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CASPER SECOND UPDATE: September 3, 2008

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Are you aware that OBAMA'S friend, the American terrorist AYERS, who attempted to blow up Congress, has a 49 million dollar foundation? Now how do you suppose that happened? Guess who the Chairman of that foundation was until recently. Yep, you guessed it, Barrack Obama.
Do you know who John McCain's number one "unofficial" advisor is? None other than BUSH SENIOR. Number two? James Baker III.
This is almost as ridiculous as choosing between two bonesmen in the last election. When I met and talked with Ronald Reagan in 1984 I knew nothing about the corruption of GHWB who was not present at the time. And of course I voted for him in 1988. Even now, more than 20 years later, the delegates to the Republican National Convention have no idea who and what they were cheering for on television last night.
In Scotland the sheep with the bell sometimes strays over the cliffs and hundreds of sheep follow without raising their cute little heads. All die, every single one, even a thousand, because they accept no responsibility, they just follow, blindly. WAKE UP AMERICA.
WE continue to hear the announcements will lead off with the return to the Constitution and that neither of these candidates will be President. If the goal is to bring the country together and heal the divide between the left and the right is the return to the Constitution and the "flushing" of the Corporations Employee's not our best opportunity to do so? Just because the "players" have managed to delay things again and again, changing the plans for announcements prior to the conventions, does not mean the outcome has changed. Only the timing has changed, we think, we hope, we pray.
The packs did not make it all the way back into the court this time. They were intercepted on the tarmac in D.C., turned around and are in route back to the Banks.
Imagine the intensity involved in these goings on. Its not cat and mouse, more like King Kong and Godzilla.
The QUEEN and her allies did not get any of the things she was demanding.
WE anticipate no further interference and expect deliveries tomorrow.
         casper  9-3-08  late afternoon