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CASPER UPDATE: July 4, 2008

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WE do not know why we did not receive this week.
On Tuesday high level recipients traveled thousands of miles to be in place for access to their funds today following our anticipated deliveries yesterday. This is but one example of what was, to us, fool proof evidence of deliveries and announcements this week.
Disappointing? Frustrating? Stupefying? All this and more. It is so tempting to "cuss 'em out". What good would that do?
There are things we don't know so it is difficult to know why the man with his finger on the button didn't push it as expected. Things have been ready since mid-week. Then we learn of big meetings over there and hear of one over here as well. After STORY said, a week ago today, Clinton would not be allowed to leave England until he signed something, he was back in the U.S. the very next day. Now we hear he was back in England mid-week again demanding immunity. Is this or something similar the problem? WE don't think so but it might be. How about the on going movement of faxed paperwork mid-week between Trustees? WE don't think so. Our best guess is that it is "sequencing of events" and last minute preparations. Cylinders in a car do not fire randomly but in a specified order. Bullets come out of a gun in the order arranged. As this is a world event rather than just a U.S. event all must be in order to "fire" as planned. We think the change to Treasury Banks is this weekend and will be announced this weekend or the first of the week. As most major government announcements are made on Monday's it may be that they decided to let the holiday weekend pass uneventfully as what will happen with the markets when announcements are made, etc. is a big unknown. It may be that mid-week readiness did not leave sufficient time to get it done and have the dominoes of the world fall in sequence. It may be that the meetings have something to do with worldwide announcement schedules. It may be they want BUSH out of the country (G-8/Tokyo/next week). It may be a last weekend with family for those to be arrested. It may be that BUSH is allowed to "say something" today from Montecello, Jefferson's home (it was Thomas Jefferson who warned the nation about central banking, especially privately owned central banking). It could be that a Bank in East Podunk was not ready on time. It may be that the trigger packages will be delivered this weekend followed by announcements with all else (IMF) next week.
WE don't know the true reason(s) for this apparent delay.
 The existing monetary system of the world is being changed. From Bretton Woods in '44 to Nixon and the gold window in '71 to petrol-dollars to out of control world inflation today (as most currencies are linked to the FED REES dollar) to the overthrow of the privately owned central banks we are dealing with one of the largest and greatest events in human history. We are long past the point of "maybe this or maybe that". Its all done, in place, ready to go, ready to be funded, ready to be announced. All that's left is to deliver and announce and it can happen at any time, even today. Things are very secret at this moment. Whatever is going on is last minute preparations on a world scale and last minute dealings with the snakes and the rats (they are being dealt with).
 Be frustrated but not discouraged. We believed then and we continue to believe deliveries were to be Thursday. Something happened, we don't know what. Europe is very angry over the delays as is everyone everywhere. Those running this show are sequestered and separated from their families. They want it done and over with as much as we do. All must be lined up properly. This will only happen once. All must be perfect. It can not be stopped.
Barbeque a chicken. Be with family. Drink a beer. Relax. BE HAPPY DON'T WORRY !!!!!!!
Nothing is wrong. Focus on your future. Happy 4th.
                      casper  7-4-08