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From Europe this morning WE are advised that Obama is using threats and bribery and blackmail in an attempt to get LaGarde out from under her legal troubles in the French courts fearing she will be forced to resign if further disclosures are made.


Does this sound, to those of you believing Lew and LaGarde are on our side, that she is our ally?      Or Obama’s ally??


Remember friends, the IMF and the UST are basically the same thing. The U.S. Treasury Secretary’s salary is paid by the IMF. The current UST is the CORPORATIONS Treasury, not the REPUBLICS TREASURY. We have not had a Treasury of the Republic since 1921, if memory serves, probably because of successive Bankruptcies of the Republic.


If Lew and LaGarde were ever actually in Reno as so many Dinar Reporters claimed, and Bush allies James Baker and Alberto Gonzalez and WU and others as well, do you think it likely they were there to do something for Dinar Investors?       Or for the Cabal they all work for??


  Casper    5-28-13