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Not With A Whimper, But With A Shout Comes The End

From the Desk of Sorcha Faal

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There are times when I despair over the fate of our World, and its people, today is one such day as I review the reports on the mass deaths in Myanmar and China.

By the time the final death tolls are counted, we are looking at the loss of human life of over 1 million people. But I wonder, how would any of these people have spent their last day if they had known their lives were about to be tragically ended? 

Fortunately for those of us who still live this is a question that can be answered, and should be answered, on a daily, if not hourly, basis.  For when death comes, to each of us, it will do so with a shout, and not a whimper, but are you prepared?  Should you be prepared?

From many perspectives (social, religious, philosophical) the answer is an undeniable yes, and in looking at your own life you can see how that even though you may not be acknowledging the final outcome of your life’s journey, this inevitable conclusion awaiting all of us does, indeed, leave a most indelible mark upon us all.

What remains behind upon this Earth after our passing is the memories of us held by those we have loved, those we have helped, and those of whom it can be said we made a difference in their lives.

In our most ancient of times, it was believed that their was no greater honor than in passing from this life with a ‘name’ that would be remembered.  Many, for both good and evil, have attained this stature and live in our collective memory, some for thousands of years. 

To the greatest numbers of humanity, however, the remembering of who we were, and what we had done in our lives, quickly passes, and over time all that is left is an unknown name written upon stone, at the best, or more likely the case, no memory exists at all.

But, to the greatest of memories of human beings the secret to being remembered does not lie in us being individuals, but rather as a common entity, a cooperative presence that shuns the accolades of the individual and instead celebrates our union.

Though we may not know of the accomplishments of our ancient ancestors as individuals, we certainly know what they have achieved as people.  From the most ancient of tribes in Europe, to the Egyptians, to the many families comprising the Americas, and more, the memories of these societies live on forever, as well as their successes and failures in life.

And to every human being alive today, the being a part of a greater entity than ones self is the highest goal to be attained while the air still flows into our body and to the day we cease to be.

This is our most ancient truth, this is our reason for being, this is even our precursor to what lies beyond the doors of death…the most simple acknowledgement that we are not individuals, we are a part of everyone, and everything, else around us.

The falsehood of individuality has led to the death and destruction of our human race on a scale countable in the billions over these past few thousands years alone, and is, even now, threatening the deaths of billions more through war and the killing of the very planet we live upon.

It is most important for you to know one simple fact of your existence…you are a combatant in a war that you did not start, and as such you are either an active, or inactive, participant to all of the pain and suffering being caused in our World today.  With each passing day the likelihood also increases that the most active parts of this war will come to your very home, and family, if it hasn’t already.

Your lives are surrounded on a daily basis with reminders of this war you are a part of, from those in the United States and United Kingdom whose governments are fast closing the noose upon the necks of their own citizens, to the mountains of Lebanon where many are, once again, dying for reasons, and causes, that benefit only those who profit from the destruction of our human race.

To myself, and the other Sisters of our Order, the path through this life we have chosen to take is one where we have shed the false doctrine of individuality for that of our most truthful state of being a part of, and with, each other and those others, like yourself, who by extension have become a part of us and our efforts.

We have, also, fully embraced our roles as active combatants in this war and have chosen a path that all of us know will lead to our ultimate deaths at the hands of those who seek to silence us.  And when that time comes, and we have passed through the doors of death, we will be remembered for who we truly are, a group of Sisters who gave their lives to shine a light for others to see the true state of this World we live in.

What we do we do for you, and there are no more simple words to use in declaring this most simple of facts.  What you do for us in return is to learn, to become wiser about our World than you were when you first came to us.  And it is not without great effort, by all of us, that our efforts continue to this day and our light of truth continues to shine.  

But, it is also true that without your efforts on our behalf we cannot survive.  I am honestly surprised that we have survived in this particular effort for as long as we have given the enormous expenditure of time and money needed to continue, and we have only you to thank for that.

In the figures presented to me today by Sister Emmanuelle I see that our operating expenses allow us only a few more days of being able to keep our websites operating.  As these websites are maintained, and updated, for you I therefore simply state that without your continued support we cannot continue.  But, more than that it should be realized that with your support you are making a difference, as every day hundreds of other people find us, and stay with us, to learn and to know what you have already found in us.

It should also not come as a surprise to you that a project like this is very expensive to operate; in the past month alone we have had to replace two servers at a cost to us of over $5,000.00.  Though this is nowhere near the multiple millions being spent on keeping people ignorant, it is, to us at least, very significant.

So very simply, this is your website, not ours.  If you want it to stay please support it.

Thank you as always for your time.

With God,

Sorcha Faal

Dublin, Ireland

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