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Economic Receipt - US Dollars 4.5 Trillion

Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta - to the United Nations / USA / PRC / Republic of Singapore

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Updated ;  Regardless of the authorized US Presidential release of my repatriation monetary funds, lawless activities " by others " continue to delay implementation of our domestic and global recovery of our Nation's USDollar stability programmes.
Original Sent : Thu  6/05/08  12:03 PM               Corrected Copy : 11 th June 2008
Dear Mr President
Today, of many days of your Presidential Legacy, would be the best day for your full authorization to release my personal cash funds at Citigroup/NYC of USDollars 4.5 trillion; allowing the immediate personal tax/cash payment of USDollars 1.575 trillion to our US Department of the Treasury _ and _ my personal cash purchase of US Treasury Notes/One (1) year maturity, in the aggregate amount of USDollars ONE TRILLION at Par Value, under my original London Treaty at 85% cost [eighty-five percent] _ USDollars 850 billion in cash, inter alia.
Thank you for your Presidential Release to stabilize our USDollar domestically and globally.
Warmest personal regards, Your Republican Friend, former Republican Delegate and Loyalist; since being mentored by the late US Senator Alexander Wiley - Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1955  >>>>
/s/ Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta
Chairman, Snake Hill Central Bank
Postal Box 488, Baulkham Hills
NSW 2153, Australia
email :