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Full Documentary Official (2016) [Robots]

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5-10 -17

Ron: This video suggests that technology and robots will replace human labour and make humans obsolete. The idea that humans could become obsolete is ludicrous and amounts to a form of disinformational fear porn. Humans are sovereign aspects of the Creator, endowed with mind and free will which ensures that, over time, humans individually and collectively grow through creative problem solving and evolve into ever greater levels of consciousness. Accordingly humans are  ultimately destined to become One with Creation and the Creator. Free will enables humans to choose NOT to evolve and hence not to continue their cosmic journey but it is unlikely that many choose that option. Arguably humans are the reason for Creation and the fulfillers of its purpose.

This video accurately exposes the problems inherent in our current money meme dominated global economy and the associated push for a Universal Basic Income by the Jewish bankster controllers of our world and their goy enablers. However, the authors paint a bleak dystopic future for us and offer NO solutions save a wan reference to the need to learn subsistence living. They also omit all reference to the fact that humans and the cosmos are spiritual entities.

The solution to the so-called problems associated with technology and machines replacing the need for humans to labour for a living are spiritual and should be obvious. The fact that this video does not even hint at the fact that a spiritual increase in human consciousness on this planet is needed and will totally solve the essentially chimerical problem of unemployment in our future suggests grave ignorance or worse.

The only reason that the development of technology, and robots to replace most of the work functions currently performed by humans is destroying our global society is that humanity has been socially engineered to believe that most are slaves who must labour to pay banksters and their corporations, including corporate governments, for the right to survive. Humanity has also been mind controlled to believe the money meme is needed to enable individuals and society to exist.  That is false. The money meme is merely a diabolical mechanism used to seperate, isolate and cause human individuals to compete with and fight each other rather than co-operate to attain health, wealth and happiness in community.

The truth is that technology and artificial intelligence are god-given tools designed to assist humans to grow and develop at the appropriate time in their evolution. For instance, over a century ago Nikola Tesla was gifted with much technical knowledge meant to assist humanity on this planet to develop and grow into higher consciousness. Tesla's inventions and patents were stolen and suppressed and used only by global banksters and their Deep State minions and enablers. The same suppression treatment was meted out to Royal Raymond Rife and many others. As a result humanity here has largely remained ignorant and almost unconscious. That is why we still see articles like this one bemoaning humanity's rapidly growing unemployment and wailing that "the sky is falling" and we'll all be ruined, if not dead.  In truth technology and robotic developments  presage humanity's coming Golden Age on this planet.  When it happens everyone will finally be free of pertetual drudgery and enslavement. Those who cannot see this prospect or refuse to accept it will be moved by Universe Management to other planets more suited to their level of personal spiritual development.

All that is required for humans on this planet to appreciate and benefit from the freedom that technology will provide, is the ability to SHARE AND CARE instead of ego-centrically clinging to a dystopic past controlled by banksters and their enablers. A critical mass of humans needs to understand that the money meme is merely an enslavement device, and reject it. The future belongs to those who seek to serve others more than self so that human life will be lived in sharing, caring communities instead of fragmented, antagonistic societies based on competition and the pursuit of gain at the expense of others.

To develop caring and sharing communities humans need to develop sufficient spiritual  consciousness to enable them to reject the materialism that the money meme has fostered.  Money is a mental construct developed by those who seek to control and exploit others. Money has no value other than what humans project upon it. All its members can thrive spiritually and physically once a community understands that health, welfare and abundance for all depends on the shared physical work and engenuity of its members carefully using and conserving available physical resources provided by the planet.

This means that, as a first step towards the Golden Age, every community must control and eventually eliminate money creation and use to ensure that ALL community members are catered for without anyone hording wealth for any reason. Proper control of money creation and use will quickly result in abundance for all. Concommitantly, the FAUX legal system created by our global matrix controllers, including the creation of FAUX legal persons called corporations, must be eliminated.

Corporations are fictions created by humans using bits of paper and electronic digits. They have  no real existance. Currently, corporations granted legal (BUT unlawful in Divine, cosmic terms) PERSONHOOD are used by the global matrix controllers (aka Jewish banksters and their hidden controllers) to own and control most governments and almost all trans-national corporations that dominate the global economy. That situation must be eliminated if humans on this planet are to be free.

Think about it. The only reason that the advent of technology and robots etc poses a problem for global human society is that the technology is owned by a tiny group of private individuals who use interlocking shareholdings to own and control the techmology owning corporations, AND that tiny group of plutocrats keep all the profits from the use of that technology when ALL of that profit should be equitably shared with the rest of humanity. Today, profits created by technology and robots is NOT earned by the personal efforts of those who own them under our current unlawful legal system. That situation is what must be changed. Folk who refuse to see that are part of the problem.

To get a grip on the actual situation causing the angst about the rise of technology and robotics see eg: The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy -