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CASPER UPDATE: February 27, 2009

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It is easy to understand why so many are so fascinated with OBAMA. When it comes to public speaking and communicating the man is without equal.  Not only is he the best there is, he may well be the best there ever was. He offers words of hope to the hopeless and that is a good thing. Our country desperately needs an honest leader, one who can be trusted, one the people can believe in. Words and deeds are different things. Somewhere along the highway of life we each learn that when words and deeds are in conflict we must pay attention to the deeds not the words.
By Thursday evening it was obvious deliveries were not occurring as expected by the grapevine and by us.. Then came word that the packs we often mention had again left D.C. Thursday afternoon not Wednesday and it appeared-again-deliveries would be the next day, today, Friday. Before 9 a.m. this morning we were already hearing we would be put off until next week. This delay was blamed on the BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH crime syndicate-again-with this source believing, as do many others, that OBAMA is a victim of those who surround him.
It was OBAMA who stopped deliveries Thursday and again today. He is no ones victim. Now we read on Fourwinds that his Sec. of State, appointed by him, is in COMMUNIST CHINA delivering Eminent Domain agreements which hock our entire country in return for still more financing of Treasury Debt Instruments to fund the ongoing bailouts, stimulus' and earmarks passed by his allies in Congress. WE reported to you this hocking of our country including National Forrest, Wetlands, etc. some weeks ago. Elsewhere we watch the not yet ended battle over his refusal to produce his birth certificate. Then back to Fourwinds for the rundown on his history as a CIA operative since his days at Columbia University where his senior thesis remains under lock and key.  Like Madoff, Stanford and the politicians in D.C. OBAMA is, unfortunately for all of us, a snake oil salesman.
Gold into Ft Knox as described on u-tube?? WE reported that to you months ago as we had eyes on at the time.  Continued printing of Treasury currency? Yes, we were reporting that currency to you three years ago when a banker in Nebraska let some out at Christmas time only to have to go get it back. Treasury currency has been in many banks all along and is "switched out" often even though it is shrink wrapped. A method of physical auditing WE presume.
Have you read about the sicko art work at the Denver Airport? And read about the underground "holding pens" as big as three football fields surrounded by fencing topped with barbed wire turned inward as described by multiple eye witnesses? Entire buildings constructed then buried for future use? Massive tunnels underground leading to outlying  parts of the valley? Months ago WE were told and reported to you that "their" plans for the American people are so evil, so horrible our sources refused to discuss the details with us. These are the Satan worshipers known as the Illuminati and the members of the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT are part of it not to mention huge swaths of "The East Coast Establishment" which is slang for Illuminati.  OBAMA is the President of that CORPORATION. This is the EVIL which is bankrupting our country and the world who are fighting the banking/monetary changes and our funding. This evil is greater in power than governments, is determined to rule the world and enslave the planet. It is the ILLUMINATI. It is International Bankers, multinational corporations, intelligence agencies, secret societies, manufacturer's of funny money and their bribed and blackmailed political puppets who provide the "votes" for whatever "they" desire this month and forever. OBAMA is another of their puppets.
Today a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse was placed up the behind of the World Court. The Court in turn placed its own stick of dynamite up OBAMA's butt and lit the fuse. He was again stopping deliveries while they continued their attempts to steal the IMF funds. He was given the final warning, "no more crap will be tolerated. If there is further interference we will take over the Government of the United States (Corporation) and we will immediately take over all banks in the United States. We have the legal authority to do so and we will use it".  The packages are again moving.
Meanwhile back in CHINA, Hillary was told where to stuff it. They informed her (and OBAMA) they have quite enough of Treasury's trash debt, need no more, that she has no authority to offer them the physical assets of the people of the United States and laughed her out the door.
WAKE UP AMERICA. Our leaders are white trash and black trash and they are doing everything possible to sell us and our country down the river all for the purpose of retaining power, continuing the corruption and avoiding the coming exposures.
WE anticipate deliveries tomorrow unless  OBAMA blocks deliveries again.
                   casper    2-27-09
P.S. In addition to the above dear mesmerized and hypnotized ones, OBAMA has been trying everything possible to put the nation under another 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations Contract" -as did FDR- so they can continue their fraudulent finance, Maritime Courts and continue the Executive and Legislative acting as Trustees of the Bankruptcy. They are not simply criminals, they are TRAITORS and OBAMA is their leader.