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CASPER UPDATE: August 30, 2008

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Well friends, there has been another double cross. Or double triple cross. Or triple double cross. Or quadruple triple double cross. Something like that.
BUSH/CLINTON were paid a lot of money to get out of the way, a sum greater we hear than that reported by STORY this morning. Part of it was to go to Trump and a larger portion to MI5 and MI6 for continuing the sabotage and lying to the QUEEN.
TRUMP said he wanted his money out of the programs and all his notes paid off and only then would he and BUSH and CLINTON stop stopping deliveries.
This double triple triple double cross was discovered while underway and the money paid to BUSH/CLINTON immediately frozen and retrieved causing the "checks" (figure of speech) to TRUMP, MI5, MI6 and others to  "bounce" (figure of speech) leaving all of them high and dry, slightly upset, and once again broke.
The QUEEN learned of all this this morning, had the packs retrieved by her representatives and will be dealing with MI5 face to face in England later tonight. 
As soon as BUSH/CLINTON thought the funds were safely tucked away they proceeded to break all their agreements as usual. Having bribed MI5 not to turn the packs over they are now without packs or money and, one might assume, without friends as the world wakes up to this most recent attempt to bamboozle the QUEEN, the COUNTRIES and even their own associates. These people would eat their children if there were a buck to be made.
Casper a government hater? If the people knew what the last three Presidents have done and are doing there would not be one lamp post or tree limb available in Washington D.C..
The packs were finally retrieved around 3 p.m. this afternoon. WE await further developments and news and will update again when possible.
                 casper   8-30-08