduard Meier and Pttah (leader of the Pleiadian/Plejaran peoples/civilization who also live within our Pleiades super-solar system but in a slightly different dimension from that of our own) for the answers you seek regarding the age of our universe.  Below is a bulletin from Mr. Meier regarding the origins of our universe (the Pleiadians/Plejarans refer to as the "Dern" Universe; Commander Hatonn refers to it as the "Neberon" Universe).  And If you haven't read them yet, I suggest reading 'MESSAGE FROM THE PLEIADES, Volume 1-4 for a most enlightening read.  The Pleiadians/Plejarans are more spiritually, mentally and technically advanced than that of Earth-man and live in a high third dimensional civilization.  They count the beginnings of celestial bodies, galaxies and our universe more objectively and scientifically than do we.



German printing: November 1996

English publishing: February 1998

The responsibility for all forms of publication (e.g. Internet, print etc.) of the FIGU Bulletin lies entirely on "Billy" Eduard A. Meier.


(The above title was added and is not part of the author's writing)

Response: According to Pleiadian/Plejaran information, the age of our sun is 1 trillion and 730 billion years. This figure is, therefore, considerably higher than the age accorded to the universe by obstinate terrestrial astronomers who claim that the universe is a mere 8-18 billion years old. This 1 trillion 730 billion year age of our sun refers to the total and complete time it has existed from its actual origin, which in reality goes back to the first clustering of Ur-energy.

The Pleiadians/Plejarans therefore do not calculate the sun's age from the time the sun itself was created, but from the time when the first gases and the like began to form, from which the sun ultimately originated after a trillion-year-long process. The sun formed not in a single event but came into being as a by-product of our Milky Way galaxy whose Ur-origin dates back to 1 trillion 911 billion years.

Contrary to all the unrealistic claims by terrestrial astronomers, our universe is approximately 46 trillion years old, while the Earth itself is about 650 billion years old—once again calculated, of course, from the initial formation of the first gaseous matter in the Milky Way, from which the initial formation process began, and from which, ultimately, the Earth formed as a solid planetary body about 5 billion years ago (see Contact Report 241, February 3, 1992).



Question 3:

If the Annunaki in their wanderings came across a planet with no name or no population or animals and plants yet, then they may have decided to NAME IT. THEY DIDN'T CREATE IT but they sure could have had a hand in terraforming it with the plants and animals from Nibiru. By doing so, they would be able to revisit Earth on the next orbit and have something to eat while they were determining whether gold was present in the quantity they needed to save their planet. Was this planet always a member of this solar system? It had advanced beings, the earth was recovering from a cataclysm on their last visit, what was their reaction to what they observed?

All good questions.  I recommend reading 'How Did They Know? Ancient Sumerian Astrophysics Verified' by Commander Hatonn.  It should answer some of your questions in this regard.  I don't recall reading documented information on the origin of Nibiru nor how it came via its unusual orbit. Like you, I would like to know more of the history of both Nibiru and the Anunnaki.

One theory on Nibiru is that it was, somehow, knocked loose from a prior orbit around another Sun several billion years ago, wandered too close to our Sun, was captured by its gravity, and began a very long, elliptical and retrograde orbit around our Sun, through our solar system, and then out into the vast expanses of space, back around its original sun.  A second theory is that the Anunnaki found out how to control their planet's orbit and intentionally created their own orbit through both our solar system and another solar system within the Pleiades super-solar system.  Nibiru passes through our solar system every 3,600 years. Question 4:

Dinosaurs. Whose idea was creating animals of enormous size and ferocity that people could not exist with them successfully? Is this what the Annunaki saw on their first visit? Was man even considered part of the equation? It has been determined that oil is not in a depleted quantity as it can be created in a laboratory. It could have been created by swamps that decayed over centuries. It must be drilled and extracted from underground, surely a difficulty for early humans who didn't use it. The Atlanteans used crystals for power. What use was it to Annunaki or dinosaurs? Is its primary use for the earth, like blood?

In a lecture in 1933, Zecharia Sitchin outlined his theory about human origins and our link with the Anunnaki by saying, "Ancient history and legend around the world, as well as the Bible, attest to the fact that there were once giants in the earth; men of awesome dimensions, bulk and height."  Read Genesis 6:14. 

One theory on the dinosaurs is that the Anunnaki seeded the dinosaurs on Earth so that they could harvest large amounts of meat every time they passed through our solar system and visited our Earth.  The Anunnaki had bodies larger than that of present Earth man, perhaps 8-15 feet tall. Commander Hatonn has stated that he was an Anunnaki and first came to Earth on Niburu, and that he stands 9-1/2 feet tall.  Also, reports from Mr. Eduard "Billy" Meier state that people from the Dal universe, our closest neighboring universe, came to visit with Billy Meier in the later part of the last century and were reported to have bodies 20 feet tall.  So, to these immense humans, which we would consider to be giants, the dinosaurs were not that large.  If giants did, in fact, live on/in Earth, they needed large quantities of meat in order to sustain themselves.  The high third dimensional civilization that the Anunnaki are now, they have advanced to the point where they synthesize their own food, no longer requiring the burden of hunting and butchering animals to sustain themselves.  This advancement is also in Earth-man's future assuming man does not annihilate himself in his foolishness.

According to Commander Soltec and others, Mother Earth manufactures her own oil, which is the life-blood of the planet and part of her circulatory/cooling system, just as the human body manufactures and uses its own blood to circulate and distribute nutrients, immune defenses and to cool itself.  But as we humans can only manufacture our blood at a certain rate, so too does Mother Earth manufacture her oil (life-blood) at a certain rate. The more oil that is extracted (drilled) from her body at faster and faster rates, the warmer and more out of balance Earth becomes.  She has a fever due to the removal of her life-blood and cooling system at man's hand.

Man has literally become a vampire upon our Mother Earth and is slowly killing her, which, if not reversed soon, will result in mankind's own demise.  At some point Mother Earth will simply shake, rattle and roll the blood-sucking parasites off of her in order to survive.  It is the Global Elite and the Big Oil Corporations who are causing this problem by not only mining her into illness, fever, and near-death, but also by keeping mankind hostage by withholding all free-energy and alternative-energy inventions and discoveries.  This is a great crime against Mother Earth, Mankind and God! And they will most certainly answer to God for these crimes.

Question 5:
Time travel. There are those whose motives are closely tied to an agenda of world domination who have the ability to travel back in time in order to change history to their own specifications. Can we even trust the Sumerian account of Creation? It is too open to interpretation due to language differences.

This subject has been addressed in both the Billy Meier writings and the 'Hatonn Audio Tapes', and possibly somewhere in the Phoenix Journals.  My understanding is that History CANNOT be altered.  History is history; it is over and done with.  We can only read history like a novel or go back and view history like a movie, and hopefully learn from history.  But we cannot change history.  The most productive thing we can do is to learn from history in an effort to create a better future by learning to avoid our past mistakes.

Question 6:

Akashic records. I believe that it is not possible to read any records other than one's own, or cosmically forbidden. Can someone like me who has trouble sorting out the true history of the earth, read the Akashic records for the Earth or any planet for that matter?

My understanding is that the Akashic records is restricted and blocked from our memories while here in physical 3D experience.  However, when souls cross over to the etheric realms, they do have access to their own past life experiences as well as having access to Earth history if they so desire.

After discarding their physical bodies and leaving the physical realm, souls go through what is called a "retrospection period" where they stand alone with their Creator God to judge their actions in their previous 3D life experience.

"Ashtar" is an enormous computer that is reported to be 20 miles long.  It is guarded and operated by the Ashtar command and headed by Commander Ashtar.  This computer also holds all the history of Earth and this Solar System, and much more.  It also holds the tracking information of every souled being (God's people) on this planet.  This is where Commander Hatonn has scanned all the information on Earth's history up to the present day.  If Commander Hatonn can receive and retrieve this information, I don't see why any other soul cannot contact the Ashtar computer to receive and retrieve what he wants to know about Earth's history.

I will close now and hopes that this letter has answered at least a few of your questions and has been helpful to you. 

In the spirit of brotherhood,

Rocky Montana