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CASPER UPDATE: September 10, 2008

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Friends the following Intel is for "those who need to know" and nothing written here changes in any way last nights update.
"THEY", led by BERNAKE who is now known in the inner circles as "THE BASTARD", tried another trade last night which was blocked. THE BASTARD has now ordered TREASURY to use public funds and OUR FUNDS as collateral and to attempt trades continuously around the clock in a desperate attempt to get one or more through.
THEY are desperate for money having made blood oath promises they can't keep to everyone from GATES and TRUMP to the QUEEN and the VATICAN to the WALL STREET INVESTMENT BANKS, FREDDIE&FANNIE, and others, many others, and their level of desperation is now off the charts. They are trying to bail all these people and entities prior to the announcements.
The IMF is dealing with all the participants in the New York meetings including C.T. and most especially the Frenchman....
                     casper   9-10-08