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Now begins the really serious blackmail, bribery and arm twisting.
NOTICE who supported the views of the American people. It was the CONSERVATIVES in the House. NOTICE who supported BUSH, PAULSON, BERNAKE and WALL STREET, the House LIBERALS. Look and learn friends.
Unfortunately we conservatives do not have a candidate for President. McCain supported this crap along with Obama so where is the choice?
Now what? It appears to me "they" might be rather desperate for our tax receipts right now (paid long ago and held in escrow).
The bailout will likely still occur but on terms not dictated by criminals or possibly a completely different approach to the problem.  Example? How about a new Treasury (not FED RES) banking system operating transparently under BASEL regulations and do their bailing with our tax receipts? 
Don't be surprised if the Street throws a hissy fit to assist with the arm twisting. Want to help? Flood the house members with congratulations and thank you's. Make it impossible for them to flip flop. Send your reps who voted for the bailout a message saying your sorry but you will never be able to vote for them again. Please do this. 
Now on T.V.,,,,a new vote in the House Thursday after the Senate passes this same bill Wednesday, a formula for bringing enormous pressure upon the "no" votes in the House making the above suggestion very very important. Life is about to become very difficult for our PATRIOTS in the House. Any support you offer now will be magnified tenfold.
Are you aware Pelosi is married to a man who makes his living from Wall Street?
There are many ways to solve this problem. Let them now listen to the 165 economist who said from the beginning this was a lousy idea rather than BUSH and PAULSON. Don't lose sight of the basics, the bill is unconstitutional and an abomination on its face to saddle taxpayers with the failures of rich Bankers and Wall Street tycoons. The proposal was arrogant and sick beyond words. It was and is the most absurd proposal ever made and those voting for it should be thrown out of office as soon as possible. There can be no excuse for something this terrible finding its way into legislation. The shame of it is that so many in Congress would even consider such an egregious and obvious rape of the American people on behalf of a bunch of financial criminals led by PAULSON
There are other ways to fix the problem and if those in Congress had demanded same from the beginning the past 10 days would not have been wasted. They don't know what they are doing. They are all pearly whites and glad handers and back slappers.
LISTEN to the specialist you jerks, not Mr Wall Street KING PAULSON who is now selecting 50B of these assets for Goldman. Offer Goldman's deal to the world. By the way, what kind of deal was Goldman getting besides the million dollar monthly salaries they demanded for their Wall Street buddies?? Is Goldman paying the same 65 cents on the dollar he intended to pay the Banks on behalf of the taxpayers? INCEST, plain and simple.
Notice the parade of Bankers and Street types screaming OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD you can't refuse to pay cash for our trash, you just can't do it. BUSH and PAULSON promised. How can we get by without the ability to dump it on you? Oh my lord what ever shall we do???
EAT CAKE you jerks, or better yet have you tried spreading some peanut butter and jelly on your financial exotica and eating that?
Sources debating today vs tomorrow, majority now on tomorrow. 
                      casper   2nd