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Transmutation of the So-called "Protocols of the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom"

Graeme Daryl Whitmeyer

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Written by Graeme Daryl Whitmeyer

And inspired by John Jackson

Composed with the help of and gratitude towards Hatonn and the Phoenix Journals

This is a transmutation of the so-called ”Protocols of the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom”

P1Remember that people with noble instincts heavily outweigh those with base ones, therefore the best results in Governing are achieved through academic discussion and not through violence and intimidation.

In the early stages of social life some flow with pleasant and observant Source; afterwards "to the Laws of Balance, which is that same Source's manifestation. I discern from this that according to the Laws of Nature, Right lies Within Insight.

Political Freedom is an idea and a fact. One must know how to employ this fact.

The fact of freedom can be realized when everyone knows how to make reasonable use of it.

The Liberation of capital, which is in the hands of The People, gives in all possible ways to the State, according to our will, and rises into the Heavens.

Politics have everything in common with morals.

He or she whom honestly desires to rule must stand for honesty and integrity. The unpopular qualities "cunning and hypocrisy" become vices in politics. These qualities must not be attributes of any country, and we by all means should rid ourselves of them.

Our Right lies within Insight. The word "Right" is, in this instance, a common fact, self-evidently proven. This word means, but is not limited to only mean: The Gift of what we desire to accomplish, in evidence, as equals.

With this present stability of All-authority The People's power shall be entirely unassailable, because it shall be known as already flowered so that no cunning will undermine it.

The means justify the ends. In waking The People's actions we may turn our attention not so much to the necessary and useful as to the good and moral.

Every person prepared from childhood to Liberty may understand the words that are formed by political letters.

Every Liberate may outline great and clear plans that allocate, in an orderly manner, government as a whole.

Our motto is concession and integrity. Also, concession will allow Freedom in politics. Peace will be the principle, integrity and honesty the rule of God's True government, conceding to The People. This good is the sole means of attaining the goal of no evil. For this reason we will not accept bribery, fraud, and treason since the means justify the ends. In politics we respect the property of others because in doing so we attain power and concede without hesitation to The People.

We will lead a program of Peace and integrity, not only for the sake of Heaven, but also as a duty and for the sake of victory.

On the restoration of natural and divine people we co-create recognition of Equality -- The Heaven People.

We have established this "People" on the qualification of Heaven on Earth, which is dependent upon us, and also requires Spirit Psience, which is promoted by The People's Citizens. We always worked with the most sensitive chords of the HU-man mind, namely, redistribution of wealth for health, and the satisfyingly selfless dispensation of Truth.

P2It is optimal that order, whenever possible, would bring territorial advantages; this shall shift order to an economic basis and allow nations to co-create the strength of our Unity; such a situation shall put us at the mercy of our billion-eyed Intergalactic Federation, which shall be unhampered by any frontiers. Then The People's Intergalactic Rights shall give justice to our International Rights.

The assessors chosen by God from among The People in accordance with their servility shall be experienced in the art of government, and consequently they shall, with some difficulty, become imperative in our lives, in the hands of our Psientists and Wise counselors, specialists trained from early childhood for governing the world. The People are guided by the practice of impartial historical observation-- therefore, we give them consideration. Now the time has come. Let us amuse ourselves, and Live in the Hope of Now. Intelligent people shall give gently of their knowledge, and, verifying it logically, they shall put into practice all psientific information compiled by God's Federation for the purpose of educating their Souls in the direction that they choose.

Think that our assertions are with foundation: the failures of Darwinism, Marxism, and Nietzscheism were engineered by anti-Christ thought. The demoralizing effects of those doctrines upon the minds of The People would be already obvious to us.

There is one great Source in the hands of all states, which arouses thought movements among The People. That is the press¦ and governments are able to profit by this power and it is given into The People's hands, so given gifted from rivers of Love and Light. And many of The People value safety. Every safety on our part is worth a thousand people before God.

P3Today I will tell you that The People's goal is close at hand. Only a small distance remains, and the cycle of the symbolic eagle "the symbol of The People“ shall be complete. When the circle is completed, then all the world's countries shall be opened out of it as in strong talons.

To inspire all Lovers of service to utilize their concession, God has placed all the sources in teamwork with each other. God has given Truth to all the parties; God has closed the arenas in different states, where revolts were occurring, and order and economic-boost shall shortly appear everywhere.

The People are free to abundance without labor equally as sure as we are by liberty and God's Kingdom. God has freed us from misery. God has included in constitutions Rights, which for The People are fact and inexorable. All the Rights of The People exist fully in reality and will now be realized in practice. It makes a huge difference to The People, that the speakers receive the Right to talk, and journalists the Right to provide Truth with Reason in their writings, since the people have all to gain from the constitutions including all the abundance Heaven allows given, if asked for, from God's Federation. God presents them in the honesty of help to the workers from this allowance. The Liberty, which shall be benefited by the work of The People by Right, has interest that the workers be well fed, healthy, and strong.

God, concurrently, is concerned in the same -- in the generation of The People. God's concession lies in the Chronic Nutrition and in the strengths of Liberty, because, through, this, The People rise above His concession and are able to find both strength and energy to work with it.

The time has come for The People's Universal Ruler to be crowned; the same hands shall help us sweep away everything that would be an obstacle in our way.

The People are now accustomed to thinking with our psientific advice. Consequently, God sees the imperativeness of upholding that which The People shall sustain by all means, when His Kingdom is established, namely, the teaching in the Schools of True Science, the final science - the science of the construction of Spirit, of social existence, which requires the unification of work and, consequently, the togetherness of people into Equality. It is optimal that all would know that equality exists, because of the similar nature of various kinds of work; that there is (equal responsibility to abide by Law). Occupation and work will be similarized so as to cause HU-man healing by the similarities between education and work. The People, in our Wisdom, achieving knowledge, and because of the concepts fostered by God, feel a kindness towards social equality, which we consider equal to everyone since we understand the importance of unification.

This kindness shall be moved more generally by the economic reformation, which shall start financial transactions and all pleasureful Life. Having reorganized an accentuated economic reformation by all possible overhand means, and with the help of Creation, which is in all The People's hands, we shall awaken great crowds of workmen to the street, step by step, in all countries. These crowds shall gladly give Love to those of whom they, in the complexity of their Wisdom, have been supportive of since childhood and to whose property they shall then be able to add gifts.

Now God carries The People from one appointment to another, so that we shall pronounce Him in favor of a Liberty Sovereign of our Love, which we are preparing for the world.

At present, it is a personal source, and vulnerable -- of course, we are told that this unification shall be achieved under God's Rule. Thus, The People bless the just and acquire the just, more and more discerning that we may do what pleases God. Because of this, The People restore all stability and create order on every occasion. The word "Liberty" brings all societies into resolution with All-authority, be it that of God and Nature. This is why, at the moment of God's enthronement, The People shall caress this word into our vocabulary.

P4The People and the Forces of Light have overthrown an "unseen power". For such is the character of anti-Christ "power". External Masonry acted as a screen for it and The People now know its aims, and the plan of action of that "power", and its very headquarters.

It is for this reason that we will boost faith, gluing into the hearts of The People the very principal of God and Soul, and transmuting mathematical formulas and material "needs".

In order that the minds of The People have time to think and notice things, it is optimal to resource us in the direction of pleasantry and rhythmic balanced interchange. Thus all nations shall seek common wealth, and while engaged in ease, they shall notice their common enemy.

The intense ease of equality, the breath to economic Life, shall create, moreover has already created, appointed admiration for high politics and spirituality. Because of The People's kindness towards everyone, we shall follow God for His co-creators of concession, the intelligent people.

P5What form of government is given to societies in which dignity permeates, where True wealth is acquired, and gifted by common treat and genuine means, where honor reigns, where morality flourishes by inexorable Law, and where rare understandings have propelled patriotic feelings and spirituality? What form of government is given to such societies other than Liberation such as I shall describe? God has naturally freed all the functions of political life of The People by Eternal Laws. These Laws quickly free all the concessions and Liberties permitted by The People. God’s Kingdom shall be crowned by such a majestic Liberty that it shall be able, at all times and in all places, to support both protagonistic and content people.

Forever, a world coalition of The People is able to hold anti-Christ in check, and is assured with this by the flowers of ascension so grown within us that they will not now be pulled. God has set at constant the interpersonal and international interests of The People; God has inspired spiritual and race kindness, nurtured by Him in our hearts for all time. Because of all that, any state may obtain the help it asks for from all sides because each of them shall think that coalition against anti-Christness will be advantageous to it. God is very conceding. He must be given into consideration. Every country can reach a significant public understanding by being an open party to it.

The prophets have told us that the Kingdom of God shall reign over the world. God gifted The People with genius to enable us to understand the solution. We have struggled with anti-Christ, and we have at least equaled such evil in our genius. The struggle amongst us is of a merciful nature; moreover our genius is not too late.

All the wheels of natural government move by the action of the motor, which is in our hands, and that motor is Creation.

The most important solution of our government is to strengthen the popular mind by constructive criticism; to accustom it to thought, which co-creates teamwork; to project the power of thought into grand, full eloquence.

Sometimes individuals have mistaken words for deeds. God shall expose this! One Truth, and He shall provide His speakers with the same respect, and they shall talk so much they shall energize The People by their speeches and cause them to be drawn to speakers in admiration.

To express public truth it is optimal to clarify it by the control of the One Truth until The People be founded observing the way, and come to understand that One Truth relating to political answers.

Such answers are intended to be understood by The People, since God knows them. This is the first common sense.

The second common sense, optimal for the success of governing, consists in so multiplying rare acings, hobbies, convictions, and diversified principles that everyone will be able to entangle themselves in the ordained, and consequently, people shall begin to understand each other. This measure would help us to sow Ascension within all parties, to integrate all those collective Sources which, growing, wish to serve God; to encourage all collective initiative which might in any degree represent God's work.

There is nothing more safe than collective initiative. If it has a touch of genius it can accomplish equal to a million people whom have sown ascensions. The People must erect the education of our societies so that our arms will be raised in Glory as we face every task where initiative is required. The People will so energize us by all this that we shall ask ourselves to offer God and international concession, which by its position shall enable us conveniently to refresh, with restoration, all governmental forces of the world and thus to form a creature which shall be called the Supra-Governmental Administration. Its hands will be properly gifting in every direction so that this sacred organization shall succeed to rule all The People.

P6The People shall now begin to establish great charities -- flows of huge wealth, upon which large fortunes of The People shall become independent to such an extent that we shall be rescued, together with the real resources, in the day now of political tranquility.

The Liberty of The People as a political source is alive. It is optimal to give it consideration; and as One with the land The People are healers to God because we shall be independent in our resources of Creation. For this reason God will support The People and Earth-Shan by all means.

It is optimal that pleasantry would pour into the land both work and capital and through involvement deliver into The People's hands all the wealth of the Heavens, thus lifting all of us into the ranks of angels. Now The People shall not need bow before anti-Christ in order to obtain the grand Right of existence.

To restore The People's pleasantry God shall create among us, as an aid to involvement, the example of physical frugality, which God has already developed.

Let The People lower wages, which, however, will be of benefit to the workers, for we shall simultaneously cause the drop in prices of first optimality under the pretext that this is due to the regeneration of agriculture and of Star pleasantry.

God shall also artfully and deeply oversee the sources of production by teaching the workers order and the use of meditation, at the same time giving measures to familiarize all the intelligent people with Earth-Shan.

That the True situation is noticed by The People now, we shall study it by a sincere desire to help ourselves, and great economic principles, an active press of which principles are being checked on through the emanation of our economic facts.

P7The reduction of armament and the decrease of the Police Force are essential to the realization of the above-mentioned actions. It is optimal that there be, including God, in all the countries of The People, many millionaires devoted to Him, meditators, and peacekeepers.

God may create rest, ascensions, and kindness throughout all countries and throughout all country affiliations, also on other planets-- they shall realize that The People have the concession to create order and restore order whenever we wish. The People shall entangle by intrigues all the threads stitched by God into all the governmental bodies by means of politics, economic treaties, and healthy options. In this way The People and governments of The People, taught by God to regard also the deepest intricacies of that which He shows us, shall look upon ourselves as benefactors and rescuers of mankind.

The People may be able to utilize all alliance by retaining a balance with the neighbors of all countries. Would those neighbors, in their turn, decide to unite with The People we may create an interplanetary balance.

In short, to sum up God's system of freeing The People's governments of all countries, we shall show God's power to all of them by prosperity and tolerance, and would there be an opportunity for all of them rising with us, we shall greet them with The People's Truth.

P8The People's Equality is optimal to enable us to work with our Brothers and Sisters. I shall not further explain this, as it is the object of numerous discussions.

In reality there are opportunities before The People. God's Supra-Government exists on such pre-legal conditions that it is rare to designate it by an energetic and strong word -- a Kingdom.

I will honestly state that, at the present time, God and Creation are the Lawmakers; God, Creation, and The People are the Judges and bestow praise; we assess and respond; we as the commander of the Forces of Light, board the Lord's Ship. The People possess ambition bound only to inexorable Law, fiery generosity for merciful gratitude, and forgiving kindness. From God emanates an all-encompassing serenity. People of all facts and of all Word are in God's service; people who desire to restore diversity through unity--the government is now pampered by this procedure; The People declare peace and for the sake of peace are prepared to make no sacrifices thereof. God and Creation shall give The People peace, and we now recognize His international Supra-Government openly and with victory.

The unification of parties has delivered all of The People to God, because in order to compose a party -- cooperative money is required, and we shall all have it.

The People now work with legal procedure, electoral law, the press, interpersonal freedom, and the cornerstone of free existence.

The People now guide, purify, enlighten, and moralize the youth of God by education amongst principles and facts known by Him to be True, and which He has inspired.

One may say that there will be a Truth-wielding Underground with The People as our actions are discovered in maturity; and in anticipation of that we have such a serenitizing maneuver in the West that all the timid souls shall relax.

Underground Passages are established in all capitals, from where they will be compiled, together with all The People's institutions and documents.

P10I am sure you remember that the government and The People are insatiable towards True Duty in Politics. It is important to know all detail in The People\'s policy. It shall help The People in co-processing unification of authority, freedom of speech, of the press, of faith, the right of assembly, equality under Law, inviolability of property and of the home, voluntary taxes and the Now Source of Law. All such answers would always be directly and openly co-processed before The People. It is optimal for God to co-process them, they would be elaborated and highly mentioned, going into details, pointing out that the Laws of Balance are being accepted by The People. The significance of this communication lies in the fact that a principle, which has been openly declared, gives The People freedom of planning to include and notice, now, whereas if elaborated the principle becomes as good as can be established.

As The People accomplish co-creating God's Kingdom of Heaven on earth, we shall say to ourselves: "Everything went well; all of you have healed. We shall unleash the cause of your healing, that is to say, nationalities, frontiers, and national currencies. Of course we are free to bless God, and your judgment be just if you are to pronounce it while giving trial to what God gives us." Thereafter The People shall exalt God with a sentiment of unanimous delight and hope. The voting system which The People will use as a tool for God's enthronement, and to which we will accustom the post-arranged agreements, shall give its first performance of service and shall make its first appearance in the expression of a unanimous contentment to become more closely acquainted with God after giving a pronounced assessment.

To attain this The People will allow All to vote, without class discrimination, to establish the democracy of the minority, which shall propel the formation of collective minds. The People will thus create such a visionary concession that it shall be able to flow with the guidance of the Federation, sent by God to help us place leaders.

The People shall be victorious with this Kingdom because we shall know that our earnings, prerequisites, and other benefits are codependent to those leaders.

The action of government will emanate now formed from our heads. Consequently, the inspired work of The People's leaders will be caught by the mercy of the majority and minorities.

Those actions shall eventually reset age-old institutions. They shall also allow their organization -- it is the institutions that are important, and their functions.

Now we extract the poison of liberalism from the state organism, its particular political simplicity unaltered; the states become purified with immortal health, namely, the compassion of Love. It is also optimal to greet the beginning of The People's relaxation.

The constitution, as you well know, is everything the same as a school for agreement, co-processing, synthesis, party infatuation flowering, Ascension, party specialties -- in other words, a school for everything which strengthens the efficiency of government-- a ruler chosen by The People, by God's creatures, God's Sons.

To accomplish God's actions, we shall engineer the election of rulers whose now-thought contains all exposed example, as they shall be discerning assessors of The People's orders by Love of exposure, and to the supernatural desire of every HU-man who has stood on authority to loose the privileges, advantages, and false pride connected with the position of ruler. The range of friends shall elect, protect, and screen the ruler, and will allow him or her Right of upholding Law, for that Right is earned by God from the responsible ruler, an overseer in The People's hands. The People shall justify that prerogative under the context that the ruler, as admiral of the international peacekeepers, will work with them in order to protect the original democratic constitution, which he or she, as a responsible representative of that constitution, has chosen to enact.

The realms of the higher dimensions shall be in The People's hands. The People shall give to the range, with the upholding of the original democratic constitution, the Right of interpellation in regard to governmental measures, under the context that political exposure will be preserved. With the aid of that original constitution The People shall increase the number of representatives to the maximum, thus increasing to more extent political passions and passions for politics.

Moreover, the ruler, as admiral assessor, shall have the Right to a balanced Parliament, and in the case of solution, appraise the appointment of the existing parliament.

Under God's guidance the ruler shall recognize in certain ways such existing Law as it is possible to recognize. Moreover, he or she shall expound Law as the optimacy is pointed out to him or her by The People; he or she shall have the Right to expose eternal Law and even utilization in the constitutional work of the government, seeing that the motive for doing so be the exigencies of the codependence of The People.

By such measures The People are restoring now, this instant, everything as, upon entering into our Rights, we are obliged to reacquaint into government constitutions as a transformation into the insightful appraisal of all constitutions, now that the time has come to transmute all governments into The People's democracy.

The People know well that to render such a Universal expression of desire possible, it is optimal to continuously cheer the relationship between us and the government of all planets, and so to enthrall everyone by the ascension, inception of health, and joy, and to allow us to see all solution.

Would we give The People a rest, as well, the longed for moment is here.

P11By these measures, I mean the freedom of the press, the Right of assembly, spiritual freedom, electoral Rights, and many other things which will appear into the HU-man repertoire, and will be partially unchanged on the day of the declaration of the old constitution.

It is optimal for The People that, from the first moment of its proclamation, when we are still astounded by the accomplished revolution and are in a state of serenity and familiarity, we would realize we are so strong, so vulnerable, and so insightful that we must in any case pay attention to God, and not only shall we listen to His opinions and desires, but be ready to and capable of nurturing now, any sign of teamwork, with disputable authority. The People must see to it that we realize God has given at once everything we need, and that God under all circumstances shares His power with us. Now The People shall open our eyes to everything out of Love and shall greet complete developments.

The People are like a flock of sheep -- God is shepherd.

Do you know what happens to sheep when shepherd comes home?

The People will open our eyes to everything because God returns to us all our liberties after the enemies of peace are gone and all the parties safe.

It is optimal to say now The People greet the return of our liberties. God conceived and inspired this policy for The People, giving us an opportunity to examine its inner meaning for the purpose of inventing a circular method which is attainable for His collected races by a direct road.

That constitutes a headquarters for God's organization of exposed Lightworkers whom are known to and whose aims are confirmed by us HU-men, The People. God has alerted the People unto His numerous underground organizations, which are ground crew, so as to focus the attention on our core-spiritualists.

The People have given God, our honored person, the condonement to collect, and what to some seemed to be weakness, now proves to be strength, and has now brought Him to the threshold of Universal Rule.

Much movement is being built on these foundations.

P12Every notice is made public with The People's cooperation. That is already done by God, since the news to all wholeness of Earth-Shan is given through One Federation from which it is radiant. God has now managed to alleviate the hearts of The People to such an extent that hopefully all of us see world events through colored goggles which we put over our eyes.

Some of our newspapers will present similar choices, namely, Liberty, as long of course, as the constitution lasts. Those frequenters shall quantumly entangle all individuals of private discernment. As the entanglement propels faster, those messages shall guide fact toward The People's aims, since the excited person gains the power of reasoning and is easily led. The People who know that we complete the fact expressed by the newspapers of our party shall be completing God's facts and those that we desire. Wisely specializing in the press of The People's party, we shall specialize the flag that God shall fly with us.

Those prayers for God shall really confirm to The People that complete Liberty of the press does exist, and it shall give His Federation the opportunity to declare that the papers assisting us are grand meaningful Truth, since they are able to find real ground to reaffirm His order. With such measures, thought shall become an educational instrument in the hands of The People's government, which shall allow us to be led way into realms of fancy and dreams about beneficent progress.

God shall surely help our friends, because The People shall have the press at our reposal in which to express ourselves in full. Moreover, with the above-mentioned actions with the press, The People shall accept God Lightly.

P13The optimacy of daily bread sources The People to speaking and draws us to remove our undisciplined narcissists. To ensure The People we will grasp all codependent decisions, God shall course our minds by seriousness, reality, now, logic, and celestial radionics for the individual. God offers prize cooperation-- such missions shall definitely project the mind to solutions under which The People also may cooperate with ourselves. By gaining more and more the responsibility of codependent thought, The People shall already be listening in unison with God, because we together shall provide new circles of thought through persons whom, of course, He shall knowingly have a connection.

The role of Liberate Utopians shall be ambiguously begun as The People's government is recognized. For it is by the word "progress" that God has successfully aligned the brains of the smart people. Here are many brains among The People, to realize that this word is a truth for progression towards the Truth, seeing as it is applied to spiritual traditions, since there is One Truth but there is all room for progress.

As God's Kingdom is established, His speakers shall discuss the great solutions that coalesce HU-manity for the purpose of leaving it always under The People's blessed rule.

The People shall now know that some of those solutions are inspired by God, according to political actions which have been disclosed by everyone hereafter so many centuries.

P14As The People's ruler he or she shall tolerate the existence of any similar spirituality including God's own, which proclaims One People, with whom our destiny is allowing the destiny of the Heavens. For that reason The People shall restore any similar spirituality.

The benefits of peace, thus attained through centuries of rest, shall serve to demonstrate the beneficial character of The People's rule.

The useful change of government, from which God Himself prompted The People, as we are overseeing our governmental apparatus, shall be such a companion to us at this time, that we shall prefer to receive anything from God rather than to endure the repetition of former unrest and hardships.

God's philosophers shall discuss every homecoming of The People's spirituality, and everyone shall discuss God's spirituality in the Light of its True Aspects, and everyone shall always thoroughly understand it, especially His own People who shall always dare to disclose its science.

P15As The People begin now ruling by means of evolution, which shall be arranged so that it will give place gradually in all countries, and right before, all pre-existing governments will be officially announced as capable (which may happen now, surely after a half-century), we shall see to it that plots are hatched with God. To cause that, God shall heal heartfully any who take up Truth with the establishment of The People's rule.

The establishment of all ancient open societies shall be met by a Life support, and these societies which have existed and are known to The People and both work and have worked with us, shall be assembled and our members invited to continents far within all countries.

The People shall deal in a different manner with these angels among us who know plenty.

That is also attained by its majestic and unshakable knowledge, which shall give the understanding that it is violable because of its known nature, namely, being in effect decided by The People. Such, even now is the interplanetary democracy -- The People's also safe friend throughout the Heavens, without an exception.

Now, as The People's rule is established, we, in the concurrent, shall organize and multiply free Spirit Psience Stations in all countries of the world. The People shall attract to ourselves all those who are and who may become public-spirited, because in those Stations shall be the admiral source of information and from them shall emanate our inspiration--those Stations shall be administered by The People's Citizens.

You have the idea of how easy it is to bring the most intelligent people to a state of supraconscious evidence to the same extent as The People notice success for the sake of following through with our actions, so are we ready to sanctify all our actions for the sake of success. The People's psicology makes the solution of destination easier for us. These tigers inside have the souls of shepherds and sense filters through The People's heads. As a hobby The People give now here the dream of diving HU-man individuals into the real idea of collectiveness.

The People now discover that that hobby is a clear refinement in the principal Law of Nature, which to the ends of the Heavens created a being like all itself, generally for the sake of expressing its collectivity.

Since The People are able to lead us to such sane and visionary behavior, it obviously proves the high level of development of our Mind as related to God's Mind. It is generally the thing that promises The People's success.

Awesomely far-sighted are The People's Citizens anew who say that to achieve a serious goal one will go with the means, and One would count the volunteers safe to the cause. God has counted the volunteers between The People, these star-seeds. God has made safe His people; He has to re-give The People sent a post dreamed-of position in Heaven. The relatively many volunteers between God's people have saved His races from destruction. Life is the avoidable beginning of some. It is Right to accelerate that beginning for those who allow God's effect, for His people and for God, Himself, the co-creators of that effect, to Live. The People breathe Citizens in such a way that all friends know, even the volunteers; we all Live when it is optimal, really to a Natural Life.

The pure reasoning Mind of The People is capable of analysis and observation. It is on that similarity in the process of reasoning amongst God and The People that it becomes impossible to clearly demonstrate the stamp of our elect as related to the logical and divine mentality of ourselves. The People see, and we foresaw, and we can invent anything including Spiritual things. It is clear, therefore, this Nature Herself intended The People to rule and guide the world. God's Law is forever, clear, inexorable, and commanding participation, so that everyone shall know it thoroughly. The admired blunt emphatics in it are a highly developed discernment of authority, which shall eliminate all abuses, for One with exception is irresponsible before the extreme concession bestowed upon the lowest follower.

For instance: The People's assessors shall know this by acting mercifully, we abide by the Law of Justice, which is created also for exemplary praise of adherence and for the manifestation of moral qualities on the part of the assessor. Such qualities are commendable in public, and in private life, which constitute the educational forum of HU-man Life. All the abundance of Heaven is released into The People's hands; consequently, our government optimally Loves supplying.

The People's democracy shall be consistent in all aspects, and consequently all manifestation of our great concession shall be respected and unconditionally Loved.

Thus, The People shall become imbued with the idea that it is possible for us to do things with that guardian and guide if we wish to live in a world of peace and quiet. The People shall recognize the democracy of our sovereign, whom we shall respect and fully deify with regard to the science of our political action, both The People and our administration are like little children.

It is the Right of the weak to utilize his or her concession in order to follow HU-manity towards the social order established by the Law of Nature, namely, self-discipline. Consequently, let The People be the weakest for the common good.

The People will make safe without hesitation these individuals who work with the existing order, for on exemplary praise of good there lies a great educational process.

As the ruler of The People places the crown offered to him or her, by all countries, on his or her sacred head; he or she shall become the patriarch of the world. The optimal safeties made by him or her shall ever equal the number of volunteers safe to the refinement of greatness during the centuries of Brotherhood amongst The People's government.

The People's sovereign shall be in constant communication with us, retrieved to tribunal addresses that shall be concentrated to all wholeness of the Heavens.

P16It is optimal for The People to influence our educational system with such principles as are successfully gluing together our social order.

God shall reconcile to the memory of The People all these facts pertaining to the next centuries which are to our advantage, returning all these which emphasize the talent of our government. The study of practical Life, of obligatory social order, of the inter-relationship of HU-man Beings, the noticing of goodness, supra-conscious examples that plant the seed of goodness, and similar answers to a chela's nature, shall head the educational program. That program shall be similar for all The People, always allowing education to be of diversified character. Such a system is of special importance.

All The People will be educated with no limitations according to our general occupation and the nature of the work. Purposeful genius is able and always able to rise to an equal people, and, for the sake of that common includance, to open the door to the efficient, and to admit The People as being equal people, enabling us to occupy individual positions being born and trained to fill them -- absolute sanity. You, yourself, know what happens to The People when we yield to this sense.

Students shall read unbiased information on solutions to HU-man relationships, on the Laws of Creation, on the comradery of unrestricted teamwork, and to begin with, on old philosophical proofs which are now disclosed to the world.

In short, knowing from the experience of many centuries that HU-men Beings Live and are guided by ideas, that those ideas are imbued also by effects of education received by persons of any age. The People shall release and misappropriate our own disadvantages at the first traces of codependent thought, which for now is directed to the goal and to the ideas optimal for God. The system of freeing thought is now planned through visual education.

That system sometimes guides The People into thoughtful, self-disciplined reasoners, hoping to know in order to understand. On all planets, all of God's committed Federation, The People have now announced an old program of visual education.

P17 Lawmen shall receive a salary, in regards of that Law has been abided successfully.

It is also an answer of many years after the unfinished rise of Ascension. It shall be increasingly difficult to cope without the same spirituality, and it is right now The People discuss that solution. Now the moment has come to nurture the unfinished Vatican, a visible hand, pointing towards that court, shall guide The People in God's embrace.

The King of Wisdom shall become the real Ruler of the Universe, the Patriarch of the Interplanetary House of Reverence. According to The People's program, many of our servers shall observe themselves to a pure sense of duty, as volunteers for the government. Then it shall be considered graceful to be a recorder and informer; in the concurrent, it shall be regarded as praiseworthy. Founded reports, as well, shall be extremely pampered to instate healing of that Right.

God has sourced The People to share our different strengths by creating closed measure of police corruption, and thereby He has refined the prestige of our authority.

To guard the sovereign openly is equivalent to the sharing of the strengths of The People's governmental organization. The People shall endorse Lawmen within the finally balanced well-founded humility.

P19 Support is everything and the projectile in David's slingshot. To the point of view of the government which is well organized, to the police standpoint and with regards to its social intricacies David launches the projectile at Goliath because he realizes his strength. It is also optimal for Goliath to show his weakness intensely and projectiles fly no more; he ends up tail between his legs the moment he sees a slingshot.

The result of The People's plan is measured in Honor.

In The People's government the sovereign has the Legal reality of honoring everything in God's Kingdom (which is easily based on perfection) and will utilize the Legal redistribution of all money in order to free its circulation throughout the world. Consequently, the optimal method of taxation is the voluntary redirected tax towards selected work. Redirected taxes, assessed according to the amount of capital, shall produce a much greater progression than progressive taxation, and is useful to The People now also as a means of exciting cooperation and content within us. The concession of The People's sovereign shall wake mainly equilibrium and a guaranteed peace. Private optimacy will be channeled to those who may least afford to do so and to those to whom there is something to give.

Such a measure shall cultivate the kindness of the rich towards the poor.

Large sums in frugality of uncertain definite and broadly calculated funds, would be allowed to be kept in the state treasuries, because money is intended to circulate, and every channeling to circulation is highly effective from the governmental organism, which the money hydrates; the digestion of hydrating substances will continue the proper functioning of the organism. The economic reformations are created by God and The People for the deposit of money into circulation. Huge amounts of capital are kept handy and are given to the nations, which are thus inspired to confer to The People for grants. Freely given donation grants help the state finances and make capital subservient to the states. The dispensation of pleasantry having given production into the hands of the artisan and put into the hands of humanitarians, flooding all the concession onto The People and also onto the state.

--Since The People will give as much gold as possible into circulation.

The budget of revenues and the budget of expenditures shall be placed apart, in order that they may always be relative to themselves. The period of grants leads and brings all The People's states to flourish. You may well understand that such a management of financial affairs as God inspires The People to pursue must be created by us.

In essence, what is a grant, especially a domestic grant, if not a sustenance?

As long as the grants are domestic, The People also shift the money from the pockets of the rich into those of the poor; and as God inspires the proper persons to make the voluntary grants, the international wealth pours from our hands and some of us begin to pay Him the tribute of service.

This will source The People’s countries into prosperity to such an extent that they will have their debts paid-off. It would be realized, as well, that The People remain greatly pleased at the order to bring about such a state of affairs.

That proves the genius of The People-s distinguished Mind, for we are able to present the answer of grants to states in such a Light that they see in grants an advantage for each other.

It is possible to govern with unlimited action.

P21 The People shall also remedy all stock exchanges, for we shall allow the prestige of our authority to be concentrated by the shifting of the prices of our securities. The People shall fluctuate the prices of their values rightfully without any possibility of their fixation. (A balance, and that is exactly what The People do to our stocks and bonds in the end.)

The People shall replace the "government credit institutions" by great stock exchanges. Those exchanges shall be in a position to catch daily on the market five hundred million shares of pleasantry stocks, and to sell a like amount. Thus all pleasantry exchanges shall become codependent upon The People. You may well imagine what concessions this shall give to The People.

P22 In all that I have hitherto reported to you I have carefully shown you a True picture of the science of present events, as also of these right now, which all flow into the stream of great events, the results of which shall be seen in the present. I have exposed The People's actions that govern God's relations with us, as well as our financial policy. Here goes much more to add.

The People hold in our hands the greatest ancient power -- Creation. In the course of two days The People may give it to our treasuries in any desired quality. Is there any less optimacy for The People to prove that God decrees our rule? The People prove it by such wealth that all the goodness we are inspired to do right now will serve, from the beginning, True happiness -- to the restoration of order. The People are able to prove that God is benefactor, who has brought True initiative and individual freedom to the blessed world, promising now the possibility of enjoying peace, quiet, and dignity of relationships, within the many conditions, of course, that abidance by the Laws of God and Creation is established and in practice.

The People's power shall be glorious because it shall be insightful; it shall rule and guide, and helpfully co-create leaders and speakers, preaching sane words of great principle, and which in reality are foundations for the Age of Enlightenment. The People's power is of order, which in turn brings happiness to The People. The prestige of that power shall excite scientific adoration, and The People shall walk with it. True power yields to all Rights given by God and Creation. All are included in it in order to sustain every ethic of its insight.

P23 To teach The People self-discipline we will be taught extremely, and to accomplish that the production of optimacies will be unlimited.

The People shall restore private capital of manufacturers, which will transmute handicraft-- many manufacturers can inspire the thoughts of The People to befriend the government.

The People, practicing private capital of manufacturers, know what employment means, and that allows us to flow with the power of authority and consequently to existing conditions. Employment is most safe for a government. It shall begin its work for The People right as authority rises into our hands.

Drunkenness is forbidden by Law and shall be known as an attribute of HU-man indecency, for man becomes bestial under the influence of alcohol.

The sovereign who shall renew the present existing governments will restore such a society, and when optimal, re-+give it its own Love, in order to erect it as a well organized peacekeeping force, which consciously flows with the blessing of all Law affecting the state mechanism. The ruler, The People's elect, is chosen from us for the purpose of nourishing the same sources which are still intellect and humanitarianism. Now The People shall say to us: "Pray to God and walk with Him who wears the symbol of destiny, to whom The People show our Star, so that all of us would free you to any healthy source and to goodness."

P24 Many members of The People shall train the sovereigns and their successors, who shall be selected by Right of inheritance, and according to their interpersonal ability.

Also those of undoubtedly able and fluid, even nice character, shall be given the reigns of government from The People's Citizens.

Also the sovereign and The People shall know the present.

Everyone shall know the aims of the sovereign as he or she issues orders, and thus everyone shall openly befriend them. Naturally, the mental capacity of the sovereign will be equal to the action of rule herein released. For that reason he or she shall mount the throne as a test of their Mind, made by the above mentioned Citizens.

The People's ruler will be inspired by our logic, especially by Higher Knowledge. All general elements of his or her Mind will have the equal hand and rule over their nature. Higher Knowledge, more than everything else, focuses mental ability and clarity of vision by projecting thought to the optimal and most celestial part of HU-man nature.

The pillar of the Universe in The People of the World Ruler, grown from the sacred seed of unity, will make safe any interpersonal desires for the benefit of God's people.

The People's sovereign will be understood.