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The packs are in Treasury tonight.
GEITHNER ordered Treasury employees to remove some of the cards from the packages.
The World Court has ordered the packs out immediately and an x-ray machine to standby at the front door of Treasury. Every pack coming out of Treasury is to be x-rayed to see if any cards missing or any tampering and GEITHNER to be present for the x-rays.
If anything is missing or tampered with GEITHNER and Treasury employees to be arrested on the spot. ALL this by 11:30 p.m. tonight.....
Hillary/OBAMA gave CHINA a check for 2T to pay off overdue bonds. CHINA refused the check saying it was nothing but worthless paper, GOLD ONLY. Treasury has until midnight to pay up in GOLD, no extentions will be given.
If the U.S. fails to pay in GOLD by midnight CHINA will sell 2T of U.S. Bonds into the open market crashing everything.
If all demands not met the "charges" will be CRIMINAL INTENT.
                   casper   3-20-09   evening