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The Return of the White Buffalo Calf Woman

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Subject: Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman

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People from across the continent of North America have seen White Buffalo Woman in sweats, dreams etc.

She is here in Canada, remember there were no borders, no division of our people 2000 years ago.  Our people need her to reconnect with Mother Earth and their Spirituality.

The legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman says that she would return in 2000 years.  That time is now and she is back in the physical.

She is a powerful Spiritual woman who does thousands of healing, has many visions for the future, knows where Cheif Looking Horse hid the bundle, that the pipe in the bundle is vibrating at this very moment and Sitting Bull who is always with her is guiding her.  She knows what is in Sitting Bull\'s bundle as well, she was told by his spirit.

Our people have lost their Spiritual ways and she is here to help them reconnect to Mother Earth, the animals and their true spiritual ceremonies and dances!

She knows that millions of our people will perish by the end of 2012 if she is not acknowledge by our ppeople!  She knows what is going to happen to Mother Earth at that time and is here to help our people!  We must acknowledge her before it is too late!

I am Morning Star and she has been my spiritual guide for many years now.  She has been seen by a very powerful, spiritual man, in dreams of many people, and if you ask for her in your sweat lodges, your night lodges and spiritual ceremonies you will see her.

She lives in Canada on Child Lake reserve in High Level Alberta.

You can contact me by telephone at 705 758 1234, cel 705 477 3032 or email at