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Casper's Response to Alcuin Bramerton's Mike Quinsey Commentary

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Casper's response to Alcuin Bramerton's Mike Quinsey Commentary.
For years I too have looked to the messages provided by Mike with hope and much curiosity. I too have noticed the Obama drum beat underlying the messages.
For some time I have considered taking on this subject as a stand alone update. This analysis from Alcuin Bramerton provides an opportunity for me to comment instead of update as he has offered a more through overview of the record than I would have done.
Mike Quinsey provides "spiritual messages" from a variety of "ascended masters" and the "Galactic Federation".
As WE have reported for eleven months now Obama has blocked deliveries at every turn. This is in direct conflict with the messages coming from Mike. Obama's shenanigans in recent months have been constant, bold, visible and not much of a secret. How can those claiming to be assisting the funding, superior technology and wisdom not know this? He is blocking not only our deliveries but the Countries and Projects as well, indeed the Prosperity Funding for the world. On this subject there has been no difference between Obama and Bush. Every act is in support of the Illuminati and maintenance of the status quo. He and his allies here and abroad have sabotaged deliveries more times than we can count using every conceivable method including HLS and the Military. His activities are not a secret with those "in the know" so how is it that Mike and/or his "sources" are unable to observe the obvious? Why do they consistently praise the very person blocking that which they purport to support (the funding)?
These questions have troubled me for some time and Bramerton's pulling many of the quotes together in his article posted on Fourwinds motivates me to agree with his observations that something is wrong here, something is dreadfully wrong here. There does not appear to be any way to reconcile these messages in support of Obama with what he has actually done and continues to do week after week, month after month as WE have reported on dozens of occasions.  
What choice have we other than to agree with Bramerton's observations?