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The money supply continues to contract implying deflation before the coming inflation, the opposite of what Thomas Jefferson said, "First by Inflation then by Deflation". 'Rules', 'Theory's' and 'economics 101' may all be instantly 'out the window' when the changes are announced.
How can anyone project the exact outcome of such changes upon the Worlds Economy?
Perhaps Jefferson was right if we consider that today's deflation was preceded by years of Inflation, ref. the housing bubble and before that the dot com bubble. Yeah that's it, Jefferson was right. Now that the 'bad guys' various 'stashes' have been confiscated and their NWO Plans up in smoke as a result, the ground has been leveled and plowed and made ready for something entirely new.
After two years and 3.5 Trillion Dollars Obama's Fall Campaign Slogan? 'Bush drove the car into the ditch'. Funny at first, it again shows he is incapable of taking responsibility for his actions. Bush may have started the car and warmed up the engine but his TARP, etc. pales in comparison to what Obama has done since. I do agree however that Obama is to some extent a 'victim', not of Bush but of his own 'Economic Team' each of whom was in the Banks Pocket before Obama showed up. Talk about an easy 'mark', Obama was 'silly putty' in their hands.
What he brought to the table was extreme incompetence coupled with immeasurable arrogance and a big smile. Within months the Banks and his Illuminati Handlers had taken the taxpayers, with Obama's Signature, for a Trillion Dollar Ride which included such scams as Goldman getting 12 Billion via AIG.  Paulson and Geithner and the rest of the Goldman crowd were there to 'Guide' Obama to make the 'correct' decisions which might be summarized as 'save the banks at any cost' and to hell with the people, their children and their children's children.
The T.V. says Obama gave 140 Billion to the IMF AFTER the Congress said he could not do so without their expressed approval. Fast and loose with the taxpayers money, not satisfied with playing Santa Clause domestically only. You owe this money plus 3 1/2 Trillion more. Are you ready to pay up with all manner of Healthcare, Cap and Trade and other taxes? Sorry to inform you, you have no choice. The T.V. says his approval rating has moved from 43% to 45%. This means that virtually every other person you lay eyes on today supports the destruction of our country now well underway. Are these people blind? Or stupid? Or is he so convincing they can't see beyond what he says to what he does? Or do they actually desire Socialism/Marxism/Communism to Freedom? Or are they so anxious for Government cradle to grave 'security' they will gladly had over their lives and their children's lives to CONTROL by 'Central Government'. The Patriot Act and the Healthcare Bill coupled with the Financial Reform Bill recently passed has already given 'Big Brother' access to everything and I do mean everything. Coming soon Internet Control and the Police State activities you see all around you. "Homeland Security' offices being opened all the way down to the County Level. A complete and total 'takeover' underway yet 45% are so Ideologically Blind they accept all this like a frog in a pot of water being heated until it is to late to jump out. I believe that 40% or more of all Americans, should they encounter Obama in their backyard with a sledgehammer saying his children were craving dog or cat meat for supper, would say, 'Well, he is just trying to be a good father'. Do you realize how close 45% is to 51%? Current projections say the Dems will hold the House and the Senate in November. If so Obama and Pelosi for sure, and likely Reid, will be able to complete their job which is the intentional destruction of the country we grew up with. It will not be possible to reverse things. We won't die because of the Communist Takeover but Freedom will. Obama is crossing the Rubicon every day, not in November. Some way must be found to help these people see what is happening. Perhaps the announcements and the disclosures will show them just how close they came to imprisoning their own children.
Should today be my last update and opinion piece, Please Remember .
'Pay it Forward'.  Pay it Backwards and Sideways. Help Others. Best Wishes,
                    casper   8-24-10   opinion