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CASPER UPDATE: Sept. 1, 2008

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"They" have continued to play ping pong with the trigger packages. ALL sources said (for the second consecutive day) that the packs had been positioned for delivery today, Monday. This news came from several European sources including Q, domestic banking sources and several we can't mention without compromising them. The news was equally strong Saturday evening regarding delivery Sunday. It is difficult to understand how "they" could accomplish these delays without "our" side participating. The alternative is massive incompetence.
After the packs were retrieved from MI5 we were informed from Europe that MI5 personnel have been jailed. They (the packs) were then being moved to join others for immediate delivery. We hear they didn't arrive at the intended destination.
The word two weeks ago was that CHENEY had failed to obtain that which he went after on his trip to Georgia, Ukraine and ITALY. Needless to say it involved money and the VATICAN. Today's news is that CHENEY leaves again tomorrow for the same destinations. Coincidence? Doubtful.
Now, factor in the reports, also two weeks ago, that the meetings in PARIS, attended by everyone who is anyone, was to squabble over the country's split of their portion of massive amounts of funds retrieved from various BUSH hidey holes. Once accomplished we heard this was the pot from which the Presidents were paid their bribe money to "get out of the way" not from the already downloaded settlement funds as reported by STORY and this of course would explain why "computer watchers", including our own, did not see the money move. It came from a different pot.
If it was necessary to "pay them off" the first time meaning last week, skipping over for the moment the dozens of previously violated agreements, in order to get things moving again last week, this would seem to indicate "they" have some on-going method of blocking deliveries and have likely done so again.
Are new deals being made? Fresh bribes being paid? Is Cheney's trip part of that? Is that why two days of scheduled deliveries came to naught?
Are the Banks truly compliant? Is that their method of continuing to block things? The most recent extension of Basel II compliance from mid April to August 29th proves that dates set in stone are actually set in quicksand as that was not the first delay. Those who believe Tuesday a.m. for Banks to comply or be left behind thereby quickly bankrupting domestic banks ignore previous U.S. banks failure to comply (acting on orders of the President) and, in our view, ignore the unwillingness of the rest of the world to follow through on threats made over and over again. Part of the threat is for foreign banks to withdraw all funds from U.S. banks which would trigger massive domestic failures. It would also, in this reporters opinion, as expressed here before, represent Hari-Kari as U.S. Bank failures (B. of A., CHASE and CITI specifically) would crash the stock market, the real estate market and in turn the American consumer, the lifeblood of the other nations economies. This "threat", historically speaking, has been a bluff and recognized as such by BUSH as he has "called" time and time again only to have the "world" fold their cards, not so much because they are chicken but because destruction of the American consumer/citizen is not and has never been part of the program. These "threats " have taken many forms; grounding carrier aircraft internationally for refusal to deliver, selling U.S. debt instruments into world markets crashing the dollar, crashing the stock market by withdrawing foreign investments, and, calling the debts of U.S. multi-nationals such as CARLYLE and/or the carriers. All threats turned out to be bluffs. "FIRE" in the theater soon gets ignored.
Whether the above SPECULATION is accurate or not it is obvious the WARFARE is continuing behind the scenes. The world is dealing with, or trying to deal with, those who would rather destroy our country than lose their power and control and suffer the consequences which come with the return to the Constitution and the subsequent exposure of criminal acts which literally defy description.
"They" can not win this banking war. The privately owned banking cartel led by the Federal Reserve which has controlled America for almost a hundred years is coming down. Their days of using debt (credit) as money are over. Fractional banking is over. U.S. control of the world as the issuer of the worlds reserve currency is over. The conduct of Politicians who are actually traitors ends with the demise of the Government/Fed Res/IRS printing press partnership.
WE INTERRUPT this rant with BREAKING NEWS mid evening Monday.
Saturday afternoon the QUEEN'S representatives retrieved the packs from MI5 and turned them over to BANK OF AMERICA for distribution to the distributing banks which were to deliver to us SUNDAY.  BANK OF AMERICA turned them over to the SUPREME COURT. Then BANK OF AMERICA PROMISED the world they would deliver today, Monday. 
1 p.m. today BANK OF AMERICA did not "disburse" the packages.
BANK OF AMERICA, SAN FRAN merged with NATIONS BANK / CHARLOTTE.  NATIONS was the boss, they assumed the name BANK OF AMERICA. They are now one in the same and they are now all equally corrupt. BANK OF AMERICA is not in compliance with BASEL II. That's why they couldn't allow the packs to be delivered. As deliveries occur and we sign, Basel II is in effect and BANK OF AMERICA IS BANKRUPT.
Moreover, BANK OF AMERICA was following orders issued by GEORGE BUSH.
Now I ask you ladies and gentlemen, is this YOUR bank?
The packs are out of the court and on the move now.
We will know more tomorrow, hopefully it will not be relevant.
               casper  9-1-08
p.s. what ever problems come up they will be solved.