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  From U.P./D.C. the packs went to U.P./Atlanta. That was the second or third time they were moved yesterday, I forget.
This morning the G-20 ordered the packs back to D.C. from Atlanta where they resided until late today when the G-20 changed its mind and ordered them back out for delivery "immediately"---- whatever that means.
Obama's "give it to the Banks" SCAM, reported about extensively on the net, was replaced with the Obama "give it to the G-20" SCAM, i.e., hand our Country and all Program Monies over to World Government and call it a "Finance Reform Bill"  on the heels of the Healthcare Takeover and the Immigration and Cap & Trade bills to follow. A complete and total sellout of our Country to the NWO by the Democrats and who's to say the Republicans wouldn't have done the same thing if in power with the Dems playing the opposition role. What are these people doing in OUR buildings?
Today several World Leaders advised Obama the 'jig is up', 'blocked on all fronts', time to give up and admit defeat and to pack. "Feet first" replied Obama. 'That may be', or words to that effect, WE hear, was the response.
After the Japanese Finance Minister and Merkle led or joined the chorus calling for the surrender of Obama the G-20 reversed itself, the packs went out and WE expect them tomorrow barring any 'you know what' (interference). Yea, yea, WE realize they were this, now that, up is down, black is white, the packs are in the packs are out, the World Court was on our side now its looks like they are headed for the Calaboose, etc, etc. . Things don't happen weekly friends, they happen hourly.  Everyone everywhere is dancing on hot coals and would sell their grandmother for a way out. There is no way out for these animals and that's what 'the world' is telling this exceptionally terrible person occupying the Oval Office in service to the evil which is the Corporation and the Illuminati.
WE hear the death march being played; duum duum de dumm dumm de dum dum dum de dum. Jokes aside, imagine what Obama and his allies must be going through right now.
WE don't know what the 'paperwork' is going to say. What it had better say is 'stay the hell away from the Domestic Banks belonging to the Federal Reserve System'.
This updates hits "the high spots". The many many details and unmentioned difficulties will mean nothing to you if deliveries occur tomorrow as planned.
Now remember friends, it ain't over till the doorbell rings, the fat lady has nothing to do with it.
                       casper   4-27-10