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CASPER UPDATE: July 6, 2008

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The last update should have read "Its tempting to "cuss 'em out".  Not cuss me out. You are not tempted to cuss me out. Are you?
WE had heard last Thursday the Pacific Rim Trustee had been fired and replaced but didn't mention it on the 4th. Yesterday morning we heard the Connecticut Trustee was also fired last Wednesday or Thursday and last evening that he and the four Trustees under him have been arrested and/or replaced.
Also, Bill & Hillary, Greenspan and the big boy(s) at CITI were up to their a__es in alligators. WE hear Hillary is "ratting" out all the others. What fun, hearing that the rats in the sack are feeding on each other. Bill has been "detained" we hear. Senior was in Germany last week making threats about letting Clinton go-or else. Sounds like it didn't work out for him or for Clinton. Laura and Shrub are off to Japan for the G-8.  Cheney must be in his bunker, no word about him in several days.
The codes had to be changed as a result of the above so that looks like the reason for the delay.
 Those gone over the pond last week in expectation of access Friday (after us) stayed over there and got the red carpet treatment and a new promise of Monday or Tuesday.
Soooooo, 2 +2 = delv today or tomorrow for us we think, some sources say mid week.  
Now that our business update is concluded how about some more last minute chit chat?
Now everyone, except the paid for talking heads on television, are warning of the impending crash of the world economy especially in the U.S.... Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Goldman, Fortis, Schultz, Sinclair, Paul and many others have issued statements and warnings recently. A Paul speech to be delivered on the House floor next week is posted on Fourwinds. Its now coming from everywhere as if someone finally turned on the lights. As WE said here months ago, the cost of consumables will continue to rise in price while the value of "assets" will simultaneously deflate. Add to this the loss of credit creation from fractional banking and the ending of endless increases in monetary aggregates by the FED (as the metals backed Treasury kicks in) and then add in the pending political upheavals, disclosures and arrest and the on- going write downs in the banks and the yet to be acknowledged derivatives crisis and the monocline's(insurance) crisis and you need not be a rocket scientist to recognize the impending perfect storm. As you witness these unfolding events remember that this is a "restructuring" going on and the beginning of a new and better and more just world coming on the heels of the old. Once the initial trauma (12/18 months???) has passed we can set about the business of replacing the phony paper economy constructed by the Illuminati Bankers and Politicians at the expense of the rest of the world. We will recover our lost freedom and sovereignty and rebuild on a solid foundation instead of the existing quicksand of fiat currency, corrupted law and courts, corrupt     Politicians and Banks. 
How rough is it going to get? It depends to a great extent upon what we don't know yet, I.E. the content of the announcements. Will all bank debt be cancelled? Including credit card debt? How about mortgage debt? Is it true that social security recipients will receive $3000. monthly? That the traitors will be arrested? That we will exit three successive 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations" Contracts and end the CORPORATION of the UNITED STATES and its dozens of Sub-Corporations and return to the Constitution? Will Merchants/Admiralty law be ended and Common Law (Constitution) be reinstated? Is it real? Is it to much to believe in?
 I for one do believe in it. All of it.
This is the week that should tell the tale.
Of course we must have new leadership so while we are wishing upon on a star lets go ahead and anticipate a new caretaker government stepping forward which will explain the way out of the crisis we are facing. This scenario would not include Obama or McCain. An Obama presidency would turn the country over to the liberals at every level including the Supreme Court, a disaster equivalent to giving your 13 year old son the keys to the car and a bottle of whiskey and instructions to be safe. McCain, while something of a maverick, would continue to be a pawn of the corrupt Banking and  unconstitutional political systems. We don't hear much about this "government in waiting". Just enough to keep hope alive.
We are not "out of the woods" regarding BUSH/CHENEY/ROBERTS/PAULSON/BERNAKE/CHERTOFF/
CLINTON, ETC. until we have the announcements on television. BUSH has the power to declare an "Economic Emergency" and dictate the actions of the Banks. This is now a very remote possibility as all news says the world has overcome the DRS's (dirty rotten scoundrels).
Secrecy continues at all levels and disinfo abounds yet we are confident the status as presented above is reasonably accurate. Will report if changes occur.
                casper    7-6-08 
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