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Casper Update: May 31, 2008 Updated at Noon

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  Did you see the CNN interview with Scott MeClelland yesterday in which he says BUSH is on COKE? He answered the interviewer by saying "yes, i said that, it's in my book".
After signing off Wednesday on non-interference, return to constitution, gold std., Basel II, lifting the ban on gold ownership, etc. and sending the documents to the Hague BUSH has ROBERTS call the Hague yesterday to say "BUSH changed his mind". He simultaneously blocked deliveries.  Can you believe these clowns?? Yes, having blocked deliveries yesterday he has done so again last night. His primary motivation, as always, is to block the announcements by blocking the deliveries.
WU, who had been ORDERED back to CHINA returns to the U.S. today and says she "will handle it".
                    casper      5-31-08