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Shining the Light on Compassion

Jesayah LaBeam

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from that which we now know.   We are moving into an age of Peace, Prosperity for All, Love, Joy and Compassion for All,  we are becoming a Merciful society reflecting a Merciful God. 

 Astrologers refer to this change to a new reality as coming into the Golden Age of Aquarius, Christians refer to it as the second coming of Christ, the Mayan calendar (their interpretation of Time in third dimension) ends on December 21, 2012,  and most esoteric teachings claim that we are  evolving out of third/fourth dimensional reality and ascending into fifth dimensional realty, often referred to as The Ascension.  The signs are very plain to see if one cares to look.   Scientists, physicists, astronomers, astrologers, metaphysicians, etc. are all seeing small-through-to-vast cycles coming into completion, some after thousands of years,  thus creating the impetus for greatly expanded new cycles to begin. Those exploring quantum physics and quantum mechanics are peering into a whole new reality, discovering mind-stretching theories, which also indicates the Expansion of Human Consciousness.   

We have descended into the dark about as deep as we can go since the disintegration of Atlantis (it was the beginning of the descent), and now the Light from the Higher Realms is back and moving ever more swiftly throughout Beloved Mother Earth and all of her creatures, including of course Humanity.  It is said that the darkest time is just before the Dawn.  The wonderful Light of Dawn is just beginning to Shine, dissolving the dark.  Remember, if you Shine a Light into a dark corner what happens to the dark?  It simply disappears!   Easily and Effortlessly!    This is what is beginning to happen now, even though it looks like the opposite is happening. The old way has to crumble in order for the new Higher-Frequency reailty to manifest, and this crumbling has begun.  According to many reports the dark in all areas of the planet such as politics, economics, medical, and media, are being exposed exponentially. This is the Light Shining into the dark.   Finally, Thank Goodness.

Allowing the Light to come into our individual personal life assists the Cosmic Light to spread and encompass our Mother Earth, thus enabling her\'s and our birthing into the Higher Dimension.  Learning to hold Compassion in our Hearts for All of our fellow Beings is part of this Rising Consciousness that is occurring right now.  Planet Earth and we as her children are each unfolding Spiritually in our own Divine Timing within this great Cosmic Shift. We are shifting from a Planetary Being to a Cosmic Being.   By intentionally choosing Compassion and Understanding rather than indifference, we are allowing more Light to shine in our our own life.  

The most obvious lack of Compassion in this old paradigm, in a global sense, is the apathy Humanity has exhibited to the millions of its own fellow Humans who have been and still are starving to death!  All due to the global economic system. And that its okay for the dark controllers to manipulate this global economic system in such a way as to actually think this is normal and that its not possible for any other system to replace it. Bizarre!  This is the extent that we have allowed ourselves to be mind controlled --- mainly through the media, which of course is also manipulated by the dark controllers. For centuries now.     

In a personal sense, the most glaring lack of Compassion is living in a wealthy country in a society, where people who are mentally, emotionally and physically ill and obviously incapable of improving their situation are left to live on the streets!  Its so common and accepted that these people are known as the homeless!   They are even greatly disapproved and criticized!   Again bizarre!  Thank goodness Humanity is beginning to wake up!

So where does Compassion begin? It begins with Self and radiates out from there. What does it mean to have Compassion for Self?  It means to be Gentle and Kind to yourself, to Allow yourself to make mistakes without the mental trap of Thinking you are not good enough or worthy enough to correct them, or perhaps even in your Thinking to deny that you have made a mistake. To not accept the fact that you have made a mistake (a mistake being part of the human experience) is to keep you locked in ego\'s grasp. The ego has a tight grip on Humanity, particularly those who live in the wealthy countries, often leaving little room for Compassion.  Its due to the ego that people lack Compassion for those they think of as inferior or unable to live a \"normal\" life.  Once we can accept Ourselves as the Beautiful Spiritual Being that we truly are, every one of us, we are able to Love and have Compassion for Self.  We are then able to extend that Love and Compassion to others.

Learning to See all Living Beings as the Divine Spark of God/Goddess/All That is, Seeing each as a Spark of Divine Spirit having an experience called Life in third dimension, brings your personal Frequency to a Higher level.   When you See  another (and Yourself) as a Divine Soul rather than a lacking Human, your third dimensional perceptions of criticisms and judgements fall away.  You realize that good and bad concepts are part of the illusion here, that all is simply Experience. It can be a negative or a positive experience, but never the less, it is simply Experience within Eternity.   Because we all are in this (Earth) boat together as Divine Soul, none better than the other,  our individual life experience is for one reason, and that one reason is the Learning, Evolving, Unfolding, Expansion of Soul-Self.  No matter what life experience (creating positive karma or negative karma) Soul-Self has chosen as a learning tool, It (Soul) is still the Pure Essense of Divine God/Spirit, no better or worse than any other Soul-Self Unfolding and Evolving here in third dimension.   

Choosing to See Yourself and to See others as Divine Beings simply having a Learning Experience, helps you to open your Heart to Compassion and eventually to Understanding.  This in turn leads to a Divine Spiritual Love for all Humanity, indeed all Living creatures.

Next article will be Shining the Light on Forgiveness.