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CASPER UPDATE: January 1, 2009

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So many years, so many scandals surrounding our programs.
How many ILLEGAL TRADES do you suppose we have called to your attention? Dozens at least. How many THEFTS of all or part of the various programs funds? Again dozens at least. The demise of THE FRENCHMAN. The death of the CHINESE AMBASSADOR (execution) and the death of THE JAPANESE AMBASSADOR (hari kari). The problems with TRUMP/GATES and others. The firing of the five and four of the G-20 reps. The theft of 400B and the cards of 251M/per to the 1576 D.C. criminals. And so many other things we become nauseous thinking about it.  CARLYLE, PAULSON, GREENSPAN, BERNAKE, RUBIN, THE QUEEN, MERKLE, MADAM WU, BLAIR, BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH and now OBAMA. FREDDIE/FANNIE, FRANKS, DODD, COX, MADOFF,TARP, and cons, scams, and ponzi's to numerous to count. The most recent delays involve BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA and BUSH SENIOR, certain RED CHINESE and the BIS with each of them equally responsible. And just when you think you have seen it all, that the corruption couldn't possibly get any worse, it does.
The head man at the BIS and several of his accomplices stole the FARM CLAIM MONEY, various codes and lit out. "LIT OUT" is country talk and synonymous with "high tailed it" and "skedaddled". The money has already been recovered and is back in place and all the villains except the head man have been caught/captured. And, we have a NEWSFLASH for you and the rest of the world.  Guess where this low life thief and criminal extraordinaire is RIGHT NOW? Being harbored, sheltered and protected by GEORGE BUSH'S GUARDS AT HIS RANCH IN CRAWFORD, TEXAS.
Not to worry, he will be dealt with in due course.
What do you suppose would make a man of such prominence do such a thing with the eyes of the world upon him? Is it Money? Greed? Bribery? Blackmail? WE don't have the answers.
Keep your eyes on the outcome, bad guys get caught and dealt with, money gets put back where it belongs. In time we will likely learn that previous criminal acts had them trapped so they tried to run. To who? To where? To their employer, the BUSH'S, at the ranch where Senior and Barbara went last weekend. Remember what happened to Julius Caesar? And who did him in? Was it not his own people?
And so we encounter still another delay. Is it not best the worst of the worst are found out and are on the run prior to delivery?
Today is possible, tomorrow more likely.
               casper       new years day, 2009