Will there be robot-bees in the future? It has been discovered that Walmart filed for a patent for robotic bees that would be autonomous pollination drones for crops. The Robo-bee patent marks only one of six patents Walmart filed for drone farming tech.

How does it work? The robotic bees would include at least one pollen applicator and one sensor to detect the pollen per device. The patent notes that there has been a steady decline of pollinators in recent years. Concerned, scientists have held discussion surrounding crop dusting the pollen onto the plants, but they think that technique would lack the targeted nature needed for the plants to thrive, which brought them to the solution of robo-bees.

This isn’t the first time we have heard of this end of days technology. Harvard University researchers brought their bees to the scene in 2013. Originally, the bee-bots had to be tied to a power source to fly or hover in the air. Scientists have expanded the bees abilities, now incredibly they can dive in and out of water, swim underwater, and stick to surfaces.

It’s unreported as to exactly how these robotic bees will be implemented in Walmart, but it seems that the big box store might be planning a business in agriculture by farming its own crops.

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The bee drone technology, which was explored in season 3 of Black Mirror, could theoretically give Walmart an edge in food production over the long term.