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CASPER UPDATE: August 11, 2008

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Three or so weeks ago someone reported "decisions have been made, the U.S. is-to big to fail-and will be saved".
Massive dollar intervention by central banks allied with the Fed Res over the last two weeks has driven the Fed Res Dollar to 5 month highs against the Euro while simultaneously financial debt guarantees of every kind and nature are being proffered by the U.S. Government/Fed Res laying all cost of all failures of all financial entities off on the American people. Unlimited credit is being created "out of thin air" to prop up the existing system/status quo. This appears to be a coordinated and orchestrated defense of the DOLLAR, the CORPORATION and the ILLUMINATI NWO and, in this writers opinion, will lead to WAR on one or more fronts if history is any kind of indicator.  
BUSH said, "Because the people did not support me they will now suffer greatly".
CHENEY issued a statement Sunday saying Russian Aggression can not be allowed to stand while McCain says something similar to the effect that Russia must be dealt with severely.
The largest naval armada assembled since world war II is headed to the gulf from several directions. England and France are also providing ships and planes. Israel sent 100 planes toward Iran for a rehearsal of an attack on IRAN'S nuclear facilities.
PUTIN is seen shouting at BUSH at the Olympic opening ceremonies more than once, then leaves immediately to join his generals on the Russia/Georgia border.
Wars and rumors of wars, not to mention the bear from the north.
Meanwhile, more BUSH SNAKE TRUSTEES replaced Thursday by Brussels then again on Friday. Finally, all works as planned, "releases" occur then Roberts refuses to let go of the packages in the court defying two separate orders from BUSH junior issued from China. On Sunday Roberts gets another call--from the one he takes his orders from-(can't mention name),  releases the packs which were then picked up by Brinks late Sunday afternoon and taken to the airport. Then all BUSH'S leave CHINA. Then ROBERTS orders packs returned to court from the airport. Having personally ordered the packs back, JOHN the CHIEF MAFIOSO ROBERTS today tells BUSH JR., BUSH SENIOR, BRUSSELS and CHINA all to "go to hell".  OOPS!! Someone was included on that list which resulted in a personal visit to Big Bad John today. Packs back out for delivery tomorrow.
Although many sources disagree and always have disagreed, OUR Intel remains, no trigger packs, no other deliveries. Readiness anywhere and everywhere, Trustees replaced and finally ready, downloads and assorted related activities complete, it still boils down to trigger packs out first as this World Court ruling has never been changed to the best of our knowledge and our knowledge of this subject is extensive. This has always been the BUSH SENIOR, CHENEY, BUSH JUNIOR, PAULSON, CHERTOFF. GREENSPAN, BERNAKE, KISSINGER method of controlling not only domestic deliveries and therefore announcements, but worldwide deliveries as well. No trigger packs, no deliveries. That's why we spend so much time and energy tracking this set of approximately 3000 packs.
I, repeat I, speculate that the World Court could not be convinced (because BUSH controls six of the fifteen with two flip flopping fence sitters) to change previous rulings in this regard.  I further speculate that without this legal procedure being followed to the letter, the announcements can not be made without which we do not have the demise of the devil (CORPORATE U.S.) or the protection we require from  HLS/CHERTOFF/PATRIOT ACT which, along with the Admiralty Courts, including the Supremes, goes into the toilet with BUSH with the return to and the announcement of the return to the CONSTITUTION. It appears these guys would rather a World War than the release of the SUITCASES the contents of which, we hear, are so severe neither they or their grandchildren could remain in the U.S.. 
And now we have the added wild card of CHINA having received their $7.1T which has who knows what implications upon the big picture now unfolding in many ways and places simultaneously?
 Was some sort of quid pro quo arrived at with BUSH/CHINA/PAPA/PAULSON which if true would be very difficult to learn about much less analyze?
A better GUESS might be Illuminati Banks and Govt's of the U.S., England, France, Israel, and Japan (status quo-NWO) aligned against Brussels (E.U.),  Russia, China, and Iran and the new metals backed Global Banking System with Germany playing both ends against the middle? This stuff really is above my pay grade and I am only guessing, but one need not be especially astute to see the international geo-political intrigue unfolding here especially when one can track the stop/start of our delivery process in real time vis-a-vis televised news.
Multiple "story lines" regarding the packages and their delivery have been flying since Friday night, perhaps you have heard some of them. ALL sources have complete confidence in their particular story line even though they are in direct conflict with each other. Fortunately all story lines arrive at approximately the same conclusion which is delivery tomorrow and announcements either Tuesday or Wednesday.
WE have been so sure so many times and we are again sure-this is it. Because things have happened over and over again delaying scheduled outcomes it is important we "keep our guard up" and not crash emotionally should there be still another unexpected delay. With all that is going on in the world around us there is literally no telling what these crazy people will do overnight. Desperate people do desperate things.
Oh goody goody gumdrop. All the above was written before dark. What follows is your after dark update.
ROBERTS was caught red handed this morning trying to access our accounts using the packages in the court and the codes obtained from the Ambassadors, little realizing, brilliant jurist and con-artist that he is, that the codes had been changed. Having failed in this attempt he went to Treasury (remember his speech to Treasury personnel ("you do not work for the American people, you work for ME?) and moved $3T into an account in DUBAI in his personal name. Other sums, in excess of 10T, were moved into accounts in DUBAI in the names of CHENEY, the CLINTONS, BUSH, and McCAIN, and top Treasury personel. Do you remember all the articles over the past year about $3T missing and unaccounted for from the PENTAGON? Guess what? All of it went to DUBAI into accounts in CHENEYS personal name.  All accounts and transfers were immediately frozen, all funds have now been returned to (Treasury) and made safe. These transfers by ROBERTS from Treasury have been going on for some time without him realizing the funds were being frozen upon arrival in DUBAI. The funds were actually moved, actually frozen, actually retrieved and actually returned to Treasury. WE guess you could say "it's been a busy day".
What does this tell us about what is about to happen?
 Is it not obvious "they" are preparing to RUN? Having failed to get into our individual accounts he moved Treasury balances out of the country in a "devil may care" move born of pure desperation foretelling, WE think, the IMMINENT demise of the whole bloody mess of them.
Having already lost their immunity agreements,what do you suppose the announcements and the return to the CONSTITUTION and full disclosure will do to their carefully constructed play pen of lies, deceit, theft, murder, and corruption of multiple Presidents and even the Supreme Court of the United States and their hundreds of CORPORATIONS constructed to hide all they have done to the REPUBLIC and to WE THE PEOPLE? It is obviously serious enough to cause a series of acts of extreme desperation as described herein.
There is more. Casper does not yet know what "more" is, only that the Intel can not be divulged at this moment.
Stand by folks and realize that the power now resides with us and therefore with the American people.
              casper    8-11-08