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POOF Report: Oct. 19, 2008

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 Winfield Scott lyrics '54

 Elvis Presley artist

 (orginal Wanda Jackson)

 Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee

 I’m as happy as can be.

 Jimminy cricket, jimminy jack,

 You make my heart go clickety-clack.

 Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee.

 Tweedle dum, tweedle do,

 Give it up give it up,

 Give your love to me.

 Tweedle do, tweedle dot.

 Gimme gimme gimme gimme

 Gimme all the love you got.

 Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee,

 I’m a lucky so-and-so.

 Mercy, mercy, pudding pie,

 You got something that money can’t buy.

 Tweedle tweedle dee.

 Tweedle dum, tweedle do

 Give that kiss to me before you go.

 Tweedle do, tweedle dot,

 Gimme gimme gimme gimme

 Gimme all the love you got.

 Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee

 I’m a lucky so-and-so.

 Mercy, mercy, who needs you?

 I’m gonna keep my eyes on you.

 Tweedle tweedle tweedle dee.

 Oh, tweedle dee, tweedle do.

 Greetings and Salutations,

 It was a good hard run since 2000, with the bush cabal making money hand  over fist, as the us infrastructure fell into ruins. It was a grand party,  no end in sight, until last week when the world collectively stood up and  said, not just no, but hell no. No more lending the us a quarter, a  farthing, a yen, or yuan. The g7 and g whatever other meetings going on, all  had the same theme, 'Gimme my money, Now!' Starting last fri, the g7  meetings opened up with hollaring and finger pointing, all at our esteemed  leaders, as the cause of the world's global crisis. Being that the meetings  were impromptu, no one had a chance to put on their happy faces, or brush up  on good manners. The hell with that, these folks were royally seething mad.  These meeting continued, in various locations as the week progressed, as the  discussions continued about the money releases. Not just the programs we  discuss but also the imf releases, which must be done in us dollars, as per  the contracts.

 There were 3 entities who singled themselves out as objectors and led a  fillibuster to try and have the funds given just to countries and forego  deliveries to individual people around the planet. The 3 countries were the  uk, us, and germany, all in dire straits over this money crisis, and the  main culpable countries who created it. They can't deny it, there were too  many witnesses to their behavior, and we also know it was led by the  brits...covering for junior, I suppose. The dragon shut it down and made a  move that would guarantee all this money would move and move now. During  their trying to drag out as much time as they could, they threatened to have  the rothschild banks examined for terrorist money, which fell flat on it's  face because the world court had already given them a document declaring the  funds, clean. This was done a number of months ago, just for such an  occasion. They also tried to throw a huge monkey wrench in the works by  pulling off a stunt like they pulled on Iceland, which would have blown up  the moment people would have started accessing. I think the tech heads call  them 'trojan horse viruses'. Anything, to have this happen after junior was  out of office...anything. These guys are soooo desparate they even tried to  steal from the richest, most powerful family on the planet, which upon  discovery, the funds were immediately returned. I'm sure that was an  interesting phone call. Like, 'have you lost your mind?!!!' Thought nothing  was going on this past week? My god, it's been unbelievable. Just the sheer  arrogance, flat out neanderthal behavior, and abject fear of loss of power,  was embarrssing. But again, it took the mass collective to beat these folks  down. It began with money being frozen in the banks to handle the lenders,  which is the real reason banks aren't lending, besides the fact many are  broke, without these releases happening. Some couldn't withstand a basel 2  compliancy exam, so they looked for buyers, ie; wachovia. Poor citigroup,  how far you have fallen. Everything that happens now, must be basil 2  compliant because the next thing that happens will be entry into the new  banking system. That happens when all of us begin accessing. Sarkozy is  broadcasting it, everywhere. If you haven't heard him and what he's saying,  check european news. Have to have the new banking system now, so these  things never happen again.

 Suddenly moods have changed all over, as the big boys/girls have stepped  out from behind the curtains and began punching folks straight out. Junior's  mom indulged him way too much and he's simply not used to grown folks  calling him on his crap and seeing a large club in their hands ready to  knock the taste straight out his mouth. The world doesn't have time for his  moods or neediness for acceptence. Bullies can't stand being confronted with  fearlessness and with all these countries in such need, he's been confronted  with, 'what do we have to lose'. There are so many comparisons to the fall  of the roman empire, I could draw right now, but won't, because I'd be  typing for days.

 Some of you saw the email, with no name attached, speaking about the  progress of deliveries to our homes. Somebody has a damn good contact and  that's all I'm going to say about that. Remain ready to depart. Yes it  should have been over by now, no doubt on that. But who knew anybody could  be broke and still have the nerve to argue about anything. Used to be,  beggars can't be choosers. Now because of these folks' intrangience they've  created a 3rd world scenario for the us, as the grace that had been extended  was taken off the table. They love america but they ain't stupid or weak.  The funds have to move thru the states, as well as, everywhere else. The  taking off line of the fed system and the engagment of the new banking  system is what these guys have been blocking with technology and it's cost  them their butts. Think I'm delusional? Watch what happens, it will prove to  be an interesting consciousness shift for america. This is what a  foreclosure looks like, for a whole country. Wonder why cheney's got heart  problems coming back up, well even nature will only accept so much, mean,  before rejecting it.

I'm ending this newsletter by dropping a couple of links in here to bring  you up todate on what's happened with the orginal fed owners, note the names  included under JP Morgan ownership now. Just remember when I say, JP Morgan,  it means Rothschild. I told you things were going on between the rothschilds  and the rockefellers, way back when it was going on, when O'Neal was > treasury sec. They fired him and so the crap began and now we're at the  other end of it. Heehee and even snow ended up working for the east after he  left office; note the car plant being built in Tijuana to bring chinese cars  into the us, taking advantage of nafta. Arch conservatives are losing their  minds right now, and Goldwater is very restless in his grave. Willian F  Buckley's son has made his statement too. The old grey mare ain't what she  used to be.

 This is a recent release on the big picture;

 Big hugs everyone, you know how to reach me for any consultations before we  go. Donations are needed and accepted at account You will see a vacation message come up when you  attempt to email this address very soon, and you will know, 'elvis has left  the building'.

 Love and Kisses,