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22 Powerful Law of Attraction Statements

Dieter Braun - Indian in the Machine

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1.  I realize that I must feel the vibrational essence of my desires.

2.  Humanity is harmonizing as one loving species.

3.  I master my health as I understand the Universe is based on frequenices and vibration.

4.  I give my undivided attention to my newly hatched desires, rather than past addictions.

5.  I desire to step into the flow of the expanding Universe, without resistance.

6.  My greatest passion is to know myself.

7.  My emotions are my guidance system to tell me if I´m creating what I truly desire.

8.  I can tell the difference between what feels ¨good¨ and what feels ¨bad¨.

9.  I realize saying, ¨I want it but...¨ is limiting language, and saying ¨I want it because...¨ is expanding language.

10. I enjoy assisting people by living by example.

11. I get pleasure by figuring God out.

12. I am rebuilding my body so that it is more Light receptive.

13. I want to experience beauty on a deep lvel.

14. I am ready to challenge myself to go where I have not gone before.

15. The unknown excites me because I´m travelling there in the Light.

16. I am remembering my Greatness.

17. It brings me joy to create with other deliberate creators who are in vibrational harmony with me.

18. I desire to experience a know a whole new way of being.

19. I believe it is my birthright to live in abundance.

20. I love me, so that I can love you.

21. I realize that action taken in negative emotion is not joyful to me.

22. I am understanding myself more fully...more completely every day.

Feel free to share this list with my blessings and thanks.


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