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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 28, 2008

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OBAMA ROBOTOIDS filled to their ears with left wing cool aid can't refute the message so as always with the lunatic left they resort to attacking the messenger spitting and slobbering all over themselves in the process. Old Booger Bears got a bad case don't you think? More later.
Dependable Intel has been very difficult lately but the fog is lifting now and the news is wonderful. WE have VIP's on the move and arriving at their appointed stations. WE have major arrests' here and in Europe in the last 24 hours. Apparently the E.U. is running the show and the attempt to assassinate Sarkozy has him slightly upset. The HENNEGAN report posted on Fourwinds under "OBAMAS phony birth certificate and BUSH throws" is critical reading for understanding current events. Boy, this guy (Hennegan) is really on top of things. CHINA (not the CHI-COMS) are deeply involved, supporting Sarkozy and fighting mad. They even want the POPE arrested. Eight at Deutsche Bank were arrested we hear along with MERKLE and others in London. ALSO the U.S. Trustee and three of the biggest names in the financial world (D.C. not N.Y.). WE are withholding the names for fear of jeopardizing something. Hennegan will likely release them today or tomorrow anyway as his interest is not the same as our interest.
Short of Martial Law or a false flag operation we expect deliveries tomorrow, Thursday would be the latest. Further delay is not impossible but very unlikely given all the peripheral data. We expect the process to unfold as discussed here so many times before, deliveries, Basel II, announcements starting with the Constitution and debt forgiveness, IMF funding, into the Banks for offshore access (B.of A. has been cleaned up and is safe), then continue announcements for 3 to 5 days, then arrest and exposures.
Although the news media continues to talk about the Bank Bailout Money (125B) we are not convinced it is coming from the 700B. Inquiries in the S. CT. causes them to turn tail and run. We think the refunding (recap) of domestic Banks is coming down as Basil II kicks in with our deliveries but we think the money is coming from the IMF and the WE THE PEOPLE filings in the Court has necessitated a new and different ballgame. Even the World Court, we hear, has received their final warnings against any last minute interference.
And so, delv's expected tomorrow and if you are lucky this will be my final communiqué.
Regarding OBAMA I think you are likely overwhelmed with info pro and con. You know how I think about the election and now you know how old booger bear feels about it too. So I am going to skip further comment on that subject and go straight to the subject of the lunatic left as represented in the person of "bear" with a very small b.....
If you follow politics you surely recognize bear as a textbook example of the people who can't defend their position without personally attacking those who don't agree with them. And while doing so they will invariably accuse you of doing what they are doing at that very moment, i.e. displaying intolerance ingrained deeply within themselves. Their second ploy, used with equal frequency, is to try to change the subject. Most anything will do, accuse their opponent of something then construct a strawman and commence to tear it down never realizing how obvious and shallow they are or that they completely forgot (intentionally avoid) the subject matter that triggered their reaction in the first place. They played this game in especially apparent ways regards Sarah Palin. (b)ears diversions, strawmen, etc. are to invoke all manner of awful upon Casper with side trips for religion, Jefferson, and war service never addressing the issues raised by Casper which apparently sends him into his looney left persona, or perhaps he resides there full time?  Goodness knows Casper gave him plenty of material to work with-or attack-he did neither resorting immediately to personal attacks as the left or the ignorant can always be counted upon to do.
Perhaps someone should inform bear that Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence not the Constitution and that he in fact opposed the Constitution on the grounds that such a Government would soon be controlled by special interest. Was he correct? There are reasons why Jefferson is considered to be the most intelligent man to ever occupy the Whitehouse but bear appears blissfully unaware of those reasons or the fact that Jefferson's Democratic party of that era does not even resemble today's left wing democratic party.  
Casper particularly enjoyed bears accusation of hiding behind a pseudonym as he signs on and off as "bear". Another example of this fellows clarity of thought.
Every paragraph of this jokers junk is filled with potty mouth filth which I encourage you to redact and then see what you are left with. You will be left with a typical OBAMA supporter, someone who can't defend OBAMA or his policies but nevertheless thinks he is surely the second coming.
As for bears lecture on "Democracy" which he fought to preserve, Be aware bear, Democracy is a bear a sheep and a wolf voting "what's for lunch".  The founding fathers including Jefferson DESPISED Democracy that's why they gave us a REPUBLICAN form of Government. This Government was stolen from us and replaced by a "legislative democracy" operating under "public policy" rather that the Constitution. That's what the UCC is all about. Announcements are to reverse this abomination imposed upon the country by another democrat, this one named Roosevelt. Another trait of OBAMA supporters is they have no knowledge of truth, or history for that matter, and no desire to learn, they think emotion and whirling rhetoric and large volumes of their cool aid is all that's needed.
Thank you bear and family for your service to our country.
Perhaps you will someday meet the Viet Vets of the Casper team you were likely saluting in Nam. I seriously doubt anyone was saluting you.
                 Casper   10-28-08  p.m.