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CASPER UPDATE: Sept. 28, 2008

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You are, We hope, keeping up with the efforts of WE THE PEOPLE at as they (we) continue to do everything possible to hold the government accountable which includes the recent filing of a lawsuit charging the bailout of AIG is unconstitutional. Please remember to support those who are devoting their lives to the preservation of the Republic and the Constitution.
The packs were not returned to D.C. yesterday and are in position, barring unforeseen circumstances, for delivery today.
To say that the fur is flying in D.C. would be the understatement of the century. BUSH has gone bananas again, berserk some say,ordering no delv and no announcements. Congress has been informed of their illegal and unconstitutional status and their employment by the CORPORATION responding that they have no intention of leaving and no one can prove this is true. They were provided the proof with their signatures upon the documents. Meanwhile BUSHES gang  continued to try to access our accounts using the computer in Crawford to no avail. Remember your Constitution friends, no lawyers in Government or Judges either. Congress is and has been told they are just as guilty as BUSH.
From this limited and necessarily vague description of current events you can deduce that the good guys are dealing successfully with the bad guys and that the good guys include the world against Bush and the Corporation. The announcements will clarify this vagueness and WE look forward to seeing them, possibly tonight, right along with you.
                   Casper   9-28-08